Little Things That Couples Do To Annoy The Sh*t Out Of Each Other

By Jayant MenonJayant Menon  • 

Whether we’re doing it intentionally as our little prank, or we’re completely oblivious to the fact, here are 15 super-annoying little things that we do in the course of our everyday lives that just drive our lovers up a wall… They must really love us if they put up with any of these 15 irritating “habits!”

1. It helps if it’s their favourite one, too.

And when you blame the dog later.

2. The only way to drink a tasty beverage.

Offer them a sip as well.

3. Added bonus: Do this on their side of the bed.

And then prance around naked for a while.

4. It was only you being absent-minded….

For the third time this week.

5. This is best done when your SO is trying to figure out their taxes.

Couple this with generic, trite comments for maximum effect.

6. All the time.

Especially when it’s time to sleep.

7. OMG!

That’s totally annoying, like.

8. Or on your SO.

And then make sure to stretch yourself out.

9. Works best if it’s with your mom.

And it’s about your SO.

10. Look them in the eye when you do this.

And chew with your mouth open, of course.

11. Lol


12. Bonus points for making them move out of their chair…

…When the final action sequence is playing out.

13. Make sure to make your message extra long.

And no paragraphs, of course.

14. Works wonderfully when you’re on a staircase…

And your SO is carrying all the shopping bags.

15. Works best for “trivial” but personal things…

…Like them trying to figure out if their favourite football team has a chance.

Pictures and the story are inspired by an article that originally appeared on boredpanda

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