Love Failure Quotes For Those Who Lost Love In Life

One of the better quotes on love we’ve come across speaks of how love is like the ocean – reassuring and calm in essence, but wild and uncontrollable in the event of a storm. On occasion, we rush in. We’re so blinded by the other person that we completely miss or choose to ignore glaring red flags. Perhaps we were deceived and too naive to see it coming (the fault is rarely, if ever 100 per cent with one person), or we were too trusting too fast, especially with someone we knew very little about, just because they gave us the time of day. Whatever it is, love often can and will hurt, and if you’re hurting so bad as to have lost your will, or are sort of numb from the events that have transpired, stay strong and remember that time heals all wounds. If you trusted too much, then you might relate to these 35 love failure quotes we have here.

1. Love Failure Quotes - When I'm Gone

Why do we care so much what the other person thinks of us even after they have left our lives? Well, we can’t answer that for the moment, except with these love failure quotes, and just to say that we all do, it’s not just you. And you know what? For someone you’ve given so much to, that’s not an unreasonable request to make.

2. Love Failure Quotes - A Special Place

This one can be construed as a sign of weakness on your part, but let’s just say that you’ve found the one and a few misunderstandings or mistakes – whatever it was – has seen the two of you part ways (or put you down that particularly unpleasant road). If a relationship is to be saved, there must be one person reaching out while the other withdraws. Be the person that reaches out.

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3. Love Failure Quotes Love Failure Quotes - Losing Yourself

No matter how hard it seems at first, you will eventually remember that you had a perfectly functional life before the other person entered your life (remember when you counted that particular event as a blessing?) and will venture down that road. But if that realization itself is the hard one to make, well…

4. Love Failure Quotes - Hugs

The worst part about feeling this way is the fact that that job belonged to the one you are no longer on good terms (or any terms) with. Sure, it makes it even harder, but the fact of the matter is that you still feel this way and it’s perfectly fine and understandable to do so.

5. Love Failure Quotes - Love Is Always Present

Sounds familiar? Sadly, most love failure quotes do. Well, console yourself with the fact that this sort of thing happens to most people, yes including the rich, powerful and good looking. To be clear, we’re sure that Deepika and Katrina have some things to say about some of the men in their lives; not that their professionalism will allow them to say it anyway. In any case, it is better to be free of such a trap and be hurting for a while, than to be forever doomed to under appreciation and insecurity.

6. Love Failure Quotes - The End Of That Chapter

Yeah, but the whole point is that we wish their part didn’t have to come to an end at all! Still, this is an important point to remember when you are hurting. Their chapter may be over but the journey is long and there are places to be and people to meet still. You have no idea what glories lie in wait with just a bit of courage and the right attitude.

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7. Love Failure Quotes - Words And Hearts

Love failure quotes like this one aren’t a comparison, just a heads up. Words hurt too. Words can reveal deep seated prejudices, unfavourable and unfounded opinions, and a whole trove of unsavoury feelings and statements that have the power to completely blank you, especially when they are coming from someone you always thought had your back and your best interests at heart. Guess not.

8. Love Failure Quotes - Whenever You Hold Too Tight

Some wise ass is going to comment “because you were holding on too hard,” but that’s just because they don’t know anything about your story. Maybe you were a tad stifling, but the chances are that a million other things can happen – perhaps the timing was off, perhaps events out of your control messed everything up. Whatever it is, it doesn’t stop you from feeling this way.

9. Love Failure Quotes - Realisations In HIndSight

This kind of a realization doesn’t come in week two of the relationship either. No, it comes after you have invested your heart and soul into the relationship only to see your life blood be drained one pint at a time because the other person just isn’t invested as you. You hope, you try, you talk, you weep… nothing seems to work. And the resulting fallout is one of the worst feelings to deal with, and it comes in double tides when you look at love failure quotes.

10. Love Failure Quotes - Once Upon A Time

A classic line from Bonnie Tyler’s classic 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart, it also makes for a truly gut-wrenching quote on the nature of love, especially when it goes so horribly wrong.

11. Love Failure Quotes - I'm Just Disappointed

At this point, you’re past the stage of hate, you’re just crushed that someone whom you implicitly trusted turned out to be everything you wanted to avoid in a person. The silver lining is that you at least found out; many others aren’t so “lucky”.

Love Failure Quotes - Never Settle

Some love failure quotes really tell you how you fell. Never be a backup, never be the “side” relationship. Remember, if the one you’re with is willing to mislead the one they’re currently with, they’ll do the same to you at some point. But you already know this, and had to learn the hard way.

13. Love Failure Quotes - Make Your Move

Ultimatums are never good news in a relationship, except when they are of course. Sometimes there’s nothing to do but to tell the one you want to hold on to that you’re not going to tolerate any more, one more transgression and you’re out. The hard part, of course, is following through.

14. Love Failure Quotes - Destiny

Life can be cruel. That one special person who seemed to be the only person who ever understood you and truly cared for you can never really be with you. The reasons are myriad, but the resulting feeling is the same – simply awful.

15. Love Failure Quotes - Life Never Rejects

So you’ve been turned down, left for another, turfed out – call it whatever you want. It sucks and you’re going to be low for a while, but remember that was one part of life, not all of it. And in life, you get many more chances, so keep working and keep your chin up. A truly hopeful silver lining in the love failure quotes category.

16. Love Failure Quotes - I May Not Be Perfect

Again, a bit of a threat, and if you’re resorting to the use of such statuses, things are already looking pretty bleak. Still, sometimes you have to say what’s in your heart, and what’s in your heart is an understanding that just because you’ve been conned into loving them forever doesn’t mean anyone else will put up with them.

17. Love Failure Quotes - My Heart Still Wishes

And my heart skips a beat whenever my phone vibrates, even if I know it’s going to be the weekly offer for half price pizza. Sometimes I even feel the phone vibrate in my pocket only to pull it out and know that I was, sadly, mistaken. Some love failure quotes really bring in the waterworks.

18. Love Failure Quotes - Find The Courage

It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Even if the resulting heartbreak is devastating and you’re completely down in the dumps for a while, the overall experience will immeasurably change you, while those who do not act on their feelings will carry a dull ache in their stomach forever.

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19. Love Failure Quotes - The Greatest Pain

We don’t need to go over all of the reasons that such a thing may happen. If these love failure quotes resonate with you then you already know one such reason, and that is more than you will ever want to know.

20. Love Failure Quotes - Love And Tears

This is more tragic a message than it appears on the surface, just make sure that you learn to not repeat such a thing in the future. Reciprocity is always a nice gesture, especially in that turbulent sphere of love.

21. Love Failure Quotes - I Don't Need To Care

But I used to and it hurt me a lot. Now, I learned my lesson and am a lot stronger.

22. Love Failure Quotes - Red

Just ask Jim Carrey from Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind. It’s something we’ve all felt before, the inability to forget and the longing to wipe out all of the painful memories once and for all.

23. Love Failure Quotes - Better Off Alone

Owner of a lonely heart, much better than the owner of a broken heart sang Rush in their classic yesteryear hit. Well, that may not always be the case, but when the fallout is so darned devastating, the deceit so ingrained, and the overall experience leaves you feeling hollow, we’ll then we’re going to have to concur.

24. Love Failure Quotes - Love Hurts

This is one of the earliest signs of disrespect and trouble in a relationship, but it’s so easy to miss. You tend to try and not be overbearing and clingy, you wonder if you’re one of those people that makes unreasonable demands of their partners, but by the time the realization dawns, it’s too late and the hurt has already been caused.

25. Love Failure Quotes - Bad Luck

Not the nicest thing to say to anyone, but sometimes it’s the polite way of saying something much more hurtful. If someone has been nothing but bad news for you throughout the relationship, well… the above seems fitting, even though it sounds like one of the meanest love failure quotes or pieces of relationship advice you’d ever receive.

26. Love Failure Quotes - The Saddest Thing

Two people never drift apart at the same time, it is always one person who starts to disconnect from the other (often without not so much as a word of caution), while the other scrambles to figure out what is going wrong and what has changed.

27. Love Failure Quotes - A Broken Mirror

Why? Because you’ll just cut yourself further. Pick up the pieces gently, and move on.

28. Love Failure Quotes - Strangers

Of all the questions you can ask an estranged lover, this is one of the hardest hitting. Sure, having some questions answered will lead to a bit of closure (or more likely, more questions), but this question right here is so very difficult to answer without completely breaking the other person.

29. Quotes On Love Failure Love Failure Quotes - Love Is Blind And Deaf

‘Love is blind’ is probably the most oft quoted of love failure quotes. That feeling of being so blindly in love that the world seems to melt away that the romantics always talk about, yeah, that’s so not all roses. Sometimes it has you missing obvious signs to run far far away.

30. Love Failure Quotes - I Hate This Part

It’s better when I hate you; when I miss you is when it hurts the most.

31. Love Failure Quotes - How'd It End Up Like This

Another impossible question to answer. You can explore it but the fresh wounds will get in your way.

32. Love Failure Quotes - The Moment You Begin To Care

It’s not trite, it’s a call to be courageous. Of course you only get hurt when you care, but there will be a time when caring is the best thing that you will have done. Keep being strong until you find that moment.

33. Love Failure Quotes - Walls For Bridges

Or, as in your case, people are hurt because they let others into their fort much too soon.

34. Love Failure Quotes - Not Worth It

Time is the only thing that even the richest of the rich cannot buy, and it is just as important for you as anyone else. Do not wear your grudge like a crown, let go, because there are far more interesting and rewarding things to do in this overall beautiful world. And timely love failure quotes like this one may save a life or two.

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35. Love Failure Quotes - Love Can't Be Found

We saved the most poignant of our love failure quotes for the last, and we’re sorry if this quote ever resonates with you. You were young, you were naïve, you were desperate, you were misled, you were deceived, you were lustful… you were looking for something that never existed. And you can dig real deep, and turn up nothing but coal.