19 Best And Trending Indian Bridal Hairstyles Videos Of 2016

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If you find yourself flipping through the pages of fashion magazines or scrounging the internet for the right Indian Hairstyles Videos to help you when it comes to the big day, whether modern or traditional or even a combination of both worlds… you have come to the right place!

In this article we will explore various hairstyle videos that deal with the various Indian bridal hairstyles best suited for short hair, medium length as well as long hair. These hairstyles – and indeed, each corresponding hairstyles video – will be a great fit for any wedding attire be it an anarkali, lehenga, lehenga-saree or a designer saree.

Of course, each hairstyle comes with a step by step video tutorial to take you through the hairstyle process. We have also included important FAQ questions related to the bridal hairstyles at the end of the article (don’t forget to read these).

So whether you’re looking for an Indian style side curly downdo, pulled back curls or a fringe ponytail, or even a wavy edged pony, we will help you sort yourself out! Note: Feel free to bookmark this page once you make a selection, do come back again at a later date.

Bun or Juda Indian Bridal Hairstyle Video

The bun hairstyle also known in hindi as the ‘juda’ is a very popular Indian bridal hairstyle. With a slew of interesting stylish hairstyle options within the ‘bun’ hairstyle it is not surprising that this hairstyle is a popular choice among the brides. It’s also a preferred choice among those brides who are either looking at sporting a very traditional look for their wedding or who want to give a taller appearance. With the right accessories be it a maang tikka, or flowers like rose or jasmine, the look can further be customized.

Let’s take a look at best Indian bridal Bun or Juda hairstyles you can opt for your wedding below:

1. Best Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Short Hair

Do you have short hair? If you have short hair, chances are you are ruling out the juda or a bun look for you wedding – thinking that it’s a long hairstyle. But you shouldn’t. As the video above demonstrates how a ultra chic 60’s inspired hair style can be created by adding lot of volume ( via backcombing).

2. Bun Best Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Medium Hair

This bouffant hairstyle teams really well with Indian traditional wedding dress, and gives an even more special attractiveness to the maang tikka . Given it’s many layers, it’s also a perfect hairstyle for brides who would like to give a taller appearance. Check out the hairstyle video above.

3. Best Indian Bridal Hairstyle Videos For Long Hair

Brides with longer hair have a lot of choices to opt for like fish tail, twisted braid, braided updo with fresh flowers and more which we have discussed below. However if you are going for bun hairstyle, you can check out this video. The hairdresser describes it as a pyramid or a staircase bun hairstyle that rests at the centre of the head. The partition lends it a softer look as well.

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Other Options You Can Explore Within The Bun Hairstyle for your sleek tresses:

4. Coiffure Bridal Bun By Bellas Secret Academy

This is one of those Indian bridal hairstyles videos showing how a haute coiffure bun is made easy with a hair donut and lots (and we mean lots) of hairspray. The bridal bun is one of the most traditional hairstyles for weddings over the past years. End with a Mohawk style side-puff in front.

5. The Rope-Braided Side Bun By AK Makeup

We really like this elegant braided side bun—and it’ll look good with both Indian and western wear. You’ll need: 1. Gel to create control in the root areas. 2. Nimble fingers to create the delicate and neat braids. 3. Good quality bobby pins—don’t open them! They aren’t as effective when opened. It may not be similar to a traditional braided bridal hairstyle, but it can work very well for you depending on style and attire, etc.

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6. The Perfect Low Bun By Luxy Hair

Another Indian wedding classic—we’ve seen our mothers and grandmothers wear the low bun and it’s still trending all these years later. Here’s how you can wear it too, with a 2015 upgrade. It’s perfect for when you’re lacking volume or have day-old hair. What you’ll need: A paddle brush, red tail comb, bobby pins, an elastic band and a donut-shaped hair chignon. It really is a three-step process!
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