21 Love Hate Relationship Quotes That Are Bang On!

‘Love and hate’ is unquestionably the most dangerous combination that there could be in a relationship. While it can be hard to comprehend how intimate love can turn into such tense hatred, there certainly would’ve been enough rifts to pave the way for it. Most steady relationships are balanced between love and hate, but when love dies, the hate remains. Yet, there always come those points of love accompanied with hate for the phase that bring about the most beautiful or necessary changes, and sometimes inspire the most cold love hate relationship quotes.

Love is something that needs to be worked through with extensive understanding and care. Wonder what went wrong? Was their career the priority and not your needs? Self-esteem and ego got in the way? Is it hard to forgive? Each has its share of distress and conflict.

Though time will bring healing, such emotions are hard to overcome. Here are 21 love hate relationship quotes that you can relate to and side with.

1. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Undeserving

It’s not an uncommon state after a breakup when you are dwelling in a heap of mixed emotions and messed up love hate relationship quotes. When memories are all that remain, and you detest it, let it pass away with time. Time can heal all things.

2. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - A Mess

Heartbreak is the worst hit anyone can experience. And love hate relationship quotes can fail to express the anger and frustration one goes through. Yet, only words can help you vent that out. While they’re a mess, pick yourself up from the mess they left you in.

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3. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - A Lesson In Time

Did you ask yourself whether such a hard lesson was needed? While it could be hard to answer, just don’t let that hold you down; as a matter of fact, take it as a lesson and know well how to chase that next incapable guy out of your zone.

4. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Why Indeed!

What would be your response in spite of whatever pain he put you through? If you can relate to this quote, see, you aren’t alone! Sometimes, the love you have can make the hate seem like just another hurdle. Only, don’t let your emotions overtake you at that point.

5. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - The Unamused School Boy

Do love hate relationship quotes of this kind ever bother you? That you were madly in love with her though you hated everything about her? Give it a thought, what is it that still draws you towards her? Is it mere lust or that one little habit you always dreamt of?

6. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Pets And Projects

Love can make a person lose their mind. While that what appears to be love is still a seed, don’t water it, don’t nurture it. Kill that unnatural love and rather keep hatred. When love makes you do complex and contradictory things, know it’s not love.

7. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - You Talk Too Much

How many times have you spoken concerning him since your breakup? Is it ego that holds you back from making that patch? While that love still lingers around, you know you never loved anyone more.

8. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - The Monster Soulmate

Have you ever loved someone so much that what they are didn’t matter that much? More like the beauty and the beast, your story can make sense too. Have you considered how is that possible? Love!

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9. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - It's Too Bright!

Could it be a mystery that we never understand what makes such emotions? Emotions so strong that one can’t stay calm. Emotions that elicit love hate relationship quotes of such a variant!

10. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Oil And Water

Did you leave everything to fate when something seemed to be out of your control? You still love, so don’t let hate be the outcome of your perception of fate. You can give it another shot to test if ya’ll were actually water and oil.

11. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Dancing With The Devil

How can you love someone after the hell they took you through, after every painful thing you could think of? It can be hard to understand for the rest, but the world has plenty of people sailing in the same boat you are on, so take time and let your feelings make sense to you. And maybe these love hate relationship quotes will find their meaning.

12. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Almost Sure It's Hate

Love casts out all fear! However, sometimes it can be hard to accept the reality and you just call it what you assume it to be. If you are willing enough to give it another look, you’d see that it’s love that makes you still hold on that emotion. Both in a relationship need to keep their ego aside and accept the sweet truth that even in the existence of hate, love shines brighter; don’t resent it.

13. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Distance

How often do you interact and enjoy knowing more about each other? That’s what most couples lack and it’s the reason they have a fragile relationship. With understanding, there is prosperity in the relationship. But if you still love him, which you most certainly do, give it another try. There absolutely is more to what seemed to have existed.

14. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Sneaky Snakes And Slimy Love

Did you think you were the dominant one of the two? Never underestimate what you can do and what she can. Definitely, you haven’t seen her wild side. No small acts will fade away until you see her chase the cobra.

15. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Darkness And Light

Love always prevails in the fight of good and bad. In everything hate tries to disrupt, love brings back freshness and restoration. Never remain under the misconception that wrong can keep you going for a while, but remember it will lead to a downfall, but love will lift you up.

16. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - No One Can

There can never be one particular response in love, never the same. After sharing all these feelings and investing trust, when a string breaks, anger takes over. While nothing much can be done about that instantly, give it time and try to reach out once again. Or don’t; just write your own love hate relationship quotes, and let your demons see the light of day.

17. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - You Will Thank Me One Day

Only someone true to you will show you the reality of how things appear; do not despise them. While the world might heap appreciation, the ones who value you the most will tell what seems to be the truth. Never shun correction and embrace flattery too much.

18. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Hidden Love

Every case is unique in itself, and you in your relationship know what’s the best thing to do. While love as small as a seed exists, it can grow to be a vigorous and big tree. So your way of doing isn’t wrong. While hate itself can bring disaster, open hate makes it worse. Love!

19. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - OCD and Princesses

With all the treasured memories, those kisses and those hugs, it is too much to get over your other half. No matter how bad the break was, sometimes, it’s perfectly reasonable to still miss them. Until you move on, as time flies, you will be in a better place; in their arms or someone else’s.

20. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - In The Silence Of The Storm

You might’ve tried all you could to keep away, but that one glance took you down the memory lane and made you want to be in that place again. As beautiful it could feel, it can be harder to realize that they now disapprove of it. In a relationship, one needs to always keep trying; you could be that person.

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21. Love Hate Relationship Quotes - Sass From A Fro-yo

What are you still hanging around them for? For the benefits or real love? When you are madly in love with them, the hundred times you take a step back wouldn’t matter, because you are going to come back every time and still keep coming. Just make sure that it is driven only by love.

Now you see that you aren’t alone on this difficult journey, don’t you? Let these love hate relationship quotes inspire, stir a thought, comfort and open your eyes to boldly make your next move to love or move on. However, always give time, you never know they’d come back running with open arms before you realize.