Break Up Quotes For Him To Feel Happy Again

One of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, Rilke is definitely one who understands emotions. His words would give you some solace during these dark times. No matter how sad or depressed you are feeling, it is never final. You will learn to love and trust again. Take solace in these break up quotes for him:


Break Up Quotes For Him


It is true. You can’t die because your heart is broken. Give yourself some time to heal. Take it slow and really try to understand and appreciate yourself.


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This is one of those love breakup quotes for him that says: “You know that your relationship ended for good reason, whatever that reason might be.” When you find yourself missing that special someone, then remind yourself of the reasons why you chose to break up. You might be feeling muddled and confused right now, but soon you will smile again.


Break Up Quotes For Him - Rainer Maria Rilke

A great way to start recuperating after a break up is simply to take stock of all the good things in your life. This could be anything ranging from your close friends, your pet, your career, or maybe just an awesome meal you cooked for yourself. Start slow. Set aside some each day where you will allow yourself to feel bad and miserable. But once that time is done, make sure you do something that really makes you happy. It may take some time, but one day you will realize that you are finally where you are supposed to be. Here are some breakup quotes for him to make you feel better in these dark times.


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This is the perfect quote to remind you that you are not the first person in the world to go through a rough break up. And you will definitely not be the last. You can really make all the difference by helping yourself get through these dark days.


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One important thing you need to keep in mind after your break up is to stop telling yourself that you have lost your one soul mate. If this was truly meant to be, it would have ended differently. Letting go can sometimes be the hardest thing you can do, but it is also the healthiest thing you can do!


Break Up Quotes For Him - Lord Alfred Tennyson

To love someone and then lose them can be very difficult. But think about it – you now have a better idea of what you are really looking for, you know yourself better. There are several important life lessons we learn from every relationship we have. So take some time to assimilate whatever you have learnt in your relationship, this will make you feel better.

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There are some things in life you just cannot fix. Knowing when to let go would save you a lot of pain. So stop hurting yourself and try as hard as you can to move on.

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You may be surprised at how emotional you are feeling. But remember that a sensitive heart will also make you incredibly happy at some point.


Break Up Quotes For Him - Langston Hughes

This is sound advice from one of the most solid break up quotes for him. Try to focus on yourself and your future. Work towards making your dreams come true. It will fill you up with new passion, purpose and energy.


Break Up Quotes For Him - Paulo Coelho

Neither good times nor bad times are permanent. Sometimes a crisis is what will shake you up and open up new pathways for you to follow.


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Well, nothing except yourself can get in the way of starting over! So go out there and make it happen!


Break Up Quotes For Him - Joseph Campbell

Sometimes life has a plan of its own that is way better than anything we could have planned for ourselves. Nobody in the world has had their life go exactly how they wanted it to. Just try to remain open to the new possibilities that are looming in the horizon for you.


Break Up Quotes For Him - Marcia Wieder

This is wonderful advice for anybody going through a break up. Sing, dance, paint, play an instrument, go kayaking or rare-book hunting! Anything that makes you truly happy – just do it!


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Take pride in your small achievements, like showing up to work with a smile, taking the effort to look nice. If you are depressed, chances are all of these little things would feel like mammoth task. But just stick to it and don’t give up until you feel better.