10 Love Failure Quotes For Her To Get Through

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Love can really move you. Love can make you feel like you are soaring through high skies and then walking on clouds after that. But the same love, when it goes away, can make you feel like shit. Not soaring through high skies, but scraping through rock bottom crushed under the road roller of life. We have all been there, and without the vicious cycle of love coming and going from your life, we are really nothing. It is only logical that a tide that rises will have to ebb away, only to come again as another wave. Instead of wading in self-loathe or self-pity, or over-thinking about where one went wrong, here are some brilliant quotes for girls,to help you really think, where you are emotionally right now. Stay strong girls, heart! There’s a lot of love in life.Love failure quotes for her is just an attempt to make all the heartbroken girls feel that they are not alone.


10 Love Failure Quotes For Her

Harry boy, is no longer Harry, nor a boy, as the quote clearly shows us. Love has a great power to move us, and also is famous for being irrational. The things we end up doing for unrequited love can sometimes really hurt us without us even knowing about it. For girls,this is food for thought, definitely.


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If you have just broken up, it is okay to feel the sorrow, pain and vulnerability— all essential characteristics of human nature. But the chances of making hasty choices when one feels weak and vulnerable, is also pretty high. This is what the quote has to say— when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. No rebounds for you!

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Do you keep feeling you have no luck in love? Or that you are dysfunctional and that’s why these things are happening to you? We all think these things when we are low, especially after you’ve just ended an important relationship. Sometimes it is important to see that you haven’t built a fortress around your mind that stops love from getting to you, because at some level you feel you don’t deserve it. Stop looking for love on the outside, at least for now. Love yourself from the inside. Break down the fortress. You’ll find happiness.


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Although this could be said for obsessive love, I am not here to state that is your case. Habits are hard to let go of, and love can sometimes be that thing in your life that you haven’t figured out how to move past. But all you have to remember is that this too shall pass.Love failure quotes for her


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Love can take away hope from you as much as it can give; it is in its nature to be irrational, and you already know it. This beautiful conversation is to remind you that you are the rose. If you give up hope and close your petals, you will wither away, without having given yourself a chance. Love is everywhere. I know it is hard to believe that now. But believe me, it’s true.

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Rowling’s success with the Harry Potter series was not only because it was a hit as a fantasy fiction among young teenagers. In fact, like many realist writers, Rowling gets the nuances of human nature, as you can see in this quote. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to feel hurt. It is only human.


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If you’ve been hurt by someone, you’ve asked this question yourself. It is when you have experienced true love, that one can feel truly hurt. It is a bitter truth about mankind that is revealed to us here. But the idea is to not dwell on that cruelty, but to remove it from your life by finding it in yourself to love more.


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This is perhaps the best summation one can make of the feeling of being lonely. All other things essential for sustenance like food, water and shelter, are reduced to nothing in the face of loneliness. When you feel you need someone, remember that someone else is feeling that too at the same time as you do. You’re never really alone.


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Do you feel like this low point of time in your life is stretching out as eternity in front of you? It is the pang of love talking. The truth remains that change is inevitable. This point of time has to become past, whether you like it or not, whether you fell it will or won’t. But the more important point is to move past it as a better person, with more clarity— in the direction of progress.


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Churchill may or may not have fans out there, but these words will resonate in the minds of anyone who is going through a tough time. If you are going through a tough time, if you are in a lot of pain, the only way to get past it is by going through it. Escaping your feelings and procrastinating introspection is not a shortcut to the end of the tunnel. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

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