11 Brightest Ideas On Light Decoration For Wedding Oomph

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It’s no surprise that the lighting plays a key part in getting the wedding decor to look just right. Lighting can have a major impact on setting the mood and tone of the wedding, and if used creatively, it can create a highly memorable ambiance much to everyone’s delight. And yes, the soft illumination that wedding lighting provides makes for some great looking photos as well!

Here are 11 of the best ways you can get creative with the lights at your wedding:

1. The Light Arches

Whether you’re having an indoor ceremony, or a beautiful outdoor wedding, you’re going to have a wedding gate or entrance. Instead of opting for something gargantuan, you could choose to opt for the classic arches that have been done up with beautiful lights.

2. The Elegant Tent

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The chances of finding a shamiana or tent at an Indian wedding are high, but that doesn’t mean that beautiful lighting cannot be incorporated into the arrangement. Here we can see some bright white specs of light shining through the purple tent, giving the over all setup a highly luxurious feel.

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3. The Candelabrum Bonus

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The hanging lights in the background are an excellent and standard wedding option, but when you accentuate them with an arrangement of candles as seen on this beautifully laid out dining table, the overall effect is awe inducing and highly desirable.

4. The Garland Of Bulbs

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An outdoor wedding gives you the chance to play around with the lighting a bit, and while a series of hanging bulbs in most contemporary indoor venues may look slightly unpolished, they are simply perfect for outdoor weddings – just make sure not to get ones with too high a wattage. We prefer to stick with the classic electricity guzzling varieties, but there is no shortage of options when it comes to LEDs either.

5. Signage

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Whether it spells out love, the names of the bride and groom, or even features a favorite quote, a beautiful wedding sign is a must have addition to the modern wedding. The zero watt bulbs juxtaposed against the wooden letters makes for a very beautiful sign, but your options are not limited to bulbs and wood either.

6. The Hanging Lanterns

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Hanging lanterns can be used to excellent effect as shown above – when hanging off of a tree, but unlike the garland of bulbs, they are not confined to be used only in the outdoors. Strategically based hanging lanterns will light up your wedding venue, literally, and will require no more than a simple assembly. The ever versatile mason jar is one to look out for here.

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7. The Candle Lantern

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For a more rustic and old-school approach to lighting (if you’re so inclined, or if specific elements of your decor call for retro lighting), candles in lanterns work a treat. Use them to illuminate the centerpieces, use an elaborate lantern as the centerpiece itself, or stitch a few of them here and there to enjoy their warm glow at your beautiful wedding.

8. Paper Lanterns

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When it comes to lanterns, there’s another kind that would be folly to leave out, and those are these beautiful paper lanterns. While white is the most common color, and we all know that white and wedding go together hand in glove, they are also available in a number of colours that you can have a look at to see if they fit your wedding decorations any better.

9. The Chandelier Effect

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The light coming through these white curtains is accentuated by the beautiful lanterns that are affixed to the ceiling. These lanterns are a great option if your wedding venue is otherwise perfectly decorated and features enough lighting, but you want to incorporate some more soft lighting into the setup. Chandeliers are also excellent in darker rooms and venues, however, their use has to be in addition to other forms of lighting for the perfect look.

10. Stage Lights

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For those who are looking to a more extravagant affair, or are planning to entertain a lot of guests at their wedding (or even those who feature a full fledged dance floor), these stage lights are a major boon. Purple is the colour highlighted in the photo – and a very popular color it is indeed – but they are available in any colour you can dream of in the RGB spectrum, and you don’t need different lights for different colors of course. An excellent addition to any gala wedding.

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11. Strategically Placed Lighting

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If you’re a minimalist when it comes to lighting, or if you’re looking to do the best job that you can with the minimum effort involved, then all you need to know is this. Place a few brighter lights that illuminate all of the venue, but place them away from where the guests will congregate and proceedings will take place so as to not blind them. In those areas, you want softer lighting so as to give off a nice warm glow. Use a mix of candles, bulbs, incandescents, fluoroscents and lanterns to get your desired effect. Even if there’s no symmetry of placement or type, just make sure the illumination of the lights near the guests is about the same, and it will look beautiful.

So there you have it, 11 simple ways to incorporate beautiful lighting in your wedding. Got a creative idea on how to use lighting? Let us know, and we’ll feature it.

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