Long Distance Love Letters: 11 LDR Scribbles To Sooth A Yearning

Long distance relationships are no less than a litmus tests. They have the power to uncover the true nature of your relationship, and expose the weak points, if any. The relationships that endure this test of separation are the ones that go on to become truly successful. But how does a long distance relationship stay strong and become successful? Regular communication is the key. And by that we mean not just phone calls but also some good old long distance love letters, those scribbled pieces of paper that somehow feel more personal than a video chat. In case you are looking for some samples to start with, then we have it covered. We present to you a list 11 long distance love letters! Some you can draw inspiration from, and others will really help shorten the distance.

Long Distance Love Letters - LDR Scribbles To Sooth A Yearning



Even though we are miles apart, distance cannot make the hearts apart. I smile each time I think of you. Even though you are away from me, your love always makes me feel that you are beside me. I am missing you a lot dear and waiting for you to return soon.
Meanwhile, I am living with your memories and they never make me feel alone. I hope the same is happening with you!

Yours truly.

Ideal usage: Works great for anyone who is in a long distance relationship but works best for couples who are in two different states or countries.

Simple long distance love letters will help you get the point across easily. In case you would like to keep things honest in your love letter, you can go for this one. This long distance love letter also acknowledges the distance between the sender and recipient thus making it a wonderful letter for the lovers separated by a really long distance. It’s a simple means on how to be a good wife, if your husband is stationed far away.


Hello dear,

Hope things are going great there. I am fine here waiting for my daily dose of love and inspiration. Guess you forgot to post your lovely words yesterday. No problem though! Sending my love letter a bit early today. Looking forward for that piece of paper that feels like your touch.

Love and Kisses,
Always yours.

Ideal usage: When the distance is such that you can write a letter to each other, every day, delivered within a day.

Doesn’t it feel like you are missing something the day you don’t receive a few SMSes from your beloved? Here is a nice long distance love letter that is great to express your plight when your beloved forgets to send one. The words are elementary here, making it a crisp and precise choice for long distance love letters.

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My Love,

I have loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you and when we finally came together as one, I knew that I had found the one person whom I would like to spend an eternity with. I hate to spend my days without you, it’s something that makes me enormously sad, but I do understand your reasons. I love you with every cell of my being and I will not hesitate to do anything to make this last.

Yours lovingly,

Ideal usage: Great for those separated by a temporary distance, and those who are bound to get reunited soon.

Everything becomes outright dull when your sweetheart goes out of town for some weeks or months, and you have to spend time all alone. In case you are looking for means of sharing your love during this phase, then long distance love letters that will work great for such kind of situations.



Another day has passed without me seeing your beautiful smile in the mornings. It is painful to think that the person I love so much is away from me and if I could do anything about it, believe me I would. I know that there is a great amount of distance in proximity between us now, but I also do know that we are capable of making it work. I love you much more than you will ever know and the fact that you are mine is something that delights me each day. So just continue to love me as I do too.

Yours forever,

Ideal usage: Lovers who started out together but got separated by distance due to unforeseen circumstances.

The wording style of long distance love letters like this one are ideal to reinforce the point to the one you love that you will always have those amorous feelings for him/her no matter how great the distance between you both. It is a great way of maintaining the zing in the relationship and keeping the love alive. If you know how to write one, you know how to be a good husband.


Hi love,

It was great to see you face to face, and let me tell you, you looked exactly the way I thought you would be. The bonus is that you are also such a warm, talented and amazing person, that it is difficult to put in words how proud I feel to call you my girlfriend.

I hope the distance between us works to strengthen our bond and relationship, just like it has always done.

With lots n lots of love.

Imagine meeting someone online, falling in love with that person (which is a mutual feeling), and then getting to meet that individual in-person. It will be the most ecstatic feeling of your life, and a moment you will always cherish. In case you have been in a such a situation where you happened to meet your long-distance flame for a brief moment, then here is a long distance love letter to acknowledge that moment. It also works great in keeping the spark in the relationship alive.

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This physical distance that has come between us is something that cannot diminish how we feel about each other. As they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, I know that I love you even more with each passing day. I will love your forever.

Yours truly,

A long distance relationship is not an easy thing to negotiate when you have spent substantial amount of time with your beloved. At the same time, such a situation works great to test the strength of the bond you share with the one you refer as soul-mate. Long distance love letters can play a significant role in maintaining the affection in your relationship, and this love letter does exactly that.


To one I love the most,

Saw your last letter. You seemed a bit pensive because of the distance that separates us. No matter how long the distance grows, always remember that the long distance means so little when someone means so much.

Always keep that mind sweetheart, and keep smiling!

Lots of love.

Ideal usage: For anyone who has been in a long distance relationship for a really long time.

Often, the distance takes the toll on the patience of a person who is stuck in a long distance relationship. If you sense that is the case with your partner, you can send this letter to restore his/her faith in the relationship once again. The words of this long distance love letter are quite reassuring, making it a great way to cheer a beloved sitting miles away.


Hi love,

The prospect of meeting you is truly exciting, after all that warm hug of yours just relieves all the troubles of my life. But once we are done with our romantic encounter, we will be thrown back to the ends of a string called the long distance relationship. But in spite of that, remember that this distance will never ever fade the love between you and me. In fact, it will play the part of a catalyst, strengthening our love and bringing us close with every passing day.

Remember that sweetheart, and see you soon.

Yours forever,

Ideal usage: Those in a long distance relationship who meet each other frequently but for a really brief time.

It is a long distance love letter that works great as a means of encouraging your loved one. Many poets and famous people have written many long distance love letters on the same. Going back to your long distance relationship after a meeting is one of the most painful things to endure but the words of this letter will surely work great to comfort your loved one, and restore the spark in your relationship.


Greetings my dear,

While I am aware that the prospect of us meeting is slim, I would always like you to keep in mind the point that my love will never change or diminish for you. I will always strive to meet you in-person. But till then, keep this letter as testament of our love that will continue to exist till eternity.

Yours truly forever,

Having little prospects of ever meeting your beloved can perhaps be the most disheartening thing to think and feel in a long distance relationship. That does not mean an end of a relationship, in fact it brings a great chance to nurture your bond, and focus more on the emotional connection that lovers share. Long distance love letters work great to share that feeling with your loved one.


Hello my dear,

The day you left, my heart sank deep. It was our love that gave me strength. I know it is difficult for us to stay in touch regularly, but whatever few words we share will be soaked with our honey-like love. Never ever think for a moment that I will stop loving you. I have your heart and I intend to keep it!

Your sweetheart forever,

Ideal usage: Those separated by massive distance; distance so great that even letters would take lot of time to reach.

You are so far apart that even a few long distance love letters would take significant time to reach. If that is your case then here is a short and sweet long distance love letter to make a point about your love to the one your love the most. It is surely going to leave a smile on the face of the recipient.


To the love of my life,

Our love is a growing vine that wraps around the distance between us.
The distance is an elastic band, which no matter how much we stretch always contracts.
And you and I are the two lips at the end of a noodle, slowly eating it across to meet for a resounding kiss!

Always remember that.
Better keep this letter with you always. :)

Yours and ONLY yours forever,

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Who says you can’t have lighter moments in a long distance relationship? Here is an adorable long distance love letter that works great to brighten the mood of your beloved with its playful and jolly words. It also works well as a display of your affection and dedication towards maintaining a loving relationship with the one you call your sweetheart.

Like our selection of adorable long distance love letters? Have anything to share? Do leave a comment.

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