Love Breakup Status Messages – 35 Cries Of Pain Of A Broken Heart

Breaking up is never easy; you need to deal with it, tell people, put out a love breakup status, delete names, numbers, friends; you need to rearrange so much. You invest so much time, emotions and energy into a relationship and it all falls flat the day it ends. Most of us fail to express how hurt or heartbroken we feel after things have ended. Many look for solitude, while others choose to ignore the pain by acting like ‘all is well.’ Words however, are our best friends; especially when its about the right love breakup status. Whether you’re happy, sad, annoyed or just excited, you can always find something to say.

These are some nice love breakup status messages for you.

This is for the ones who’ve had their hearts broken recently, Share them and speak what’s on your mind.

1. Love Breakup Status Messages - A Game

They say the best true love poems and love breakup status msgs come from a broken heart.

2. Love Breakup Status Messages - Nothing

This love breakup status is probably the first thought that comes to someone’s mind after a breakup. The fragility of our relationships make us believe that they won’t last.

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3. Love Breakup Status Messages - Save Your Pride

Save whatever you can. We almost always know when a relationship is going down the hill, therefore it’s always best to bow out while you can.

4. Love Breakup Status Messages - You Have To Smile

Why this miserable love breakup status? Because acting brave is the only option you have to protect your heart from getting hurt further.

5. Love Breakup Status Messages - Give Me Time

Time heals everything and it surely mends broken hearts too.

6. Love Breakup Status Messages - To Be Broken

This love breakup status is one of the most common thoughts that people have soon after a breakup. It often helps many move on quicker than usual to accept that it was meant to happen, and others need quotes on love and care to know they need TLC.

7. Love Breakup Status Messages - One Day

We often get these thoughts of people realizing their mistakes somewhere down the line and that is when we hope that we’ll be strong enough to show them the door; it’s a love breakup status that’s a permanent reminder of that.

8. Love Breakup Status Messages - All Just A Lie

When hearts are broken, that’s when you realize that relationships are fragile. You begin to understand each lie that was thrown at you. Maybe you can acknowledge the lies with this love breakup status.

9. Love Breakup Status Messages - Walking Away

To save the dignity and peace of mind. Sometimes you only must let go and walk away to save things from getting worse. This love breakup status is best shared if that’s how you feel.

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10. Love Breakup Status Messages - Not Just Goodbyes

Most often after a breakup we end up thinking about the good times. It is then that the memories hurt more than the breakup.

11. Love Breakup Status Messages - Painful Memory

When you decide to walk away, you also have that certain hope in your mind that they will stop you from leaving. But when they don’t, that is when it all gets shattered for you. When you feel the love you got was not enough, share this love breakup status.

12. Love Breakup Status Messages - A Broken Mirror

Like while picking up the broken pieces of a glass you have that danger of cutting yourself, similarly picking up the broken pieces of a relationship too can hurt you emotionally.

13. Love Breakup Status Messages - I See You

A fresh breakup always brings the pain of dreaming of the ex and missing them with pain in your heart. Express it with this love breakup status.

14. Love Breakup Status Messages - The Same Person

Breakups also often reveal the nasty side a person has. All the sweet nothings turn into the most terrible things you could ever say to anyone. If you’ve been unlucky enough to see this side of things, then let it out with this love breakup status.

15. Love Breakup Status Messages - Wasted Time

But you can’t always keep sulking over the broken heart. There comes a time when you have to type out a love breakup status, accept it move on and prepare for the future.

16. Love Breakup Status Messages - I Let You Go

Sometimes we have to use a love breakup status for their sake even though our heart wants them to stay.

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17. Love Breakup Status Messages - Like Wine

And that love breakup status my friend describes the worst kind of love. Such relationships are bound to end because if you can’t grow together you can’t be together. Makes you wonder what was the point of all those cute love poems for her.

18. Love Breakup Status Messages - Wake Me Up

Sometimes you feel so dejected by everything that you just want to cover your face and avoid the world.

19. Love Breakup Status Messages - One Day I'll See

Somebody always loses and somebody always gains. But we all realize that only when the time is right, in the meantime, follow this love breakup status and hope you win.

20. Love Breakup Status Messages - Your Heart Still Does

There’s always a conflict between the mind and the heart after a breakup because your mind tells you to move on but the heart still longs for their touch.

21. Love Breakup Status Messages - I'm Used To It

When you have suffered a lot in a relationship, nothing beats you down because no matter what happens you feel you are used to the pain. Now that the worst has happened, talk about your experience with this love breakup status.

22. Love Breakup Status Messages - It Makes The Heart Forget

This love breakup status reminds you that time pushes the pain deep down which then surfaces at the first thought you get.

23. Love Breakup Status Messages - Protect Yourself

Both the emotions go hand in hand. If you feel happy, you will most definitely feel sadness too.

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24. Love Breakup Status Messages - Forget How To Count

If you have experienced a cheater in the relationship or someone who shares everything (all your private stuff) with their friend(s), you’d know this feeling. Tell the world of the truth with this love breakup status.

25. Love Breakup Status Messages - I'll HIde

Sometimes you only have to put up a brave front and act like you don’t care only to hide away your vulnerability.

26. Love Breakup Status Messages - You've Changed

Some people love you as long as you live life on their terms, and this love breakup status is a cold fact. The moment you start taking your own decisions is when they start having a problem.

27. Love Breakup Status Messages - Destroyed

Sometimes two good people just don’t get along and end up being terrible partners. They ruin their own lives and also make the other person against the idea of love. These love questions to ask your girlfriend may have helped you know what you’re in for, as a precaution.

28. Love Breakup Status Messages - Better Than That

We have to take a stand for ourselves because if we won’t then who will? Know what you deserve and stand up for it with this love breakup status.

29. Love Breakup Status Messages - Lonliness

When we turn against love, we draw ourselves into the phase where we wish to be by ourselves. But at the same time, the thought of the one who left you alone comes back to hound you all the time; maybe you just need to let your inner demons out with this love breakup status.

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30. Love Breakup Status Messages - Feelings

Love and feelings, the two things that people take lightly these days.

31. Love Breakup Status Messages - Understand Them

We start feeling like this love breakup status, like we would waste our time by trying to get someone else to understand.

32. Love Breakup Status Messages - The Arms You Don't Belong In

Hear this love breakup status loud and clear, because you couldn’t do anything worse to yourself than to run back to the one person who broke you.

33. Love Breakup Status Messages - Expired

When relationships end it truly feels like the death of a relationship and the end of an era of your life.

34. Love Breakup Status Messages - Very Simple

There’s no other way, that’s the sordid truth of this love breakup status and love. Very few people actually end up getting married and many just… well…

35. Love Breakup Status Messages - The Trauma That Follows It

The next day, when you wake up with a fresh mind and check your phone for a message from them and when it hits you that there is no ‘them’ any more, that is the time it hurts the most.

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So these were the top 35 love breakup status updates that speak the language of a broken heart. They describe exactly what it feels like to have your heart shattered into pieces. Which one can you connect to?