10 Love Hurts Quotes For Him To Dwell On

Love is a pleasure, a feeling that is unparalleled and irreplaceable in our world. Love is a feeling that can be the wind in your wings, but sadly at times – love can really hurt as well, and sometimes, it could even be the only thing clipping your wings and halting your progress. It could bog you down, rip you apart and hurt you in unimaginable ways. But dear reader, it is all a cycle – an evolution that will make you stronger, wiser and better in the end, when the dust has settled. As they say, what goes around really does come around – so if you’ve given your 100 percent, don’t worry – things will get better with time. However, to help you with your moments of darkness, here are some poignant quotes that translate your emotions into text – wortds that sympathise with you, that you can share or use to express how you feel, because that is the one way in which you could ease the pain and move on.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him

A quote about how you are always the only one – who will truly, love, care and understand yourself, and how the concept of “two hearts and one soul” isn’t sadly an everyday reality.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 2

This eccentric quote is like a math equation that simply explains your pain and heartache. A quote that is an expression of your idea of an ideal relationship, and the reality of how yours has turned out to be. It nevertheless is a lesson that will be remembered for a lifetime, one that is the foundation for a better future.

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Love Hurts Quotes For Him 3

A painful love quote that is heart-rending and very real. A quote on lost love and the pain that ensues. One that talks of the loss, the path to recovery and the hope for a better future. But the fact remains, lost love is a scar that will not vanish, it is memory that you should discount and move on.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 4

A quote on love and how, at times it can be painfully slow in the way it ends. The relationship might be over, but the scars of love will take an eternity to heal. A quote that captures with brutal honesty the feeling of losing your love, like taking a shot of slow poison.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 5

A quote on how universal it is to get hurt in love. It is something most of us have experienced, lived with and moved on. A quote that brings a kind of solace in the fact that you aren’t the first, and you’re surely not the last victim that love will ever claim.

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Love Hurts Quotes For Him 6

This is a quote on how you have willing let yourself walk into the fire. It is sad but true that we all do it – love is magical and yes, it is awfully painful if it doesn’t work out. A quote on true love and how you’ve let yourself endure the pain to enjoy being in love, how you gave a moment of happiness precedence over a lifelong memory of pain. If anything, this quote is about how beautiful a soul you are.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 7

A quote on lost love, betrayal and how your partner has left you in the lurch. A quote that is a complaint, a painful message on how you’ve been short-changed for loving and believing in your partner and the relationship you’ve shared.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 8

A quote on love and how losing it, like everything else in life gives you two options – to be bogged down; or to move on, stronger, wiser and faster. A sad love quote that is in fact positive and uplifting.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 9

An honest quote that speaks of lost love and death and how they both are different, yet very similar in ways you cannot imagine. Death leaves you with a pain that no one can heal and love leaves you with a so many personal and memorable memories that no one can ever take away from you. The pleasure was yours and yours alone – and so is the pain. Live with it, and as they say “time heals all”.


Love Hurts Quotes For Him 10

A quote on how a beautiful relationship was lost, and all that remains is a painful memory of the past. A love quote that is heart touching and real. One that expresses the true essence of losing someone – you heart remembers the billions of beautiful things while your mind pulls you back into reality.

Dear friend, we hope these quotes have helped you expressing what you are feeling in these times of distress and pain. We would like to hear from you, share your own quotes and feelings by commenting below and if yours is a quote worth putting up – we sure will do so, as you never know when or how quotes like these could go on to help someone else.