14 Ideas For Wedding Cake Designs That Actually Deserve To Be Framed

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Cakes at weddings have been a thing since roman times, probably even longer than that. A lot of traditional weddings incorporate cakes to sweeten the moods. You can go with the usual, or you can get flamboyant.  It’s your wedding, so cake it well.

Here’s a bunch of ideas on how to go about getting one of the best wedding cake designs you can find.

1. The Big-Ass cake

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So you want to impress your guests. The easiest way is with a ginormous cake; the bigger the better. But it’s not easy, and they need a good bit of time. They’re also quite expensive, depending on the kind of design, the icing effects and other auxiliary decorations you want to put on the cake.

2. A Gold Wedding Cake

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This is another way to get heads turning. Nothing adds oomph to a wedding quite like a bit of bling. Gold makes any event a lavish affair, in gaudy or more regal shades. It’s the edible luster dust that’s in the icing that makes a difference, and ups the cost too. Plus there’s a limit to how much gold a person can consume, if you’re using gold leafs and the like. An experienced patissier will be able to instruct you on that.

3. An All Black Wedding Cake

They say black is suave. They’re right. An all black wedding cake is super-classy. It’s elegant, understated and cool. It reeks of edginess. Make sure you know what kind of cake you want, modern, futuristic, clean-cut, artsy, funky, noir, and go with it. Black is something a few will try.

4. Black And Gold

If you think all-blank is a bit too much for you, then go with lavish elegance, a black and gold cake. Stately regal is a great look for a wedding cake, and you can use it as a center piece. In fact you could theme your wedding and then have your cake contrast with a white-gold theme.

5. Victorian Goth Luxury

If there’s something along the lines of regal and stately, it usually is synonymous with the opulent yet sober extravagance of Victorian era. A Victorian cake is every goth’s dream. I can’t speak for emos; but I’m sure such a feast for the eye will please any individual who subscribes to deeper sensitivities of the soul.

6. Indian Cake

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You can go with a budget-friendly, simplistic Indian design like the one above, or dial the panache up to eleven and hunt down a  luxury Indian cake that oozes grandeur and indulgence, decked in traditional Indian motifs, and the brightest of colours, if you can imagine something that lovely!

8. Artsy/Graffiti Cake

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Okay, if all that frill and fluff is so not your thing, then there’s no point in it. The heart wants what the heart wants, more so the heart of a bride. Going artsy is a great idea. You can go with a minimalist colour blocked cake, or have a one-of-a-king designer cake with the new-age pop art; or graffiti style, or abstract forms. You will need to commission an artist, preferably one who specializes in 3D art forms.

8. Tell Your Story Cake

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Art is a great way to express yourself. Another nicer way is to let your guests in on your love. A tell-your-story cake is a great way to do that. You can do it simply in the form of tiered silhouettes, or you can go totally off the grid and have your cake tell your story like a comic book strip. Take your time with this one; you’ll want it to be unique.

9. Aladdin Disney Special

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If telling your own story doesn’t get your goat, then don’t. You want to tell people you had a happy-ever-after, the absolute fairytale wedding. Go for it! If you identify with your favourite Disney or DC couple, then celebrate your commonality. If you think you look like Damon and Elena, or Ed and Winry, then you do!

10. Avengers’ Cake

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So you might not identify with your favourite couple as much as you worship them. It might not even be a couple, per say. More like two people you ship, or a band of merry men, and women, who may or may not spend their imaginary days saving the universe.

11. Eragón Dragon Cake

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It’s the thought that counts. In this case, the geekdom. And who’s to say dragons can’t have fans, or save the day; say that to a certain woman who goes by the name Daenerys Targaryen. Hell, if Kyuubi’s your thing, then sit a big old grumpy fox, all sugared up, on your cake.

12. Lazy Cakes

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So you’re feeling lazy. I mean, who has the time these days to think up a cake unlike any other ever seen, ain’ nobody got time for that! Don’t worry, lazy specials are available for every kind of newlyweds. There’s the tastefully lazy, the experimental lazy, the cute lazy and the lazier-than thou.

If you have a problem with the ‘lazy’ terminology, then know that the pastry world calls them Croqembouche-style cakes.

Combo Cupcake Cake (The pink and brown one):

Tastefully lazy involves using cupcakes in the place of the giant cake.  So you’d have the one tier of actual cake, which the couple ceremonially cuts into. And then you could have any number of tiers of cupcakes you want. You could go with lavish cupcakes, or super-colourful ones, or mix and match, or just settle for plain old pretty.

Combo Cake With A Twist (The crème coffee day thing) :

Okay so you are lazy, but you want it to not be cake; everybody’s different. And stuff happens. You get moody and pick something really new. It doesn’t have to go south. This lovely couple went with custard crème custard. You can do something else. There are many kinds of desserts, to indulge in

Combo Strawberry:

So, this one’s really easy, and lazy. But it looks cute. Make sure you have a decent cake on the inside, you don’t want people thinking you got the bride knocked up. Or the groom threatened to call quits if you didn’t tie the knot.

Lazy Idiot Doughnut Cake Combo:

Here’s a tip-do not do this, like ever. Unless you’re both so rich it looks cool. Or you’re punking the guests. And the bride.

13. Naked cakes

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These cakes have been doing the rounds in the chic rebel section, but between you and me, unless you’re going for country-cute, the rough and homey homemade-looking cake is a risk.

They look okay, and yes, they make for great frames and backgrounds in wedding shots, and they actually taste great too. But tread lightly coz it’s a fine line between chic and cuckoo.

14. Death By Cake

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This last one is the absolute worst. You go and get yourself that one cake you will never want to destroy, and then you destroy it. It could be a giant dragon cake, or a life-sized castle, or a city piece, or Lara Croft in a wedding gown. The only rule here is that you get a cake so magnificent the idea of tampering with it alone will reduce you to squeals of horror.

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