10 Lonely Love Quotes For When Your Heart Is Alone

Loneliness is one attribute of life that most of us have experienced at least once. We live through it and survive another day, but when it is coupled with the feeling of lost love or unrequited love then the going seems to get tough, and we struggle to deal with the emotional turmoil that engulfs our heart and minds. Here are some lonely love quotes that best explain the poignant sentiments of love and loneliness, in one singular blend of pain.


Lonely Love Quotes - The Wallflower

Often, the people who capture our attention the most with their beauty are the ones who are the most lonely. In spite of that, they have a certain ethereal charm that just gets us transfixed to their personality in a way that we can’t help but wonder how come they are lonely in the first place, inspiring strange lonely love quotes too sometimes. It is quite common for such lonely folks to turn out to be someone with a large heart and deepest emotions.


Lonely Love Quotes - The Stranger

What makes matters even worse is when you spot your ex with his/her new arm candy. It is like the world stops spinning, and all that seems to be on this planet is one individual, and that is you. You just lost someone, they found someone, but you are still alone. Nothing feels more desolate than lonely love quotes that make sense to you, on such a personal level.

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Lonely Love Quotes - The Hollow Lover

This is when you are in a hollow relationship where everything is tagged to preconditions and prerequisites. Nothing satisfactory ensues in such kind of bond, and all you get is a longing for the true feeling of love, which is an unconditional connection between two souls.


Lonely Love Quotes - Lonely Love

Lonely love quotes like this one are bang on, coz like they say, it is not the absence of love in a relationship that leads to its downfall; it is the absence of trust and friendship. We often forget these two key components of a relationship, instead focusing on the ‘love’ aspect so much that we realise that love alone doesn’t seem to be holding the bond that well.


Lonely Love Quotes - My Lover's Gift

A lot of lonely love quotes talk about the kind of loneliness you feel when you are left mid way in a relationship by someone who meant the world to you. The sensation of betrayal pierces your heart leaving you really lost, out of focus and out of touch with the life you are living.

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Lonely Love Quotes - Marriages From Hell

Possibly the coldest one on our lonely love quotes list. Nothing matches the pain and heartache of a marriage which has gone through doldrums and finally hit the rocks. Unlike the loneliness one would feel in a failed relationship, the one in a failed marriage is more hard-hitting due to the element of trust involved in it. You trust the person to love you, you expect him/her to be your soul-mate for life, and then one day you see everything shattered with a piece of the wreck hitting you hard straight at your heart.


Lonely-Love-Quotes-7Lonely Love Quotes - Wanted Love Not Needed Love

Some wise words for those who can’t hold on their heart to fall in love. All that desperation can lead to is despair. So what happens if you just throw yourself into it without being ready? Refer quote number 6!


Lonely Love Quotes - The Wrong Road

If you have left someone for good then they are better off lonely, reading these lonely love quotes all by themselves, and finding a way to forget. But if you feel that post breakup loneliness, don’t let it take over and drive you back to reconcile with someone you know is not worth your attention and affection. Alone is the time when you can reconsider and realign your preferences. It is the time for introspection. But what if you hate the tag of being single? Check out the next quote.


Lonely Love Quotes - Find True Love

Like mentioned before, you are single, so now is the moment to invest time in deep thinking of matters pertaining to heart and love. If you have been in a failed marriage or in a pathetic relationship then make the most out of these moments where your inner voice can be heard loud and clear.

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Lonely Love Quotes - Worth

A great way to end this lonely love quotes list on a positive note. Since you have stayed away from love for too long, you have realised what it actually means and truly understand its precious value. Hopefully with that understating, you will surely find your way into a healthy relationship with a person who really deserves you.

So there you go. Those were some nice words to sum up the feeling of loneliness in love. Feeling a loner in love today? Don’t hesitate, just pour your heart out in the comments.