10 Of The Best Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

There is no lack of choice for the discerning shopper when it comes to wedding invites, and a lot of that has to do with the buyer’s preference – short cards, tall cards, embossed cards, spice-box cards, parchment cards, photo invites, Ganesha invites… the list is, for all intents and purposes, endless. But, everyone wants one thing – uniqueness. And laser cut wedding invitations do just that.

Laser cut wedding invitations stand out amongst a sea of options with their gorgeously intricate pattern work and classy design. They don’t tend to veer off too far from what traditional cards look like but retain a highly unusual and appealing aesthetic that indeed sets them apart from the rest of the crop. Let’s take a look at some of the best laser cut wedding invitations now:

1. The Square

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations - The Square


Like receiving a box of chocolates, only much more special. This gorgeous laser cut wedding invitations option is a square card that opens out on all four sides to reveal a beautiful message in beautiful font. Included is a RSVP card so your guests can quickly put themselves on the guest list.

2. Pink Perfection

Baby pink is one of the most soothing and pleasing colours to look at, but especially so when taking on the form of a bunch of laser cut wedding invitations. Featuring two overlapping circular designs that make up the front of the card, this gorgeous design impresses with its simplicity and elegance.

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3. The Designer Laser Cut Wedding Invite

For something entirely unique now, this card immediately catches your attention with its take on the use of space, symmetry, and of course, the gorgeous laser cut designs that make up the periphery.

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4. Classic, With A Twist

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the classics given that they are, well, the classics, like this singular example of laser cut wedding invitations. This card has its use of font, colour and design on point. It’s instantly repeatable and beautiful, but the highlight is the laser cut design on the top and bottom, that gives that much more of a touch of class.

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5. Simplicity And Elegance

Proving that you don’t have to go wild in trying to be innovative, this gorgeous blue design is an excellent choice to impress your guests and get your message out there in one of the most beautiful laser cut wedding invitations possible.

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6. Sky Blue And White

Sky blue and white evokes memories of the clouds against the sky on a beautiful day, and if that combination works for nature, it works for laser cut wedding invitations too. In fact, it does more than just that, given just how pretty this card is.

7. Extravagance In Gold

If you feel like going all out then this is the card to get. The dull glimmer of sober gold and the quite elegance of navy blend in to give this laser cut wedding invitations sample an appeal almost regal.

8. Square Within A Square

Simple, elegant, timeless and entirely gorgeous. And no, we’re not talking about Elizabeth Taylor. Laser cut wedding invitations are a treat for the eyes, and this coy floral design is certainly eye candy!

9. The Stencil

If Occam’s Razor and Henry David Thoreau are to believed, and the simplest is most often right, then you want to opt for the card that gets rid of all the extras to simply make it’s point in a most beautiful manner.

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10. Pretty In Purple

The colour combinations, the rustic appeal of the string, the elegance of the bow and most of all the beautiful laser cut design – it’s all top notch with this excellent pick among laser cut wedding invitations.