35 Long Distance Love Quotes That Cut Through Time And Space

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Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, or you know, seen one on TV, will know that they’re work. And not that they’re in the “go to work and earn your pay” category, but they’re certainly not in the “things will be rosy because it’s love” category either. Although you can certainly see those types of relationships on the telly too.

All in all, there may a number of things that come up in between you and your lover; one being the not so comforting idea of distance, and sometimes there’s very little you can do to stop circumstances taking their course. But there’s a lot you can do around that as well.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, use these long distance love quotes to stay connected with your partner:


Of all the long distance love quotes you’ll ever read, this one is the most straightforward and the most succinct. When all your emotions need to be condensed into a single sentence, it would look like this; and it still does a good job of conveying the most important message of all that no matter how far, your love for your partner is greater than the distance, always.


Every one of those words is gospel in a real relationship that is constrained by distance. While sometimes you can’t always have the one you adore so much right next to you, you know very well that you still have to hang on with all you’ve got because what you have is so special that most people will never see anything like it in the rest of their lives.


Isn’t that the truth. Remind your beloved that no matter how much it hurts to be separated at the moment, you are that much closer to seeing them and being with them with each passing day. And that’s the most important thing of them all.


I’m not leaving would be a succinct way to reword this message, but to be quite honest sometimes going a bit over the top really does help in getting the message across, especially during the tough times.


This is one of those long distance love quotes that people scoff at before they ever fall in love, get married and have a child. The keywords here are ‘best’ and ‘most beautiful’, and not ‘seen’ and ‘touched’, an important point to remember, for both persons.


Share this excellent quote with your beloved before they jet off to some distant lands for the foreseeable future, and it will mean a lot to them. It really is quite important to put into words the comforting feeling that you’ll always be with them, even if it’s to be taken as understood.


So you have the chemistry but you’re separated by a bit of land, and a bit of water? Big deal. Finding chemistry is not to be taken lightly or for granted. This one says it simply. Maybe logistics could have worked out a bit, but that doesn’t mean something so amazing is worth not trying, or trying half-heartedly.


This one just tells them how much you have missed them and that you’d give anything for a chance to be with them. It’s pretty reassuringly worded as well, and is all in all a very reassuring message to receive when you’re far away from your love.


This is the very essence of a long-distance relationship, isn’t it? That you’re not going to let a bit of distance come between the two of you; your love is far greater. If there are hints of insecurity and over-thinking from the other side, use this message to send them a very important reminder.


You’re forever in my heart, my heart is forever with you – it’s the same thing. The point remains that there’s no way in hell you’re letting the two of you be “separated” by a bit of distance, and come hell or high water the tow of you are built to last.


It’s true, you wouldn’t even think of putting this up with anyone else, but for now, it seems like you could wait forever and then some more to be reunited with your lover. They are someone special, and you know it.


Poetic and brilliant, this wonderful message will put a smile on their face as soon as they read it, and it will last till the end of the day, too. Why? Because it’s everything they ever wanted to hear.


Indeed I do, and the friends are only there as a distraction. To keep myself occupied all the while, I’m already thinking of you. Let your beloved know you haven’t forgotten them.


And why would that be? You will always and forever love them because, and this is the important part, they always make you feel whole again. You can’t buy that. That is something quite special indeed, and definitely worth holding on to.


You know that they’re going to be away for a long time, and yet, they haven’t left just as yet. Still, you can’t shake that feeling of sadness deep in the bottom of your stomach, because you know that you’re not going to be seeing them for a while.


What a brilliant way of saying that you know how true the both of you are when you’re separated. If you miss the other, and that feeling is mutual, then it’s something sincere, so it’s always a good sign when you miss them desperately every single day.


Yup, have something come to you too soon, and you’ll disregard it as worthless… have to wait for it a bit, and then suddenly, you realize the true importance and value of it. The same thing works for relationships. And as always, it’s good to remember that good things come to those who wait.


Poetry needn’t be epic to get the point across very well, as this little verse does. The message is clear and hey, it’s in rhyme!


If you’re feeling a mix of romantic and melancholic at the same time. Let them know that you don’t at all take them for granted and that you would like them to know that.


It’s not just the physical attraction or anything similarly high up on the surface. This is pure attraction on a cosmic level, a deeper connection, a bonding of the souls. This is important, it is hard, and torturous, but worth it all.


Either way, ‘you’ll always be with me’ is the message here and it’s something everyone who has been or currently in a long distance relationship can attest to. If you can’t be with them in person, be with them in spirit.


That’s exactly right. True love doesn’t mean that you’re always together, it means nothing happens to your relationship if you are apart.


Yes, you’re a part of a much greater and grander whole, not to mention one with a future – us.


It feels like that most of the time doesn’t it? Some people being there – your favourite people even – isn’t equal to the pain of your beloved not being there.


Absence sharpens love. You stop taking things for granted, you realize that life has actually been good to you and that you should work on preserving that which you already have.


Anything worth having takes time and effort, and continuous dedication, and discipline and all of that stuff that sounds like military terms, but is actually a test of your love. It will always prevail.


That’s absolutely right, how are you going to know that you’re built to last if there are no testing times, like distance, for instance? The fact is that you’ll never know.


They say even your grandparents when young and in love were looking up at the same moon you and your beloved admire at night. Don’t let that be a disconcerting thought, but a reminder that you are all connected and that with time, you will be united too.


It’s fairly simple. We are meant to be, so we will be, for our love is true.


Not that you’re already not, after all. But if you’re ever looking for a place to stay after coming back, that’s all.


It is an effort, but that’s what motivated people do – strive for things that they really do not want to lose.


Quite a beautiful way of saying, “I’m waiting, and we’re worth it.”


It’s a question of compatibility and finding the ‘one.’ Once you have found the one, then no matter what happens in between the two of you, no matter how many rivers and mountains separate you, you will never truly be apart.


Think of it not as a test of your love, but as a prerequisite to being with the other person, like a anatomy class is for a future doctor. You know what you’re doing, you know what you want, and you’re going to work for it, no matter what it takes.

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Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye, but a ‘hello’ after a long time is like striking gold near an oasis that you found while stranded in the desert. It is on an entire different level knowing that the two of you waited for this chance to be together again, and it has paid off splendidly.

So there you have it folks, that’s our collection of long distance love quotes for you to remind your long distance lover that you’re in this for the long term, and that when they return, they better have some presents, because you’ll be right here waiting.

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