9 Poems That Speak Of The Love That Hurts

When you fall in love with someone, you often find yourself expressing your joy and delight through the medium of songs and poems. Music and literature make it quite easy for us to say what we sometimes can’t manage to express through simple words. Similarly, when we’re going through a bad phase after a sour relationship that leaves us broken and dejected, ‘love hurts poems’ can serve as a good medium to help us put our feelings across.

Being hurt in a relationship is the worst feeling ever, and these ‘love hurts poems’ given below express the sorrows of a broken heart.

1. Is It Enough?

Love Hurts Poems - Is It Enough?

Most people suffer from broken relationships where the partners part ways to never see each other again. But then there are those who are still together but the spark has faded and they see their relationship dying a slow death, one accompanied by one too many ‘love hurts poems’ and adjunct dead references to the love once had, now lost.

2. Forever We Said

Love Hurts Poems - Forever We Said

We get into relationships with the hope of being together forever till our last breaths, but sometimes the love fades away and the passion vanishes leaving us with a million questions about what went wrong, and a penchant for googling ‘love hurts poems’.

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3. To The One I Love

Love Hurts Poems - To The One I Love

There are times when we are unwilling to give up on the relationship even though we know that the one we love doesn’t feel the same way any more. We are willing to wait forever just with the hope of getting back together.

4. Nothing Left To Lose

Love Hurts Poems - Nothing Left To Lose

There comes a phase when you realize you have lost all that you ever cared for and you have arrived at a point where there is nothing else left to lose. You feel that the part your life once revolved around is gone and that your life has come to a standstill; love hurts poems or otherwise.

5. Over For Now

Love Hurts Poems - Over For Now

Sometimes we have to move to get on with our lives but somewhere deep in our heart we hold on to the hope that our partner may change his/her mind and come back to us. We mask our pain with a “painted” smile while still looking out for the return of the one we long for.

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6. I Will Wait Forever

Love Hurts Poems - I Will Wait Forever

Waiting for the one you love can never be time wasted. You hold on to the memories of the one you love and live each day thinking about how happy you were and could be if they returned. But sometimes isn’t it better to just move on into the next phase of life?

7. I Cry

Love Hurts Poems - I Cry

There is always that time when you have just decided to part ways when you don’t understand what happened and why it happened. You question each moment and whether there was ever a real moment in the time when you were together. You read ‘love hurts poems’, sing along to ‘the end songs’ and ‘I’m sad’ dialogues, dissecting every moment you spent together the whole time.

8. In A Daze

Love Hurts Poems - In A Daze

Life is happy like a blossomed flower when you’re in love but when you lose that person you feel like you’re lost without a cause. Every realization of your ended love brings a sinking feeling like a weight pulling you down.

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9. Hurt And Pain

Love Hurts Poems - Hurt And Pain

This poem beautifully speaks of the various emotions that one feels in a relationship and when it all comes to an end. But it also speaks of how one must be strong enough to think of it like a lesson and move on.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and is filled with emotions. But when things come crashing down, we are often at a loss of words and fail to express what our true feelings are. We hope these poems help you get your thoughts across in some way.