Lil Wayne Love Quotes – 15 Love Lyrics From The Rap Phenom

Music has its own unique way of touching the heart. Love and music have the same power to evoke beautiful emotions and feelings that bring in a sense of relaxation, energy, calm and passion. Lil Wayne needs no introduction. His fans call him “Best Rapper Alive” and he is undoubtedly one of the best-selling artists of all time. For those of you who are die-hard fans of the rapper, take a look at our selection of Lil Wayne love quotes. Hope we have covered all your favourite ones. Here we go…

1. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Hate And Love

Lil Wayne love quotes like this one sound confusing huh? Love and logic? But what is more understandable is hate being devoid of logic. Everything is ultimately born out of love, and as a result a different type of love; what matters is how soon until you see it.

2. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Deep Reasons

How often do we think about the mere art of loving? Knowing how to love is far more superior to finding love. Everyone has their reasons within that keep one away from knowing the art. The reasons can be hidden until it’s time to bring them out. Looks like Lil Wayne love quotes come from a lot of experience, perhaps the same deep experiences these deep love quotes come with.

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3. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Where The Money Takes Me

Now Lil Wayne love quotes are an attitude everyone needs to have. Why bother about other people’s perception about you? Be confident about who you are and fall in love with your own self first. Then watch the world sit up and take notice.

4. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Crying

“Men don’t cry” is probably the biggest myth. Ask a man who has lost in love and you’ll open wounds that have and probably will never completely heal. When a man truly gives in, there’s no going back.

5. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Just Remember

Most people forget the person who supported them through the dark and trying times; if Lil Wayne love quotes are right, those are the very people who completely surrender their love and life just for you.

6. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Fire And Ice

Woah! A complete imagery beautifully put across just through a handful of words. Read this Lil Wayne love quote and feel the rush of emotions within.

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7. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Right After The Fights

Every couple fights. It’s important to remember the love you have for the person, especially after a fight. That love is the very reason why you both are together in the first place.

8. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - The Battlefield Of Love

Love is a war after all, ain’t it? This Lil Wayne love quote so beautifully correlates the game of love with a battlefield; easily relatable and beautifully understandable.

9. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Watch Her

Aa ha! Going away is sad, but leaving is temporary. When someone is leaving, you can watch them walk away just like in a movie. But when someone is going away from your life, it’s a whole different level of drama! Whichever way, these Lil Wayne love quotes tell it like it is.

10. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - It's Granted

Taking love for granted is a mistake many make and a habit that many have, and it destroys the love. Like this Lil Wayne love quote says, your partner is there for you, granting their love and not taking it for granted honey!

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11. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Real Love

Call it attitude or hot-cold feet, but Lil Wayne love quotes are the truth of life! Everyone has someone one waiting to love them and give them love, so don’t expect them to keep hanging on for you.

12. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - Like A Snail

Every Lil Wayne love quote is so meaningful. Letting go of love may be easy but imagining them spending the rest of their life married to someone else can be a torturous thought; one that can bring in pain and remorse.

13. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - True Or False

Awww… True love never stops waiting and hoping. It hopes that one day, soon, the love will come back ‘home’ and fill in the empty spaces it had left behind.

14. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - I'm Thinking

Sometimes Lil Wayne love quotes are so real, ouch! People don’t realize it’s certain people and not things that they really need for the comfort in life they are looking for. And it’s worse when you know you are the one that is going unnoticed.

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15. Lil Wayne Love Quotes - I Ain't Trying To Fight It

That’s complete surrender; you are completely and absolutely ready to surrender yourself to the love, waiting for it to engulf you.

Lil Wayne is definitely a great inspiration when it comes to love and loving. His own attitude and self-confidence mixed with personal emotions reflects in every word he pens down and brings out through his rap songs. So which one is your favourite Lil Wayne love quote? Did we miss any of your favourite Lil Wayne love quotes? Do write to us and we will add them to the list.