Love And Failure: 7 Poems That Express The Pain

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. While some are able to recover and get things back to normal, others slowly drift apart and are never able to mend the cracks. They are only left with a vacuum in their lives with a grief which cannot be explained. In such times, it is music and poetry which help in expressing the pain of a broken heart. Love failure poems, the hauntingly sentimental ones, are like a  vapour balm solution; it burns at first, but eases the pain.

If you’ve ever been through a phase where you struggled through a broken relationship and didn’t have enough words to express your sorrows then you may find that these love failure poems will make your heart lighter by letting you vent your feelings out.

1. My Love Left On A Saturday

Love Failure Poems - My Love Left On A Saturday

Broken relationships feel like the worst as they give you a feeling of the end of everything that was ever familiar to you. The face of your loved one becomes the only thing you ever knew and when they drift apart, you never understand what to do next. That feeling can only be expresses in and with love failure poems.

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2. A Lesson

Love Failure Poems - A Lesson

Some relationships end with a mutual understanding while others end on a bitter note. They end with the blame game and lots of tears and a feeling of being let down. Love failure poems, this one in particular, speak of the pain and courage of finally deciding to let go.

3. Have You?

Love Failure Poems - Have You?

Most love stories start on a fairy tale note but slowly go down to a point where it remains a one-sided love story. It takes a turn where one partner drifts apart while the other remains with the memories and with no hope of getting them back, just love failure poems and anguish.

4. A New Beginning

Love Failure Poems - A New Beginning

The worst of all is having to lose a lover. When life seems like a bed of roses and you find yourself in his arms and then he gets taken away before you could even say goodbye. A thousand words left to say and a million hugs left to give.

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5. Blindfold

Love Failure Poems - Blindfold

And just like that, the relationship ends. But isn’t it important sometimes to set them free only to free yourself from the pain and grief of seeing them struggle day after day? Love failure poems really help you remember, when you forget how to let go.

6. Waiting

Love Failure Poems - Waiting

Once you go through a broken relationship, you wonder if there is anything better in the world for you. You hope and wait for a day when you’ll have your Mr. Right to right all the wrongs that you have been through and to just hold you in his arms and show that the world is a beautiful place. Maybe it hurts to remember, but love failure poems are a way to remember safely, one last time, before you let go.

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7. Everything

Love Failure Poems - Everything

Love is a game where sometimes even when you lose, you win. However, sometimes the game gets bitter where we fail to express our true feelings and lead a life with no meaning.

Love failure poems teach us this lesson;  that failure of love isn’t always because of betrayal or something negative from their side. Love fails each time a couple parts no matter what the reason may be. It fails each time a heart breaks and a tear leaves the eye for pain is what takes over the lives which were once filled with love.

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