9 Lively Engagement Party Ideas That Are Out Of The Box

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An engagement is the first step towards a loving union, and is a promise that precedes the lifelong companionship that is to follow. And as such, engagements hold a special art in our hearts, and why not – two people have decided that they are the ones for each other, meant to be together, and have decided to take a leap of faith… and now, wish to share the love and warmth they are feeling with their close friends and family.

Well, what better way to do so than with an engagement party? Here are 9 out of the box engagement party ideas for you that will add zest, verve, colour, and a whole lot of fun to your shindig, making your engagement an unforgettable one!

1. The Time Machine

How about an engagement party that is set in a medieval theme? How about Victorian England, or Hyderabad at the time of the Nizam? Or even the early 1990s, what with the loud grunge music and acid washed jeans – just like the time you and your sweetheart first met. Adding a historical twist to your get together in the form of decorations, costumes and time-period set food and wine can really bring out the best from your guests, making for an excellent and memorable occasion to announce your plans for the future.

2. Time Is No Limit

The perfect engagement party doesn’t have to be strictly confined to any time of the day, just be sure to pick a date when everyone is available (that rules out Tuesday, 2 o’clock), and have an excellent itinerary. An early-ish breakfast or brunch by the poolside with your special pancakes and upbeat tunes works just as well as the late night barbeque accompanied by your cousin’s harmonies on the guitar and that special wine you’ve been saving.

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3. The Indian Way

If you chose to do it the Indian way, do it the “asli Indian way”. Hire a Mehndi artist for the queens of the party to experiment with and adorn themselves with beautiful designs. Make sure everyone dresses in vibrant and ethnic Indian attire. And to add more zest, hire a Bollywood dance instructor to teach the guests a move or two.

4. Explore Your Surroundings

Confused about the ideas on where to have a perfect engagement party? Start by looking at your surroundings. If you live close to a beautiful lake or a lush green meadow, make good use of such good fortune and organize a truly memorable engagement party. All you need are a couple blankets, a picnic basket or two, and the right spirits (no pun intended).

5. Go Overeas

If your engagement has to be unveiled in truly spectacular fashion, there a number of options to go to overseas – the gorgeous vineyards across the European mainland and the classy resorts and lavish hotels of England just to name a few. Pick your spot, make the arrangements and the rest will be oft repeated legend in close circles for years to come.

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6. Relive Your Favorite Spot

Is the local diner your regular hangout spot? Or is it the tucked-away suburban park where you first met each other? A great way to make the engagement party memorable is to have it organized at one of your favorite spots where you had spent most of your romantic time together. The vibe shared by the both of you will be felt by the guests as well, making for a truly magical time.

7. Keep It Simple Silly

Sometimes just keeping things simple can be the way to achieve the most enjoyable and memorable result. Within the themes of love and romance, different couples choose to show off their love differently, but a few worthwhile ideas include the use of beautiful candles, live poetry, a live Spanish guitar for the romance, and wherever possible, fountains, balloons and, of course, the scrumptious cake.

8. The VIP effect

Here’s a great idea to make your engagement feel plush and niche. Have a red carpet rolled across the entrance all the way till the stage in the rented out complex. The plush interiors, classy decorations and gourmet food inside will surely add a celebrity touch to your engagement party.

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9. Over The Ocean

This engagement party idea has you packing your bags as you book a romantic cruise for the perfect get together that comes with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Once on the ship, and with each guest spellbound, the couple can announce their love for each other officially as they sail across the vast blue seas.

We hope these ideas inspired you and would love to hear how you planned your engagement party, or what you think the perfect party would entail, so please hit that comment button below!

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