40 Honest SMSes That Best Describe Failure In Love

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Love – it’s not just an emotion, it’s the most powerful one. It’s not just any other concept, it’s the most important of all. It bends the rules of space and time. It defies logic and realities. It follows no science. History shows it. It makes you feel things you haven’t before, it makes you the happiest you’ll ever be. When people fall in love, stars align, time stops, hearts touch, souls intertwine and everything in the world seems right.

But then, well, we know, coz we’ve all seen them, sad love stories, love failure sms texts on an unending chain, socials from hell, heartbreak lyrics from our favourite singers; so what gives, right!

Unfortunately, as strong as love seems, it’s quite delicate. A few wrong moves, the wrong person, bad timing, and it’s all lost forever. One can say that love and heartbreak are perfumes from the same bottle. Just as potent as love, heartbreak is real. And not only does it hurt, it hurts bad! For all those who have loved and lost, for all those who are still hurting, and for all those haven’t been through a heartbreak, here’s what heartbreak reads like, in a bunch of cold love failure sms texts:


This love failure sms is like purge truth talk. Love fails for a lot of reasons, but hardly ever because of the lack of love itself. It’s usually because of the lack of other crucial things like trust, patience, and sometimes even your own self-respect.


Often times, we let the ones who love us, hurt us. We let them break us, because we love them too much, even when they don’t deserve it. It’s a bad choice, and sometimes you don’t even know what you’re doing until you read a love failure sms telling you what you let them do.

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If you’ve been through a heartbreak, you’ll know it feels like it’s a physical pain. Truth is, it is. Scientific research has proven that when you go through a heartbreak, your brain thinks you are physically hurt!


It’s said that love is blind. We don’t choose who to fall in love with. We just fall for them, even when we know that loving them could damage us.


No matter how badly you’ve been dumped, no matter how hard you’re hurting, you can’t seem to want to forget them. Even when you know you should.


Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be, but you still keep wishing and hoping for a miracle, for a chanced happily-ever-after. But then you get this love failure sms, telling you to give up, and it starts sinking in that you messed yourself up for nothing.


Life’s a tough taskmaster, and we often harden ourselves to survive through its roughness. But one day, someone will enter your life and make you feel things you didn’t know you could experience. And when you learn to love, they’ll leave, and you’ll be left raw and open and hurting.


I can’t explain why we often let people in, care for them deeply and love them unconditionally despite them not reciprocating equally. I guess, it’s the beauty of love, that it gives without the greed of receiving.


After a relationship ends, you often wish it hadn’t. You wish nothing had changed and you wish you could go back to being the same. But it’s seldom that you can. Because people change, time moves on and the memories fade. And before you know it, you’re strangers again.


Love is said to be a dangerous game. It gives a lot but also hurts a lot. It can break you till you’re broken and can mend you till you’re whole again.

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You sometimes love someone only to not be loved back. And it sucks. Because now you’re in love and you can’t stop yourself from wondering how wonderful it would all be if they loved you back only to know it will never happen. Well, when you’re ready to let go of the feeling, and the person, say bye with this love failure sms.


When someone who was a part of your everything, leaves, you feel hollow and you don’t know what to feel. They take a part of you with them and suddenly you’re not whole any more.


When you love someone, you can’t stop missing them even after you part ways. And so you wonder, if they ever think about you just as you keep thinking about them.


Even when you love someone unconditionally and really truly wish for them to be happy, you will never cease to hurt every time you realise that they love someone else.


It often happens that you see people who love each other dearly and you can’t possibly imagine anything to go wrong because they love each other so deeply. But life doesn’t always work in our favour. Sometimes the best of the relationships end and you can’t do anything about it.


Even though life deals you quite a few heartbreaks, each heartbreak teaches you. You learn how to love better and you also learn what not to believe in.


To think that you’d love someone even after they’ve hurt you is in-fact a bizarre idea. But the truth of the matter is that when you love someone, you love them despite whatever they have done to you.


When someone breaks your heart, it really hurts bad. And whether you like it or not, the person breaking your heart doesn’t care. But you cant help hoping they did, because then you’ll know that they still love you. If you do plan on sending this love failure sms, it might be a great option to put hope in the past tense though.


It’s only when you love someone do you introduce them to the darkest corners of your heart and let them see the vulnerable side of you. So when they break your heart, they leave you torn open and pulled apart.


We are often the victims of fate, and fate hands us conditions we are stuck with. No matter how hard you wish, you cannot just get up and forget the happiness that you had with them. And the hardest thing then, is to let go.

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This line says it all. If you want to know what it feels like, try forgetting how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to walk. You can’t. You simply can’t forget the person who once meant everything to you, who once was the part and parcel of your life.


Sometimes, we have a chanced meet with the perfect SO candidate. They are everything you’ve ever wanted and more. But you can’t have them for yourself and that is the end of your love story before it even had a start.


Have you ever loved someone who barges into your life and lives in it obnoxiously and uncaring? These people make your world come alive, and when they leave, they strip you of the bare minimum that you could call yours before they came.


They say your destiny is written, and sometimes you’re destined to meet the most wonderful people, only to realise that you cannot share your life with them. Which sucks. Period. This is probably the oldest cliche explanation behind all tragic love stories, and it’s passed through time to become a love failure sms that you can still spread on, and curse the fates.


People are like onions. They have layers, and each layer is different from what it seems. No one is what they say they are, simply because they themselves are not fully aware.


Everybody loves differently. Sometimes they love too much, sometimes too little and sometimes not at all. We can’t do anything to change that. The best we can do is to be the best we can be and let people see us for who we are.


Time heals all wounds. Even though you’re hurting now, soon you’ll stop hurting and eventually you’ll even learn to laugh and live. But it will take time, lots of it.


Love is self-less. When you love, you love without conditions. But that does not mean that love doesn’t hurt. To watch the love of your life stare at someone else the way you want them to look at you, it hurts.


It’s when you cannot randomly call them up to hear their voice, when their laugh is just a distant memory, when you become just strangers with a history. It’s then, that you mourn the death even though you both are alive.


Relationships are fabrics with each thread of yours meshing in with each thread of theirs. And you’re one solid cloth, till you fall out of love and drift far away and the fabric has holes and you’re barely held together. This one is less of a love failure sms, and it’s actually a text you can send them if you want to try again, because you forgot to work on it, and now you want to. Follow it up with a sorry.

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People go, but they leave behind parts of their lives as memories. And every time you chance upon these memories, it feels like you’re living the moment and they are right there, with you.


As humans, we have the tendency to hope against circumstances and wish beyond will. We hope and wish for things that are beyond us, things that are gone. And every time the wish isn’t fulfilled, we die a little inside.


Often, we do not value what we already have. We take our best possessions, the love of our loved ones, for granted. And we do not realise our loss till it’s all been taken away from us.


Love changes people. Sometimes for the better, other times for worse. But not everyone loves change. People leave, when you change. Sometimes, even if they themselves were the cause of it.


Expectations are the root cause of unhappiness. Don’t expect. When you don’t expect, you will not be let down. And anything you get will feel like an added bonus or a pleasant surprise.


People often are blinded by love. So much so that they ignore the shortcomings of their love. And so even when they don’t love you any more, you can’t stop loving. Drunk texting this love failure sms will probably let the dam break, but maybe pain is not a bad thing if it’s controlled.


Love is wild. It storms into your life and changes everything. It changes you. So much so that when it leaves, you cannot remember who you were before it. It’s only after a long time, do you find peace within yourself.


Don’t let heartbreak stop you. It has the power to break you, but don’t give it the chance. Besides, if you’re meant to be with them, then that is what will happen. The universe will make sure of it.


Never let negativity surround you. Let go when it hurts. Holding on will hurt nobody but you. Instead seek happiness, not from outside, but within.

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Even though your heart is broken, even when it bleeds and you weep, you know love is beautiful.

And if it’s love that broke your heart, you know the issue is not the emotion, but the reciprocation of that emotion. Love failure sms texts seem like a bad option, but they’re an outlet.

So even if it seems useless to get out of bed every morning, even if it physically feels impossible to think of anything but them, even though you feel that this is the end, try to remember – if they left you, they do not know your value. And if someone cannot value you, they most definitely don’t deserve you. And no matter what you do, the heartbreak is going to hurt. So instead, try to let go and move on. Focus on yourself. Love yourself.

After all, even if pain is certain, suffering is optional.

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