15 Little Things You're Missing Out On If You Don't Have A Girlfriend Yet!

There are two sides to every normal argument, and the reasons to not have a girlfriend and remain single are plastered all over the internet. You can focus on your career, prepare better for IIT­, JEE,save some money, save yourself some heartbreak and so on and so forth. But we still persist in our quest to find that one girl to call our own. Why?



I’m going to stick an uncomfortable caveat in here – it all depends on the girl, and how you treat her. But, let’s assume normalcy, in which case you’re missing out on:

1. Someone To Talk To


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Random rubbish will do, nonsense phrases are welcome. Angry rants are absorbed, and the occasional brag isn’t judged. Heaven.

2. Someone Who Listens To You

Remember that one song you tried to get your best friend to listen to? Your girlfriend will listen to it fully, even if it sucks.

3. Someone To Go Places With



Sampling that tasty souffle at the trendy corner café works so much better with a girlfriend than with an assortment of males.

4. A Helping Hand

Sure, your bro will help you out with that lift you need to the exam centre, but what about burns,scabs, early supper, nose hair (an inconvenient reality) and all that other stuff? Guess who’s up for helping out.

5. Someone Who Shows You Something New



We have a tendency to be drawn into routine, yes, even the ones among us who never clean their rooms (my hand is raised here), but your girlfriend has a life of her known and a life that existed before she ever met you. There are movies, music and takes on all things sundry to discover or change.

6. A Supporter Of Your Favourite Team

Or an enemy that you don’t mind having. Man United or Liverpool, it matters little to her.

7. A Fan


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Seriously, your guitar playing isn’t impressive in the least. Or in tune. But watch her groove.

8. A Confidant

Feel like talking about something personal that has bothered you ever since you were 5? Jump right in or take your time recollecting; she won’t judge, she’ll just listen patiently.

9. An Adviser



She genuinely cares about your career and can be approached regarding sensitive questions that others seem to have definite and quick solutions to.

10. Someone Who’ll Laugh At Your Jokes

Even the lame ones, since it takes a delicate mix of being in love and being a good person to pull this off.

11. Hugs And Kisses


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When you’re sitting at your desk, struggling with work that is as uninteresting as it is laborious.

12. Someone To Text

You may text your bros a lot, but try texting them at 2 am from the airport and see how far your “sup bro” takes you.

13. A Different Perspective


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But one whose interests are aligned with yours. Co­operation, not combat.

14. Someone To Hold

Picture coming back from work to be embraced warmly by someone you dearly care for, and who loves you equally. Not a word is said. The embrace is enough.

15. Someone To Love


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Everybody wants someone that loves them, but everyone also has a lot of love to give. The simple fact of having someone to send a dozen roses to, whether at Valentine’s or on a whim, is a feeling most beautiful.