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Laser therapy has recently garnered a lot of traction as one of the most cutting-edge hair loss treatments. This procedure is safe, quick, and simple. Even though laser treatment for hair growth was outrageously costly, it has become more cost-effective.

In this procedure, low-level laser light is administered to the scalp. Laser light has been found in numerous studies to aid in producing new hair follicles. In addition, medical technology is rapidly evolving, and it is now possible to utilize a piece of hand-held laser equipment at home. Nonetheless, most laser hair growth procedures are performed in a clinical setting under professional supervision. Therefore, if you are considering laser treatment for hair growth, consult a doctor first to determine your suitability. This article will help you understand more about the procedure. Scroll down.

How Does Laser Treatment for Hair Growth Work?

Laser therapy is applied for treating various medical conditions. The specific type of laser therapy, which is being applied for stimulating hair growth, is commonly known as Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT.

  • Research done on this particular therapy has proved that the LLLT is the best treatment for hereditary hair loss.
  • The hair molecules absorb a specific wavelength of light when the laser is applied, increasing the energy levels of the molecules instantaneously.
  • These molecules react by working off the extra energy with certain adaptive changes. The change may be both physical and chemical, and they might have biological impacts on the tissues or the scalp.
  • People, whose hair problems are generated due to metabolic, inherited, autoimmune, or infectious causes, are best benefitted by LLLT.
  • However, this therapy is not a onetime solution for hair growth. One has to go for several sessions for actual benefit from the therapy.

Some of the best laser hair growth treatment clinics in India

1. Kaya Skin Clinic:

Kaya skin clinic happens to the biggest laser hair growth treatment clinic for hair problems in India. The popular clinic has more than hundred franchisees all over the country. The clinic caters to more than seven lakh satisfied clients across the globe who have benefited by their services.

Kaya has a team of expert laser therapists who perform the treatments with utmost care. The reputable skin clinic offers all its services at competitive prices. They are also well liked for their customer-friendly services all around. For safe laser treatment, one can trust this popular skin clinic in India.

2. Dr. Batra’s Clinic:

Dr.Batra is renowned hair specialist in India. He and his expert team offer more than a handful of advanced treatments for several health problems. The low laser comb treatment offered by Dr.Batra has benefitted millions of patients suffering from acute hair loss. All of his treatment methods are scientifically based, and free from side effects. Dr.Batra and his team have attended more than 2, 50,000 hair loss cases successfully over the years. Dr.Batra is located in most of the metro cities in India.

3. Dr. Paul’s Clinic:

Located in Kolkata, Dr. Paul’s clinic is another prime face of laser treatments for hair loss. Dr. Paul offers some tailor-made hair loss treatments to patients having different hair problems. Low-level laser comb treatment is one of the most applied therapies practiced by Dr. Paul and his team. Low-level laser improves micro-circulation of blood at the root of the hair; it helps nourishing hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth effectively.

4. Image Medical Centre:

Image Medical Centre in New Delhi is an international active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The clinic offers a whole range of advanced treatments including laser therapies for hair growth. Dr.Anup Dhir is a renowned cosmetic surgeon who takes care of each of the clients to help them attain best results.

Laser treatment is a quick, safe, and effective treatment for hair loss. In this procedure, a specific type of laser is used on the affected area. The hair molecules in that region absorb the laser and stimulate hair growth. Individuals suffering from hair loss due to genetics or autoimmune disease will benefit the most from this treatment. Some of India’s best hair growth clinics include Kaya clinic, Dr. Batra’s clinic, and Image Medical Center. If you wish to get laser treatment for hair growth, consult a doctor for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does laser hair growth treatment last?

The long-term effectiveness of laser hair growth treatments is yet to be established. However, if you go for it, you will need to undergo maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

Is laser hair growth therapy permanent?

There is limited research to prove that laser hair growth therapy is permanent. There are mixed results. However, studies show that laser therapy can improve hair growth to an extent.

Do laser caps regrow hair?

Yes, laser caps can help regrow hair. However, it takes 4-6 months to see results, and the treatment has to be taken consistently.

Is it possible to regrow hair on a bald spot?

Yes. It is possible to regrow hair on a bald spot. However, it will take time to figure out what kind of treatment works best for you. You may even need to try more than one type of treatment as hair types and hair issues differ from person to person.

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