Love Care SMS: 14 SMSes For That Special Someone

You need to send the people you love a love care SMS every now and then. Trust, faith, friendship, respect and a heavy dose of care are few of the ingredients that nurture a loving relationship. When in love, the needs of your partner become your utmost priority and to tend to these needs, one cannot be a miser in dishing out care, in person or with love care SMS texts. Don’t you love when someone truly cares for you? Just like that, your partner loves it too! While I’m sure your actions speak a thousand words, it’s always a good idea to sometimes actually use words. So, I’m here to get you started with some beautiful love care SMSes for your better/beautiful half.

Let’s get started, with love care SMS texts:

1. Love Care SMS - When We Truly Care

The battle between the heart and the mind is a fierce one but when it’s about love, the heart always seems to win… and I say, why not send a love care SMS or a cute love poem?

2. Love Care SMS - Just Three Words

Love is that powerful and that beautiful after all! Love is a mix of numerous emotions and care is a vital one, even with a few love care SMS.

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3. Love Care SMS - Heartfelt

And it can be so beautiful just to hear those words. When said from the heart, a love care SMS can have an even greater impact than the word ‘love’ itself.

4. Love Care SMS - A Little Angel

Haha! Now that’s a love care SMS for the funny bone. It’s beautifully cute and sure to make your partner feel warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Love Care SMS - The Sun

If that love care SMS doesn’t spell care, what does? So beautiful and such heartfelt emotions. Be the sun, the moon, the EVERYTHING!

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6. Love Care SMS - Your Presence

Yes, more than love it’s the person who gives the love that matters. Everyone can love but only some know how to love and care.

7. Love Care SMS - Give Me A Call

‘I’ll always be there’ are magical words! Yes, I call them magical because they really have the power to move the soul.

8. Love Care SMS - A Person Who Truly Loves You

A true partner can see every masked emotion and feeling. When you truly care for someone, you don’t need the words to understand how they are feeling, you will know it without words. Then and again, a love care SMS does go a long way also.

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9. Love Care SMS - Caring Is Easy

Surprised much? Well, that’s probably because you found yourself someone who really deserves the best of love and care.

10. Love Care SMS - Life Isn't A Waste

And really one true caring person is all you really need! Even if the world turns its back on you, you’ll be strong just because of the love and care of one, and one’s ways of showing it, including love care SMS and a few true love sms texts.

11. Love Care SMS - Text Me

This love care SMS is for the ones who know no boundaries to love, for those who understand the need to give and receive care and for those who know how it feels to be alone when things seem gloomy.

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12. Love Care SMS - Take Care

How often do you say it? Even saying it a thousand times is not enough and sometimes just once is all you need. When you say take care, mean it!

13. Love Care SMS - Oxygen

The ‘basic necessities’ of life change once you have tasted the need and feeling of love and care. Sometimes, these seem more important than anything else in the world.

14. Love Care SMS - When You Feel The Wind

And just like that the wind will be sweeter and gentler, bringing a smile every time it brushes against your face!

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You may know love, but unless you know care it will always be a little incomplete. Care comes from the heart and is a beautiful ‘forever’ kinda thing. So, how much do you care? These love care SMS texts that we’ve collected will give you a little push to start caring, and more importantly, start expressing. What say?