50 Love Failure Status For Those Who Have Loved And Lost

The following love failure status texts are not of the chirpy and happy kind, they’re for desolate souls seeking solace in a few words that seem to sympathise with their current predicament, a situation they can seem to find no solution to without risking losing the thing they want the most.

If the above description fits you, you’re in the right place. If you’re a sucker for sorrow and heartbreak, and enjoy a good heartfelt sad story, you’re in the right place. The rest of you have been warned, hope may spring eternal, but even hope is scant in the following 50 love failure status for Whatsapp.

1. Love Failure Status - The Flashback

Saying goodbye for the final time (or for the time that you think will be the final time) is an entirely surreal experience where two parties try to be mature, responsible and appropriate, but it’s only when the conversation is about to end does the gravity of the exchange begin to register… and wonderful memories of times past come flooding. Say farewell with the right love failure status update.

2. Love Failure Status - I Hate It

Well, first of all, join the club. Secondly, your being broken – even though you will not understand it now – is something that will heal with time. And nothing else, so in the meantime, tell your peeps that you’re mourning with a succinct love failure status update.

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3. Love Failure Status - The Most Painful Memory

Some might say it was stupid to issue an ultimatum of that sort but only you know at what point you even considered such thing, and hoped and prayed that you wouldn’t be let go of.

4. Love Failure Status - Sometimes

They say nothing kills us as much as the hope – that little annoying spring of cautiously optimistic well of thoughts that seems to reject even the most damning evidence that everything is indeed finished.

5. Love Failure Status - Walls And Bridges

You’ve probably seen this love failure status before but what does it mean? I’ll tell you – it’s when you don’t want to let go of your live in troubled times, but you’re not fully honest, not fully open, not speaking your mind afraid that the other person’s walls will not even let your considerations in, you want things to go back to when they were fine.

6. Love Failure Status - My Favourite Mistake

If you use this status you’re past the point of caring whether or not your ‘love’ gets angry at being referred to as a mistake, this is just the way you feel.

7. Love Failure Status - How Can I Go Back?

Ouch. This status doesn’t make for the most pleasant of reading but at least it’s honest and it tackles your biggest issue – how to bring a real, genuine smile to your face again. And really, that’s really more important than I think any of us realize.

8. Love Failure Status - Alone Is Safe

This is the kind of love failure status update that elicits a :( face from anyone who’s reading it – I mean, think about it, nobody who’s having a normal week would ever even entertain such a thought in their heads, let alone make it their status. This one’s for those who are really hurting.

9. Love Failure Status - Not Happy Without You

It’s plain as day and that’s what makes it so tragic. If you boil down everything terrible about the problems you have right now down into one sentence, it would be the fact that you’re just not happy without the other person.

10. Love Failure Status - The Greatest Pain

Then why ever allow yourself to pursue and fall in love with such an impossible prospect, the masses will ask? If only they ever knew of how you never had a chance or a choice…

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11. Love Failure Status - Hope

This is one of those love failure status messages that is the sweetest when everything is going fine and one of the most distressing and painful when things aren’t looking so good. We keep waiting and we keep hoping, for that is our very nature.

12. Love Failure Status - The Scars

A scab is how you know that your skin has healed it’s wound, that you are moving in the right direction, that you are healing.

13. Love Failure Status - Love's Ladder

Such a cynical view escapes most people, even those who have been hurt in love before, but for those who have seen the darkest pits and felt the deepest despair, this is the only thing that makes sense. It gets better, but perhaps not for a while.

14 Love Failure Status - I'm Used To It

That is a terribly sad love failure status for Whatsapp to have and a sure change that you have to get away from the thing that is causing you this pain – which ever is harder than continuing to bear the pain.

15. Love Failure Status - Nothing Lasts Forever

We’re sorry about your relationship. Remember, the above applies to the pain too.

16. Love Failure Status - Love Can't Be Found

Ouch. A damning, if truthful indictment of everything that went wrong. It’s hard to read, like most things that we suspect are true but don’t ever want to confirm.

17. Love Failure Status - You Pushed Me Away

A break up hurts like hell for the one being broken up with, sure, but sometimes even more for the one who initiated the break up as well. It’s something we don’t think about, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

18. Love Failure Status - It Hurts When You Do That

Of all the things, all the transgressions, all the hurt and pain, this, this is what hurts the most. That you couldn’t even be present when you hurt me.

19. Love Failure Status - Like Wine

This is (sadly) the best love failure status for Whatsapp that explains perfectly the problem some relations have: they’re too fragile to exist in but the most perfect circumstances. Just like the wine, it doesn’t mean that the relationship wasn’t worthwhile, just that it was fragile.

20. Love Failure Status - Save Your Pride

A notion so simple yet one that escapes almost everyone who goes through a painful love experience. Pride is, oddly enough, both the most and least important thing when it comes to love.

21. Love Failure Status - So Much But So Little

Not because we’re shy or because we’re scared – it’s because we’re tired of having our voice ignored time and time again. Nobody stays quite the first time, and if you do, then you take the lion’s share of the blame.

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22. Love Failure Status - Why Be Mean?

Why, indeed?

23. Love Failure Status - Strangers

Just as we sometime fall in love without ever realising it until it’s too late, the reverse can also happen – maybe we’re not out of love, per se, but have forgotten how to communicate and make a connection.

24. Love Failure Status - Numbers

Ooh, that love failure status update is a zinger! The math is simple for this one, and anyone who fails this test doesn’t deserve to be with you anyway.