Love Broken Heart SMS: 15 Msgs For The Grieving Souls

Love broken heart sms texts are not something you send to just anybody. The misery of losing in love and nursing a broken heart is unmatched to any other pain or suffering in the world. Losing someone special or breaking away from a relationship that was once the most beautiful part of your life is not easy and never will be. But then again, only those who truly understand this pain understand the need to value love and relationships. If you are going through the pain of a broken heart, it’s best to vent it all out. Express your pain, say it out loud to yourself and let your lost love know about it too. It does make you feel better..

Scroll through our list of 15 love broken heart SMS texts.

1. Love Broken Heart SMS - They Say

This love broken heart sms says it all. A broken heart breaks into a million pieces and collecting them all together can take a long and painful time.

2. Love Broken Heart SMS - It's Difficult

Isn’t that the toughest decision? It feels better to hold on but the longer one does that the more pain it causes. Decisions, decisions! This love broken heart sms is the result of them.

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3. Love Broken Heart SMS - Second Chance

Ouch! A broken relationship feels nothing less than that; a bullet right through the heart that causes piercing pain and suffering. So are you ready for it all over again?

4. Love Broken Heart SMS - Walking Alone

Having a partner by your side through the journey of life makes it so much better. And to suddenly carry on alone can be a painful path to tread, and makes for a sad love broken heart sms.
Some broken hearts may never mend;

5. Love Broken Heart SMS - Broken Hearts

‘Never’ and ‘Forever’ are two words that only a true lover can understand. And these words hold true meaning only when spoken out of love.
Love is like two people holding a rubber band.

6. Love Broken Heart SMS - A Rubber Band

The simplest love broken heart sms to express the pain when the one you trusted and loved left just like that. Unfortunately, only one of the two feels the pain while for the other it’s just a game!

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7. Love Broken Heart SMS - Lucky

That love broken heart sms truly is hurtful! You give love and all you receive is hurt… so unfair! While love is all about giving but just receiving hurt in return weakens the person.

8. Love Broken Heart SMS - Remembrance

Aww… that’s a broken heart speaking; a heart that has learnt a lesson and decided to carry on with the good and the learning, leaving behind the sorrow and pain.

9. Love Broken Heart SMS - Glass

It is unbelievable and this love broken heart sms takes a lot of time to sink in. And yes, unlike glass the heart can never be truly mended. But hold on, maybe a special someone will fill the missing gaps.

10. Love Broken Heart SMS - My Reason

Now that’s a question that may haunt you for a long long time to come. It does feel like a vacuum, a sudden emptiness without love.

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11. Love Broken Heart SMS - HeartBreak

It really does seem the end of the world. Suddenly you find yourself alone and it seems like there’s nothing more to look forward to and nowhere further to go.

12. Love Broken Heart SMS - I Will Cherish

Every relationship needs a closure or it’ll always leave a sour taste. You remember the best parts but a break-up will always overshadow the good memories, but you can use this love broken heart sms to express a little grief.

13. Love Broken Heart SMS - An Empty Soul

Do you know what emptiness feels like? Lose the love of your life and you will feel a whole new level of empty.

14. Love Broken Heart SMS - A Magical Switch

Who doesn’t need a switch like that? And if only it was that easy to just erase the bad or sour memories then there wouldn’t be so much pain and worry, or any love broken heart sms texts so heartbreaking.

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15. Love Broken Heart SMS - Time

Woah! A challenge to time? I hope time wins. But a lover’s broken heart can win anything, even time!

Are you nursing a broken heart? Sweetheart, let it all out… keeping it within will not heal you nor will it reduce the pain. Pain needs to be vented out and a love broken heart sms works as a great medium to vent out and express.