Love Forever Quotes – 50 Quotes For Then, Now And Always

The feeling of love is not something that is transient or can be tarnished by the works of time; love forever quotes are proof of this. If it is true and felt genuinely by the heart, then even the hardest of times and situations, distance or obstacles cannot diminish its flame. We have lined up some inspiring love quotes that truly emphasize that love is unending.

Here are those super eternal love forever quotes you wanted:


Love Forever Quotes - It Shall Remain

It is the invincibility of love that is cherished through these love forever quotes. This forever love quote truly reflects how love is eternal and forever, whatever may the difficulties or obstacles it goes through.


Love Forever Quotes - Words Cannot Express

It is a perfectly written love forever quote that you can dedicate to your loved one. The lines portray how love is a thing of a lifetime and more and it is not tarnished by the mischief of time but it is as constant as the stars.

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Love Forever Quotes - For A Minute Or Two

The time spent with your partner is something that you wish to cherish forever. These love forever quotes of love and intensity also reflect on the how time stops and it feels like forever, an eternal bliss to be in the arms of your love.


Love Forever Quotes - Love Is Forever

If your love is true it is sure to stand the test of time and come out victorious. Taking inspiration from this quote, celebrate the eternity of your love too, as it is surely forever.


Love Forever Quotes - Truly Love

If you are also familiar with the intensity and depth of true love and have experienced separation (even if for a brief time) from your loved one, then you can totally relate to this love forever quote for sure. Send these words to your spouse or partner in letters or a text and see them smiling with delight.


Love Forever Quotes - When I Die

Declare your love and commitment to your partner in a loving and affectionate manner by sending him or her this awesome love forever quote on love that celebrates the eternity of love. It will be a very pleasant surprise for your love too when he or she receives such a sweet and thoughtful message from you.


Love Forever Quotes - You Forever

It is yet another sweet and innocent love forever quote on love that you can send to your partner and celebrate a special occasion with him or her in perfect bliss. He or she will be totally touched by your thoughtfulness and affection.


Love Forever Quotes - Forever Faithful

It truly describes the importance of fidelity and faithfulness in a relationship that is essential to build a relationship that can stand the test of time and face all obstacles to last forever. Without faith and trust, a relationship has no depth or meaning.


Love Forever Quotes - Till The Sun Dims

Want to write a loving message on a handwritten love letter but can’t come up with the right words? Use these love forever quotes to express your love to your partner and celebrate the truth that your love is forever.


Love Forever Quotes - The Day After

It is a beautiful and everlasting promise of love that you can make to your partner uttering these beautiful and everlasting love forever quotes. Say them in his or her ears in whispers and see the effect of it on their hearts.

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Love Forever Quotes - The Urge

It is another beautiful love forever quote that truly expresses the joy of true love and shows that is a life changing experience for one and all. Show your lady or man the love they deserve by sending this beautiful quote on any special occasion or just like that.


Love Forever Quotes - If It Comes Back

Love is without any shackles and conditions. If your love too has that aspect and you are assured of your partner then this is the perfect love forever quote that you can send to him or her and cherish the moments together.


Love Forever Quotes - Never Apart

Long distance relationships can turn out to be very painful as you cope up with the distance. But if there is love and faith, you can overcome all odds. This quote completely understands and portrays the agony the lovers face and how still their hearts long for their love, amidst the distance and separation.


Love Forever Quotes - Two Hearts

Companionship is all about cherishing and enjoying each other’s company and working as a team together to face life and its hurdles. This quote also elaborates all that is love and how it is an everlasting experience if the feelings are genuine towards each other.


Love Forever Quotes - Maybe In The Distance

The confession of love in a moment can give you the happiness of a lifetime and more. Even though it takes us a second to fall in love with someone, it is a blessing that we can enjoy forever.


Love Forever Quotes - A Part Of You

Two people, when bound by the threads of true love, unite in a way that it is a bond that they share forever. If you are also lucky to share such a bond with your partner, express this joy to him or her by sending this awesome and loving love forever quote.


Love Forever Quotes - Nothing

Again you will see that there are a thousand of ways by which the poets and lovers have said the same essential thing, that love may happen in a moment, but if true, it will last a lifetime and forever.


Love Forever Quotes - Love Is Forever

As Shakespeare has said in his love sonnets, true love is like a north star, fixed and cannot alter with changes brought by the altering time. So do these lines that portray the one aspect of true love that it is forever.


Love Forever Quotes - I Never Thought

A kiss can have the power to ignite true love and passion. If you consider yourself lucky to have found such a beautiful and eternal love, then you can share this love forever quote with your partner and see his or face glow with happiness.


Love Forever Quotes - Eternity

If you know what is true love, you will also be aware of the fact that it is ‘be all and end all’. When you find such love, share this message with your lover to cherish the precious feeling.


Love Forever Quotes - Your Heart And Mine

True lovers’ hearts beat together. Their existence is now and forever. Send these love forever quotes to your partner on a special occasion and celebrate the fact that your love is forever and eternal like the stars.


Love Forever Quotes - Not Long

If spending time with your love does not seem to be enough and you are always left asking for some more, then you can totally relate to what this line is trying to say. Text these love forever quotes to your partner too, to let him know how much you miss him and you wish to have his companionship for forever.


Love Forever Quotes - Like Time

It is a perfect love forever quote that you can write to your love and let him know how special the bond that you two share is. S/he will be pleased to know that you think so deeply of him/her and a smile will come on their lips for sure.


Love Forever Quotes - True Love Takes You There

It is a sweet and romantic message that you can send to your partner on a special day and let them know how lucky you are to have him/her in your life.


Love Forever Quotes - Everlasting

There is no power that can alter the foundations of a true love that is built on faith and trust. Celebrate the joy and bliss of true love and send this message to your partner to make him realize the intensity of your love.


Love Forever Quotes - Trip Over Love

True love is an experience that is sure to make you long for your partner. Send this witty and genuine quote to your loved one to see how they gush with joy and happiness.


Love Forever Quotes - With You

If you too feel that time just flies and you are always wishing for more when with your love, then this line is perfect to express your feelings to him or her in loving and affectionate manner.


Love Forever Quotes - A Great Love

When blessed with the fortunes of true love that stands forever, celebrate every special moment with your partner. You can text him or her this awesome love forever quote that expresses the aspect of love that is forever and see how you are showered with more love.


Love Forever Quotes - Once You Have Loved

If you have truly loved someone, even if there grows a distance between you two, the love for each other will never diminish. It may be kept suppressed intentionally but the embers of the sparkling love for him or her will keep blazing with fire inside.


Love Forever Quotes - Your Love In Return

The happiest moment in your life will surely be the time when you know that the one you love loves you too. It is the perfect love forever quote that you can send to your newly found love, showing the gratitude you feel for the reciprocated love.

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Love Forever Quotes - The Rose You Gave Me

Materialistic things hardly stand any importance when standing next to the limitlessness of true love. Enjoy these moments with your partner and send this message to them to let them know how you feel too.


Love Forever Quotes - Tomorrow

Even if love is forever, our time on this earth is not. If you have found the one true love of your life, do not waste any time but give all your love and energy to make it last forever.


Love Forever Quotes - A Part Of Me

A love that had the attachment of a true nature is impossible to forget. These love forever quotes perfectly describe the feeling of true love that is lost but its fingerprints are deeply embedded in your soul that you will cherish forever.


Love Forever Quotes - A Lonely Lifetime

If your love has that strength to wait even a lifetime and yet refuses to compromise then these are the words that were written only to celebrate a love that is like yours.


Love Forever Quotes - A Ring Is Round

There is a reason why the symbol of a holy union of marriage is a ring as it is a never ending promise to each other to be together and cherish the journey called life.


Love Forever Quotes - All My Life

It is a very touching love forever quote that you can send to your loved one to let them know the depth and intensity of your love for them and how even a lifetime is not enough to cherish this feeling that you have for each other.


Love Forever Quotes - A Garden

This love quote showing the eternity of love truly explains what true love is and how one should love.


Love Forever Quotes - Forever Around

Couples in a long distance relationship can understand the pain and the dilemma that is faced when loving someone from such a distance. Share this love forever quote with your partner to express that distance cannot bring any change to your love.


Love Forever Quotes - Credibility

Spend some quality time with your partner and ignite the passion of true love by reading him this beautiful quote. He/she will surely appreciate it.


Love Forever Quotes - Meant To Be

For the star crossed lovers, nothing can come between the two and if there is such a bond that you share with your loved one then send him or her these beautiful love forever quotes celebrating true love and spread the magic.

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Love Forever Quotes - How You Do It

If your partner is the one thing that keeps you alive and makes every moment of life worth living then you must feel inspired by these love forever quotes and enjoy the moments of love and companionship with your loved one.


Love Forever Quotes - 'When You Change Your Mind'

Love is an emotion that never ends or fades away. It is a feeling that once ignited in your heart will keep you burning with a pleasing flame and feed you with a life force to go on and face any difficulty in life.


Love Forever Quotes - A Single Thread

Send him this sweet and beautiful love forever quote on love and cherish the feeling together.


Love Forever Quotes - A Century

Your love is past the hurdles of time and difficulties and can cross a lifetime. Send your love this beautiful quote and let him or her know how deep your love is.


Love Forever Quotes - Just A Second

Cherish the feeling of togetherness and love


Love Forever Quotes - The Most Beautiful Thing

When you know that what you have got for love is something to be held on to for a lifetime and forever, then this quote will surely make your heart flutter with happiness as you dwell on that knowledge.


Love Forever Quotes - By Your Side

It is such a sweet and cute love forever quote that you can send to your partner with love and make him or her feel awesome.


Love Forever Quotes - Even Forever

Moments spent together with your love fly away so fast that for you even the promise of being there forever seems to be not sufficient enough.


Love Forever Quotes - Your Voice

Ahh! What a perfect quote it is to let your partner know how much you love him/her. Even the words sound so perfect and magical and when uttered by your lips they will take his/her heart away for sure.

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Love Forever Quotes - A Little Bit More

Love is true when forever also seems not enough to be with each other. It is a cute little quote that you can send to tell your partner about the level of dedication you have towards him/her.

If you liked this collection of love forever quotes, please share your views with us too. Wish to add some more to the list, your personal favourites? Feel free to do so by commenting below.