10 Beautiful Lily Coloring Pages For Your Little Girl

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Do you have a nature lover in your house? Do flowers or plants fascinate him? Are you looking for some lily coloring pages for Easter? Then here are ten lily coloring pages just for him!

Lilies are beautiful trumpet-shaped flower arising from bulbs made of scale-like segments. Lilies are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. And there are more than thousand varieties of lilies. We have selected ten of the best lily coloring sheets for your kid. Check them out below.

10 Most Beautiful Lily Coloring Pages:

1. Asiatic Lily:

The coloring page features the good-old Asiatic lily. It is one of the most beloved and beautiful flowers. The Asiatic Lily grows in a variety of colors and is at times freckled with a darker color. The durable plant grows well in most soil conditions. Give this lily coloring page to your nature lover to help him practice coloring within the lines.

2. Desert Lily:

Lovely things come up in the wild and Desert Lily is one of its finest examples. Desert lilies are native to California, Northwestern Mexico, and western Arizona. It is a large, cream-colored; funnel-shaped flower. Every flower has a silver-green band on the back. Here is a graceful desert lily coloring page for your little one.

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3. Easter Lily:

Celebrate Easter this year by filling our lovely Easter lily coloring page. Legends say that a mass of lilies sprang to life from the sweat of Christ in his final hours of agony. Since then, the white lily symbolizes innocence, purity and hope of eternal life after death. The altar and cross of the churches are beautifully decorated with white lilies for Easter.

4. Sego Lily:

You must be aware of common lilies, but have you ever heard of sego lilies? Sego lily is the state flower of Utah. Sego is a goblet shaped flower that is white and cherry red in color with yellow marking. It has grass leaves and green leafy stems. Tell your child to bring this pretty flower to life with the brightest of crayons.

5. Water Lily:

The beautiful water lily coloring page you should definitely download for your child. Water lilies are lilies that grow at the edges of the lakes, ponds, and other freshwater habitats. They have rounded notched and waxy coated leaves. The large pads of the water lilies provide shade and protection to the frogs. Fun fact- water lilies date back to the Cretaceous period. Yes, they are that old!

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6. Calla Lily:

Do you want to teach your child what calla lilies look like? Then use our coloring page to introduce him to this tropical plant. Calla Lily is a gorgeous lily flower. Its unique form sets it apart from the other lilies. Calla Lily comes in a broad range of colors like pink, purple, orange and yellow.

7. Lily Pad:

Here is a lily pad coloring page. The attractive floating leaves of the water lily plants are popular as kid’s coloring page subject. Several cartoon shows and fairy tales have featured Lily pads.

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8. Lily Vase:

The coloring sheet features a vase of lily flowers. It is a perfect coloring sheet for Easter. You can also use it for making Easter greeting cards. And allow your child to use any color he likes for this bunch of flower. The coloring sheet will help your kid build the fine motor skills, which are essential to the pre-writing skill.

9. Tiger Lily:

Tiger Lily is another popular species of lilies. The flower is native to China. Tiger Lily is glowing orange in color with purple spots and protruding stamens. Tiger Lily has a distinctively sweet smell. Hang the finished coloring page as a colorful wall decoration.

10. Stargazer Lily:

Here is a stargazer lily coloring sheet. The stargazer lily is a perennial herbaceous flower. It ranges from light pink to dark pink in color. The petals have prominent dark spots that enhance its beauty. Stargazer lilies are one of the most fragrant flowers. They usually bloom in a cluster of six or more flowers.

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These lily flower coloring pages would make cute presents for teachers, friends and parents. Make your child reviews the names of these flowers. You can also choose more from our flower coloring pages. Tell us which one of these your child enjoyed coloring the most.

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