50 Love And Friendship Quotes: Celebrating A Special, Cherished Bond

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There’s love; and then there’s friendship. Friendship is a nice thing, some kinds of friendships last a lifetime, others are like boxes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you eat ’em, you love ’em; it was momentary but you loved them while the ‘ship lasted. Some kinds of love are best represented by fiery passion, plenty of angst, often dangerous scenarios with a sprinkling of dire consequences, much like the Hollywood classic Desperado. Other kinds of love – the types that we will be dealing with today – are built on more solid foundations and everyday circumstances, but are just as thrilling and rewarding as any other, the kind where two people are not only deeply in love, but share an understanding and connection that can be best described as the connection that best friends share. And whether its love or friendship, you’re always left with some amazing love and friendship quotes.

But, getting back to love. If you’ve ever been in such a relationship, you’ll know just how very special such a bond can be. And to celebrate and cherish such a union, we have put together 50 of the best love and friendship quotes for you to share:

1.Love And Friendship Quotes - Its A Matter Of Time

If that’s not something that best friends do then we’re not sure what is! This is the kind of easy going and loving connection every boyfriend and girlfriend and every husband and wife wants to share, the stuff of romanticized Bonny And Clyde and love and friendship quotes. And if you have it, you are lucky.

2.Love And Friendship Quotes - The Beautiful Dream

It was the great Orson Welles who was first credited with first uttering these words, and what excellent words they are! Particularly lucky are those who find both of the above qualities in a single person.

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3.Love And Friendship Quotes - The Basis

It’s seems simplistic until you actually think about it. All of that effort that goes into the everyday life, into career and contact building, into the upkeep that you put into yourself – unless you’re a megalomaniac, in which more love for you! – is in pursuit of love and friendship at the end of it all, so you can someday make your own love and friendship quotes, for that ol’ scrap book.

4.Love And Friendship Quotes - Anything Is Okay

The courage that we derive from our near and dear ones is monumental, especially if they not only love and wish the best for us, but they also understand and empathise with us.

5.Love And Friendship Quotes - The Finest Balm

Jane Austen penned these famous words and if you stop to consider them for a moment you realise that they apply to not only platonic friends, but that one member of the opposite sex who consoled you during your time of grief, only for the two of you to forge a deeper connection.

6.Love And Friendship Quotes - My Best Friend True Love

For the non-believers amongst us, sure we’re lucky to have friends and lovers (if we do have them), but to find friendship and love in one person whom you truly care about and who returns that love is something truly special that can’t be understood until it has been experienced.

7.Love And Friendship Quotes - No Matter What The Rules Say

Barbara Samuel asks us this question and a pretty darned good question it is indeed. If you purport to love someone then by definition they should also be a friend, should they not? Well, it’s all shades of grey, but it’s not a thought that should be dismissed just like that.

8.Love And Friendship Quotes - The Healthy Ingredients

“We’re just blowing off steam” is a good way of saying that “I have no idea what I’m doing, for spiritually and emotionally I am no better off than before we met” or so claims Nzinga Smith when she talks of how important it is for lovers to be friends as well.

9.Love And Friendship Quotes - Water In A Glass

Just as being lovers without being friends is a recipe for disaster down the line, so is attempting to be platonic with someone you’re clearly romantically interested in. Sure, you can keep your guard up for a while but all you need is one moment and a few words that you can’t take back before it all comes crashing down.

10.Love And Friendship Quotes - Be Slow In Love

It was none other than the great Benjamin Franklin who uttered these wise words, among many other love and friendship quotes, and they are words to live by if there ever were any. Friends and lovers aren’t like summer dresses to be picked out at will; they are carefully chosen and even more carefully, if ever, discarded. That’s just the way of the world.

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11.Love And Friendship Quotes - One Package


12.Love And Friendship Quotes - Not The Love

Yes, and friendship isn’t something that can be forced. Showing someone you care by being around them may be construed as love, but only a friend can have just the right touch, words and interactions that truly convey support and understanding.

13.Love And Friendship Quotes - In Sorrow And In Wealth

“I want it all” sang Freddy Mercury and the above is somewhat similarly ambitious, idealistic and unlikely. And yet, Freddy did have it all at one point in his life, and we’ve all been told to strive for the best haven’t we?

14.Love And Friendship Quotes - I See Fire

Loyalty through bad times and good – that’s what this quote is referring to. And only those who have a friend and a lover in one will be able to fully understand, but even more, fully appreciate.

15.Love And Friendship Quotes - I'm Not Sure

And it’s not the easiest of distinctions to make, but it is an oh so important one indeed!

16.Love And Friendship Quotes - It's Amazing

Ouch! Been there, done that. Some of the most confusing, disconcerting, gut-wrenching times of your life are when you covet that alluring “next level” but risk losing it all. The existentialists refer to this in their many prophetic love and friendship quotes as ‘living‘ and who are we to disagree?

17.Love And Friendship Quotes - PDA

This is for all the crazy ones. If you are with a person who sticks with you through thick and thin and accepts you for all your madness then you should never let go of him/her.

18.Love And Friendship Quotes - When The Bro Is The Hoe

If you’re normal and even mildly interesting you must have at some point thought of yourself as more than somewhat weird. And what a wonderful thought it is that someone as weird as ourselves also have people who hang out with us, love us and even on occasion, take us seriously.

19.Love And Friendship Quotes - Lack Of Camaraderie

Such was the opinion of Nietzsche, and really, we’re not going to disagree too much. To win an argument against Nietzsche’s position requires us to overlook the facts, and the facts are thus: “It’s not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

20.Love And Friendship Quotes - To Love And To Be Loved

Remember Alexander Supertramp’s epiphany, the one that he barely managed to pen before keeling over? “Happiness is only real when shared,” it said. And this coming from a man who intended to live out the rest of his days alone and fending off the land because of the disgraceful state of society as he saw it. These are not notions to be taken lightly.

21.Love And Friendship Quotes - Make Love Not Jundgement

This is the one thing that’s so hard to do. But in the end, I think most people come around to this realisation on their own any way.

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22.Love And Friendship Quotes - Loving Enablers

Some might say that to do great things we need courage and inspiration and thought and effort, but what are the primary motivations behind these things? Where does the motivation come from? If we dig a little deeper, we will notice it usually comes from experiences with friends and lovers, and the love and friendship quotes that these feelings of security inspire.

23.Love And Friendship Quotes - Not A Roundabout Trip

This is a popular belief and for the most part may even be true, but we think it’s safe to say that “never say never.”

24.Love And Friendship Quotes - Gamma Rays

Just ask anyone who’s ever done anything superhuman for a friend or spouse when the situation demanded it.

25.Love And Friendship Quotes - Friends Over Lovers

What is the best therapy that we have for a broken heart? Not a glass (or several) of wine, not nights spent crying under the covers, but a good night out with friends.

26.Love And Friendship Quotes - You Hear My Silences

As long as you have it in your heart, your true love and your friends will be able to pick up on it no matter how much you try and hide those feelings!

27.Love And Friendship Quotes - Be One

These wise words come from none other than Ralph Waldo Emerson, who knew a thing or two about friendship and love. We cannot expect that which we ourselves are not willing to supply.

28.Love And Friendship Quotes - You Cry A Lot Lesser

We’ve all been around people we thought are good for us, and who have our best intentions at heart (as we do for them), but somehow, the way we are around them doesn’t seem to reflect this perfect relationship we’ve built in our heads.

29.Love And Friendship Quotes - Yes, I Love Besties

And that is the main difference between friends and lovers.

30.Love And Friendship Quotes - Sincerity And Trust

Whose betrayal hurts the most? Caesar, Dante, every rom-com, any great novel, bitter-sweet poetry, love and friendship quotes, you name it. They all point to only two kinds of suspects – Friends and lovers!

31.Love And Friendship Quotes - Unexpected Presents

It’s quite wonderful to be proven completely wrong about someone you thought you were completely right about!

32.Love And Friendship Quotes - They'll Find A Way. Love Always Does.

How many times have we thought that we might drift away from someone we’re close to just because we’re changing cities for work or education, only to find that particular bond has grown even stronger? Those are the kind of people to keep in our lives.

33.Love And Friendship Quotes - Painful Truths

Nobody wants to think about it in these terms, but if we’re being realistic and honest with ourselves, then, well…

34.Love And Friendship Quotes - Make Your Rival Your Homie

It seems crazy to talk about it that way, but have you ever tried being nice to someone who’s always mean to you or getting on your back? It seems counter-intuitive at first, but just as Martin Luther King Jr. said, it never fails to transform the other person’s attitude towards you!

35.Love And Friendship Quotes - True Story, Kids. The Math Checks Out Right.

Pretty self-explanatory really, and perfectly clear to anyone who has experienced both love and friendship. And this one’s the most real of all our love and friendship quotes. Like print this on out and pin it on your wall; the one you look at when you wonder why is love so hard. You know which wall I’m talking about!

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36.Love And Friendship Quotes - Only Truth

These words come from Herman Melville who talks of just how one may fall in love at first sight, one may also connect with a friend at first sight.

37.Love And Friendship Quotes - Friendship Closes Eyes

Love does not see the flaws and the red flags, it is blissfully unaware of anything except the perfection in the other, while friendship sees all of the transgressions and flaws but chooses to ignore them anyway. When it really comes down to comparisons and love and friendship quotes, you know having a best friend as an S.O. is the only way love works out.

38.Love And Friendship Quotes - Without Trust You Have Nothing

Betray your friend or betray your lover and the end result is going to be the same, no more friend or lover.

39.Love And Friendship Quotes - Always About The Best Parts About Being Human

Some may argue that love turning into obsession is nobody’s fault but our own, but you still cannot deny the wisdom of these words by Elie Wiesel.

40.Love And Friendship Quotes - The Most Memorable Lovers Are Friends

You know, the ones who were there for you when you needed them the most.

41.Love And Friendship Quotes - Love Ya, Man, Girl, Human. Homo, No Homo, Just Homo Homies.

Sometimes we fall for our friends, and we fall hard. Do we risk losing our friendship for the promise of something more, or do we never realise what could have been because what we have now is already sacred? But you gotta start by being friends, so love and friendship quotes make so much sense, coz you can’t do one without the other, even with it hurts.

42.Love And Friendship Quotes - Treat Your Friends To Cake

Yeah, we’ve all heard how one needs to be close to those pesky enemies, but in doing so one mustn’t neglect friends, for without them we are nothing.

43.Love And Friendship Quotes - Reverse Laws And Ethics

Okay, ‘ignored’ is a strong word here, but still, that’s another fundamental difference between friends and lovers. and yes a lot of love and friendship quotes, tweets and buzzlists say the same thing, but you can’t really overlook the facts.

44.Love And Friendship Quotes - Friendship Is The Best Ship To Ship

La Rochefoucauld doesn’t mince his words when he speaks what is plainly the truth. Sure, true love is rare, but finding that one true friend who sticks by you through thick and thin? That’s pure gold.

45.Love And Friendship Quotes - Common Among All Other Things

Who else but Shakespeare could make such an astute observation, and you just know that he’s 100 per cent right.

46.Love And Friendship Quotes - Never Forget

The relationship may be lost one day, but if you play your cards right, and have a little bit of luck, the friends will last a lifetime.

47.Love And Friendship Quotes - Healing Therapy

Who can ever contest that?

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48.Love And Friendship Quotes - Love Loyalty Friendship

And everything else we covet like money and fame is built on those three things. Real life love and friendship quotes that every kid needs to be told, like, before they hit puberty, because this is vital info, yeah?

49.Love And Friendship Quotes - Friendships Never Go Wrong

Another simple yet profound distinction between friendship and love.

50.Love And Friendship Quotes - Risks

But to time that right? Good luck!

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