15 Trendy Engagement Lehengas To Go For This Season

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Engagement parties are special and clearly are events to dress up for. Unlike a wedding day, a bride does not have a traditional ‘red bridal’ lehenga to make her look unique and distinct on the engagement day. Now, your kind of dress will obviously depend on your tastes and preferences, right? So how do you go about choosing the right lehenga for engagement night?

Don’t you worry! You love lehengas and we’re here to show you the best options to choose from when picking your dream dress. But before we get to that, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Always consider your jewellery sets first. Their heaviness and gems in them should go with the dress.
  • Check the latest trends in the market but also keep in mind that you shouldn’t go for something which will vanish from the markets soon enough to not give you an option to wear it again.
  • Keep weather conditions in mind. You don’t want to sweat too much or be shivering all through the ceremony.
  • Go for colours that flatter your features while making you look bright and happy.

1. Marvellous Magenta


Since red is the colour for the wedding, why not go for a trendy and offbeat colour such as magenta lehenga for engagement ceremonials? Its combination with silver makes it truly ravishing and beautifully suitable for a heavy diamond set.

2. Coral Jacket Style Velvet Lehenga


Coral colour is yet another offbeat shade. A jacket style lehenga for engagement functions is pretty popular these days and the choice of having a dupatta gives you an option of carrying one (many cultures require the bride to cover her head) or not. Also, the velvet material is best suited for winter weddings.

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3. Royal Blue Velvet Lehenga With Appliqué Work


Appliqué work refers to a particular style of thread work on a piece of clothing. This particular lehenga for engagement bashes, has a beautiful appliqué work with a bronze and silver thread all throughout the skirt. It can be paired with a matching neck-piece to bring out the royal look.

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4. Half Saree Style Lehenga


Half sarees are popular, particularly in the Southern states of India, but are slowly making their way up to the Northern states too. It is a very unique and different way to drape the dupatta of the lehenga to give it a saree-look. It goes best with lehengas that have all three pieces in contrast colours.

5. Dazzling Gold Lehenga


Golden lehengas never go out of trend. They not only make you look ravishing but also minimize the need of heavy jewellery. It’s a breezy option for a lehenga for engagements in summers as it saves you from the dark colours and sticky heavy jewellery.

6. Pista Green Lehenga


Another perfect choice for summers is the pista green colour. Having a sober lehenga for engagement shindigs also helps in bringing diversity to your wedding collection as a wedding outfit is very heavy. So a light engagement dress and a heavy wedding dress help in balancing your collection out.

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7. Kurti Style Lehenga


A kurti style lehenga can help in keeping the look traditional yet trendy and classy. The length of the kurti can of course depend on your liking. Some like it mid-waist while others prefer it to match the level of the skirt’s belt.

8. Ombre Pink Silk Lehenga


Ombre pink is very sober pink which when matched with gold looks exquisite. Also, if you plan on getting married in the winters then a silk lehenga for engagement day would be the best choice as it shields you from the chill while allowing you to look stylish as ever.

9. Yellow And Gold Lehenga


A yellow lehenga for engagement day with a kurti is a bright and fabulous choice for the gorgeous bride. You can also keep this as an option for the haldi ceremony due to its thematic colour. You can opt for georgette in summers or go for silk in winters depending on the season of your wedding.

10. Embroidered Lehenga


Embroidery is a delicate piece of work which brings out the beauty of any ethnic dress. The thread work can depend on the size of work that you like. It can either be a thin thread with delicate patterns or a thicker thread with heavy big patters. This lehenga for engagement events specifically works because of the effortless way the fine work blends in with this melange of colours.

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11. Layered Lehenga


If you are a looking for a little volume in your look then try out a layered lehenga for engagement day. It has different layers and the top one is usually a beautiful sequenced net layer which matches the material of your dupatta. Another option that you can include in this style is having different shades in the layers to bring a nice beautiful shaded look.

12. Shaded Lehenga


A shaded lehenga is something that’s trending nowadays. You can easily find various options in the market or have your favourite shades matched into a custom-made lehenga. There are many colours that go well together such as yellow-orange, blue-green, blue-purple etc. A shade card will always come in handy if you plan to go for a shaded lehenga.

13. Sizzling Silver Lehenga


A silver lehenga would definitely up your oomph factor. Just pair it up with some white gold/platinum jewellery and you’re good to go! The best part about a silver lehenga is that you can keep your jewellery to the bare minimum as your lehenga will do the job of adding the bling effect.

14. Royal Blue And Gold Lehenga With A Mukaish Dupatta


This is definitely one of the lehengas to watch out for. It gives a very royal look and the plainness of the skirt gets beautifully complemented by the heavy mukaish work dupatta.

15. Chandelier Style Pleated Lehenga


A pleated lehenga is the most trending style as against the fish-cut or the A-line ones. A pleated lehenga gives you the flow you need for easy movement and also gives a stunning unique identity that a would-be-bride deserves.

So you see, picking your engagement dress isn’t as stressful as it seems. When you have us to help you with any wedding-related queries you might have, nothing is too much trouble.

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