Love SMS: 75 Latest Love SMS Messages That Are Super Popular

Love does not fizzle out as long as you maintain its sheen. And that means doing things differently to keep the spark alive. Monotony is a mood killer. If you are the one who is constantly texting your loved one, then here’s an awesome list of 75 latest love SMS messages that will work like charm. Here we go.

1. Love SMS - For Me

Let’s begin with a simple yet sweet one. Here is a love message that is great to summarise your love for the one who is THE most important person in the world for you.

2. Love SMS - Two Hearts

A nice emotional love SMS that works great for the ones who’ve waited patiently all their lives just to find that special someone.

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3. Love SMS - The Language Of Love

A cute and romantic love SMS that says it all without any pretension. It also has a certain adorably naughty tone to it, which actually makes it a great one to share.

4. Love SMS - Next Time

This is one of those love SMSes to send when even after speaking for an hour on the phone you still have something lingering in your heart.

5. Love SMS - Our Love

It makes a perfect answer to the classic question “What is the most valuable thing for you?” that you might face at some point in your relationship. If you’ve had a hard time handling that question then here is a latest love SMS that will work great as an answer to it.

6. Love SMS - A Rare Gem

Here is something to share about the exclusivity of your relationship with the one you love. This one will help you say it all in as little words as possible. Looking for another precious gem analogy SMS? Read the next one.

7. Love SMS - You're That Precious

Nothing will be more charming to your beloved than few words of appreciation in the form of a romantic love SMS like this one.

8. Love SMS - No Boundaries

A good heart-touching SMS that will gently pull the strings of the heart of the one who receives it. Not sure? Well, why not send it right away?!

9. Love SMS - You Look Pretty Good

A simple love text message that is delightfully charming, and is surely bound to bring a smile on the face of the recipient.

10. Love SMS - The Little Moments

Great love SMS for the ones in a long-distance relationship, and for those who get get to spend that little time once a week or in a month.

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11. Love SMS - I See You

Suffix it with a kiss emoticon and you have efficiently conveyed how you feel about that person. Bonus point is that you may as well get the real kiss the next time!

12. Love SMS - The Lamp In The Window

This one’s for the married ones and the ones living-in. This one is surely going to reignite that love back in the relationship.

13. Love SMS - The First Time You Said

Nothing will beat that moment when you heard those three magical words. It was the moment when your world transformed into something beautiful. It is always nice to share what you feel with words like these.

14. Love SMS - Every Beat Of My Heart

This one is a nice way of telling your partner that your love for them grows stronger with each passing moment of life.

15. Love SMS - Basically Incomplete

And when your sweetheart reaches home, throw a surprise with a pizza and pasta party!

16. Love SMS - The Red String Of Fate

It’s a great way of sharing that you will always be together, no matter the distance or time. Works nice for any kind of relationship but is apt for the ones in a long-distance relationship.

17. Love SMS - Every Step Of The Way

Just three sentences but amazingly impactful. It is reiterates the significance of your relationship with the one you love, and how you will ensure that it will endure. And if you ever receive this as a message, the next quote will make a great SMS reply.

18. Love SMS - Walk With Me

When you have the love of your life by your side, nothing can stop you from reaching greater heights.

19. Love SMS - All My Dreams

A simple one-liner that conveniently shares your feelings towards your beloved in an simple no-frills manner.

20. Love SMS - U And I

It is one cute love SMS that will surely work its charms no matter when you send it. Try sending it now and see it work its mojo.

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21. Love SMS - All I Desire

If saying “I love you” directly seems to be an outdated thing for you, then here is something subtle to share your point in a much delicate manner.

22. Love SMS - My Human Diary

That is what a soul-mate is in one sentence. And if you ever feel the necessity to define it then here is something that will surely work great.

23. Love SMS - Tenses

A truly adorable SMS about love to tell your partner that you have always loved, still love, and will love him/her forever.

24. Love SMS - Please Tell Me

You are surely going to get a resounding kiss when you meet your beloved the next time. Try it! Send this one right away.

25. Love SMS - The Centre Of My World

There are times your partner might feel a bit unattended to, even if you are not intentionally doing anything. If you intend to reiterate his/her importance in your life then here is a SMS that conveys the message.

26. Love SMS - My Love For You Will Never Part

Another one that has an element of assurance towards the one who is your centre of the world.

27. Love SMS - A Rose For A Rose

In case you didn’t know, that is the symbol for rose using just special characters. Now you can send a rose via text as well!

28. Love SMS - I'd Call You Life

An elementary love SMS that works great in situations when you quickly want to send a love expression to your sweetheart.

29. Love SMS - I Love My Eyes

Apart from the obvious capital U, this one is quite frank in sharing your feelings easily with the one who has been a constant motivator in your life.

30. Love SMS - Three Words

This one cute and charming with some nice rhyming sentences that make it more catchy.

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31. Love SMS - A Day Without Your Love

Great one to share when you have had an argument, and he/she ends up ruing that you don’t have the feeling of love any more. The two sentences are surely going to make a good impact.

32. Love SMS - I'll Admit

It is a great but funny love SMS for the ones who are at the nascent stages of a relationship. In case you are that stage too and are looking for a way to express your love then this SMS might help.

33. Love SMS - I Don't Say It Enough

It is a perfect love SMS for the married ones. Remember the wedding vows?

34. Love SMS - We Make An Awesome Couple

This one reads like a poem but it is the cadence of the words that packs the entire charm of this text message.

35. Love SMS - I've Seen A Million People

On your way back from work? Just send this love SMS to your partner, and you will surely bring a smile on his/her face even if he/she is in a boring meeting.

36. Love SMS - Give Yours To Me

Another latest love SMS with rhyming words that are bound to bring a smile on the face of the reader. Send it out and see.

37. Love SMS - One Text From You

Sometimes just that message beep can brighten up your mood. You know that it is from your love and you can’t contain your excitement.

38. Love SMS - The Wisest Decision

This one is a nice way to express how glad you feel to have your beloved as a soul-mate in your life. It is always nice to share such feelings, and these words will help you do that easily.

39. Love SMS - Supporting Me

A soul-mate is the one who will always stand by your side through the ups and downs of life. Although he/she may never expect it, it is always nice to express gratitude once in a while with a nice romantic SMS.

40. Love SMS - Totally Made My Day

As the tone of the message suggests, it is for those love-birds who only get to meet for brief moments in a day or week. If you are one of those, here is a nice SMS that best expresses your feelings.

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41. Love SMS - This Incredible Way

You can use this one any time to acknowledge all the efforts put in by your beloved to keep you smiling all the time.

42. Love SMS - I'll See You Tonight

An awesome love SMS to bring the spark back into your relationship. Simple and amorous.

43. Love SMS - Into My Heart

Perhaps one of the most touching SMSes out there. It is surely going to leave a mark in the mind of the recipient.

44. Love SMS - You Are There

Here is another text message for the ones who love rhyming words. This one is surely going to bring a warm broad smile on your beloved’s face.

45. Love SMS - See You In The Evening

Nice one to share your excitement in love when the person you love makes it all worth it.

46. Love SMS - The Perfect Crime

This one also has some rhyming words that work great when you just don’t want to send a plain message.

47. Love SMS - One Of Those Days

That is one of the cutest of feelings, and you need to tell your loved one what you feel.

48. Love SMS - Describing Water

Like they say, no amount of words can ever describe the feeling, that sensation of falling in love with someone. It is so enchanting that it leaves you with a lovely feeling that simply can’t be put into words. A nice love SMS to sum that.

49. Love SMS - I Love You And My Life

A single line latest love SMS that is a great way to share the deepest of your heart’s feelings with that special someone.

50. Love SMS - The Moment We First Kissed

Add a cute kiss emoticon at the end, and you have the perfect love SMS to elicit a kiss from the love of your life.

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51. Love SMS - You Look Great Everyday

This one makes a great flirty love note for the ones in a long-distance relationship. You can always share such fun messages to keep the passion in your love alive.

52. Love SMS - Empty

This is a nice way to tell your beloved that he/she occupies every part of your life, and is the centre of your existence.

53. Love SMS - The Best Feeling

This is actually an indirect way of sharing that no matter what time of the day, your beloved is always on your mind. An adorable one isn’t it?

54. Love SMS - In My Thoughts Always

When all you think about is that one person no matter what time or day, they you are totally in love. Tell them that.

55. Love SMS - You Made Me Feel Love

This one hits straight at the heart with its crisp words. It is a message that might not make a direct expression of love but still manages to reflect the affection that’s there in the heart of the sender.

56. Love SMS - Apple And Orange

It has that air of maturity and understanding exuding from it that makes it a great one to share for married couples.

57. Love SMS - That's Okay Love

Has your partner ever done that? Then here is a perfect SMS to share.

58. Love SMS - My Love Is Genuine

A playful love SMS to bring a cheer to the face of the person who has been the source of the cheer in your life.

59. Love SMS - I Will Never Compare You

Now that is outright sweet and romantic. This one is a nice message to share when you intend to compliment your beloved from the bottom of your heart.

60. Love SMS - The English Alphabet

A funny one that will work great to lighten the mood, and bring some cheer.

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61. Love SMS - Sugar

Tell your partner that you will always love him/her for whatever he/she will be, no matter what the situation.

62. Love SMS - I Can't Stop My Smile

If rhyming words make your sweetheart’s day then this love SMS will work wonders with its cute charm.

63. Love SMS - Like The Snow

Share it at the onset of winter, and you will just fill all the coming days with a perky warmth.

64. Love SMS - A Special Face

Definitely a special SMS for the really special someone in your life. It has a certain rhyme to it that makes it all more cute.

65. Love SMS - Head To Toe

Why love someone just from the bottom of your heart? You’ve got so much more.

66. Love SMS - Well

This one is outright adorable and works great as a conversation starter with a loved one.

67. Love SMS - Incredibly Grateful

It sometimes happens that a person walks into your life and brings a change that is more of a transformation for good. It is that person with whom we fall in love with. Here are some sincere words to share with that special person.

68. Love SMS - Your Style

When everything about your beloved just touches the strings of your heart then say it out with this lovely romantic text message.

69. Love SMS - Don't Be Mad

Honest and simple love SMS for the time when you forget to send one, and are looking for words that are better than just an excuse.

70. Love SMS - A Reminder

Again, works best for those in a long-distance relationship.

71. Love SMS - Every Time I See You

There are times when a relationship might seem monotonous and dull. In case you are looking for a nice message that will reignite the spark then this is the best one.

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72. Love SMS - A Thousand Words

For the times when even saying the run of the mill ‘I love you’ does not feel enough.

73. Love SMS - Put Them Together

This one is surely going to bring a smile on the face of the person who reads it. Quite likely that you too would be having a wide smile while typing it!

74. Love SMS - In Fact

An adorable love message that is really great way to cheer a beloved.

75. Love SMS - Stop Asking

A kiss to start the day with and a kiss to end one too.

Hope you liked our collection of latest love SMS messages. Share, share, share!