10 Love At First Sight Poems For The Hardcore Romantic

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There is much debate as to whether there really is a thing as “love at first sight.” For every person who swears by such an ideal, there are 10 others who claim to have felt that very same feeling, only for it to leave them just as quickly as it had descended upon them. Still, romantics will argue that such an instance is but an inability to recognise one’s emotions or perhaps a mix up, because as they say, once you see the one, you will know..

If you’re a believer and are looking for the finest love at first sight poems that talk of knowing “the one” in but a single glance, then we’ve got 10 of the best right here for you!

1.Love At First Sight Poems - For Me

Ten words, three simple lines and the most powerful of love at first sight poems. James Jarrett talks here of the very thing that romantics will tell you – nobody believes in love at first sight until they do. It’s that simple, and if you’re a non-believer, then just wait for that one shared side-glance at the airport…

2.Love At First Sight Poems - I Have Loved You Many Times Before

Sometimes we don’t know what we are looking for in a person until we see it plain as day in front of us. The poet here talks of how he fell in love at first glance only to realise this is what he had loved and looked for all along. One of those love at first sight poems for a love that transcends time and space.

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3.Love At First Sight Poems - A Story

This simple verse asks the readers if they believe and reiterates how one’s own experience is the only factor when it comes to love at first sight. The poet offers to tell her story to the reader, we don’t get to hear what it is, but that is the point. Love at first sight is strictly to be experienced and to be believed, and until then, there’s a good possibility love at first sight poems make no sense.

4.Love At First Sight Poems - Can't Look Away

Caught a glimpse of an attractive stranger? Let that not be misconstrued as love at first sight. Let not lust and carnal desire be mistaken for love. Love at first sight is when you look a stranger in the eye and dare not look away, for they may never feature in your life again, and that is too big a risk to take.

5.Love At First Sight Poems - A Chime For Two

The poet here tells the other side of the story of love at first sight, speaking of how he made a mistake thinking that which seemed to be attractive and real the first time needn’t necessarily be so, and that perhaps more caution and a better understanding would have saved him a lot of trouble, and heeding the warnings of other love at first sight poems.

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6.Love At First Sight Poems - Eye To Eye

That’s all it takes, and the poet can very well testify to that.

7.Love At First Sight Poems - Gossamer Wings In Cloudless Skies

Perhaps the greatest testament to love at first sight in our love at first sight poems collection, Danielle here talks of how she knew perfectly well as to what she was feeling – what she knew at first sight – but that the doubters came out in full force trying to rationalise how and what she felt.

Of course, with the passing of time, there could be little doubt in anyone’s mind as to what is now plain as day, but if you’re looking for the courage to make it to that point, keep this poem handy.

8.Love At First Sight Poems - The Rain

It is amazing what kind of details the brain will remember at the behest of the heart. This one wasn’t too complicated, but it’s etched in the poet’s memory forever, for it ended up changing her life.

9.Love At First Sight Poems - Therapy

Sometimes it’s like being rescued and understood, feeling a connection and knowing that it runs deep if you only look. Sometimes it’s not about big flashes of light and sparks, but just like most love at first sight poems say, quiet acceptance and understanding.

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10.Love At First Sight Poems - Love Is A SkyHIgh Feel

The poet talks of flying high after seeing the love of her life for the first time and then goes on about staying grounded on earth to take in more of the person, of their affections, and more of the feeling, with every little thing about the other enchanting them more and more.

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