Last Dance Wedding Songs - 15 Perfect Ends To A New Beginning

Last Dance Wedding Songs; The last dance in a wedding is as important, if not more, as the very first. After all, it is the final or the ultimate note on which the wedding extravaganza comes to an end. The end of a wedding celebration is actually the beginning of a beautiful new life for the couple as well as the near and dear ones. The last dance wedding songs thus deserve careful selection and it needs to be well thought of.

Here’s a selection of 15 last dance wedding songs that are evergreen and sure to make you smile.

For the rest of your happy married life.

Last Dance Wedding Songs

1. Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers

Just like the name suggests, from here on life is all about ‘the two of you!’ You started your special day with a great wedding entrance song. A beautiful track if you’re looking for last dance wedding songs to dance to and bring in sweet moments for one and all.

2. Stand By Me – Ben E. King

All you need in life from that moment on is for your partner to stand by you. A classic and extremely beautiful choice in last dance wedding songs that will perfectly express the emotions within.

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3. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

A mushy, groovy and beautiful track for the couple. The music is soul-stirring and the words have a deep meaning that are sure to move you.

4. Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel

A classic soul-stirring song with music that is just perfect. I would say that you should really give this winner of last dance wedding songs a shot.

5. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

The wedding night is sure to be the most wonderful night of your life and a beautiful song will make it even better. Get ready to lose yourself in the music and your partner, with one of these last dance wedding songs!

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6. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

And you really don’t want to miss a thing! If you have heard this song you know why it’s on the last dance wedding songs list and if you haven’t you won’t doubt it as soon as you listen to it.

7. Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden

A romantic love song with beautiful words and a deep meaning that sure add stars to any wedding dance. A great pick for last dance wedding songs.

8. This I Promise You – ‘N Sync

A marriage is all about making promises of love and togetherness and this song is a beautiful promise to make that will leave you and your guests reeling in the love and romantic atmosphere.

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9. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

This is a very cute song and the bride is sure to be shy and coy when her partner sings this song to her and dances to it too. A very adorable pick, possibly the mushiest of all these last dance wedding songs!

10. Today Was A Fairytale – Taylor Swift

Make your fairytale wedding come to life with music and dance, swaying to the beautiful voice and rhythm of none other than the very talented Taylor Swift. She’s truly the queen of romance, and last dance wedding songs!

11. The Time (Dirty Bit) – The Black Eyed Peas

If you want the perfect mix of romance with funky moves and a groovy tune, this is the perfect last dance wedding song pick for you. You can go all out clubbing style and also get up, close and personal with your partner.

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12. Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Adele is sure-shot pick when it comes to bringing in love and romance! This is a beautiful song that’s a perfect pick for last dance wedding songs.

13. I Don’t Want This Night To End – Luke Bryan

Just the title of the track tells you why this song is here. Would you ever want the wedding night to end? No, right? So sing it, dance to it and make merry!

14. Forever And For Always – Shania Twain

I’m sure all you ladies out there would want to sing this song to your man. Every word and each emotion depicted through this beautiful song will keep you warm and make your heart smile. Yet another great option for last dance wedding songs from a country singer.

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15. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

Well, it’s always a good idea to be romantically-mushy-cheezy! This perfect song has become the epitome of romance, the sign of being mad in love, so why not play it at your own wedding?

This is my list of the best of last dance wedding songs. Do you have any more favourites?

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