Love Amid Sun, Sand, And Surf: 10 Intimate Beach Wedding Destinations

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Van Morrison famously said “Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly”. Every couple wants to remember their perfect wedding moments for the rest of their lives. And a good way for those moments to remain forever is to have a destination wedding at one of the beautiful beaches. If you are looking at a beach wedding, here are 10 spectacular destinations that are so amazing your wedding will remain a sweet memory for the rest of your lives!

1. Eagle Beach (Aruba)

1 Eagle Beach

Bon bini, or welcome, to the island of Aruba. Eagle Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches among the many littered across this idyllic island, offering miles of pristine white sand ready for your footprints as you walk hand in hand. The sky looks heavenly and the Caribbean Sea hums the song of sweetness with its turquoise and blue hues. The weather is on or around 83 degrees round the year, making for a lovely time out by the surf. Eagle Beach is a paradise where you can get married and reenact a “Blue Lagoon” Moment. Other beaches to consider are Bucuti and Tara Beach, each with excellent resort offerings and great wedding packages.

2. Sanur Beach, Bali (Indonesia)

2 Sanur Beaches Balis

The tiny Island of Bali is nothing short of a dream destination. Part of the Indonesian archipelago, this frangipani-scented island offers something for every couple. Sanur Beach is a breathtaking stretch of beach with a multitude of party spots scattered all over. The island also offers a mouth watering palette for its guests. A trip to this island and a walk on Sanur Beach makes you get more seduced by its beauty. A wedding over here is nothing short of a wedding of your dreams.

3. Wailua Beach, Kauai (Hawaii)

The island of Hawaii is renowned for its spectacular beaches, and with good reason. Consider Kauai or the Garden Island, northernmost island, and one of the oldest in the Hawaiian chain. Wailua Beach is one of the best beaches in Kauai. A peaceful vibe looms around this pristine beach making Wailua a perfect wedding spot.

4. Cabo San Lucas Beach (Mexico)

Cabo San Lucas Beach (Mexico)

Located on the Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas beach is a perfect spot for a beach wedding. With an untouched hidden beach called “the Lovers beach”, this Beach has witnessed numerous celebrity weddings including the lavish wedding of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. This beach has numerous resorts to help make the necessary arrangements for the perfect wedding.

5. Taino Beach, Freeport (Bahamas)

 Taino Beach Freeport

The beautiful sun-kissed Taino Beach in the town of Freeport is a breathtaking destination for the perfect beach wedding. The sugar-sand beach with its deep blue water makes your jaw drop. A wedding at this beach will be nothing short of a dream wedding. This destination is best when visited between December and April.

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6. Caye Caulker Beach (Belize)

Caye Caulker Beach (Belize)

This spectacular beach is located on a small limestone coral island in Belize. The beach has wonderful white sands and tantalizing waters. This beach is a perfect destination for your beach wedding. There are many resorts on this island who offer attractive deals to couples who wish to get married here.

7. Praia dos Coqueiros , Trancoso(Brazil)

Praia dos Coqueiros , Trancoso(Brazil)

Have you dreamed of getting married on the white sand overlooking the blue sea under the shade of beautiful palm trees? This famous beach located in the state of Bahia, Brazil satisfies all those desires.

8. Playa Danta, Guanacaste (Costa Rica)

Playa Danta, Guanacaste (Costa Rica)

This isolated and pristine beach located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica where the beautiful marriage of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea occurs, can also be your perfect beach wedding destination. This beach is in fact so beautiful that many couples book their weddings and honeymoons at the same destination.

9. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Even after all the recent troubles in Eastern Europe, Banje Beach has remained untouched. This spectacular beach is a favorite among many couples who wish to get married on its pristine white sand and ice blue waters.

10. Kihava Huravalhi (Maldives)

Kihava Huravalhi
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The archipelago of Maldives has many beaches, but there isn’t a place more spectacular and romantic destination to get married in. This tiny island of Kilhava Huravalhi is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is an ideal destination for couples to have their “happily ever after” moment. The Anantara Kihava resort offers many attractive options including a special underwater wedding for couples who wish to get married on the soft sand of the sea bed.

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