Lara Dutta Wedding With Mahesh Bhupati: Fabulously Happy Ending

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Lara Dutta wedding with Mahesh Bhupathi – This is what you get when the only Miss Universe to win the title with a 9.99 score falls in love with the first Indian to ever win a Grand Slam. It sure is a killer combination of equals, when one is a world famous model and actress who was crowned as the Miss Universe in the year 2000 and the Miss Intercontinental in the year 1997 and the other is one of the top tennis players in the world with 11 Grand Slam titles to his name. Let’s get on to the real behind-the-scenes love story of the eternally beautifully Lara Dutta and her Knight in his Yonex shoes, the ever-so-handsome Mahesh Bhupathi.

Lara Dutta Wins the Miss Universe 2000. She is the second Indian to be crowned after Sushmita Sen’s stellar debut in the year 1994. Via: Source

Lara Dutta’s Wedding, Double The Fun: A Civil Wedding And Then A Christian Wedding

Before the Mahesh Bhupati – Lara Dutta wedding, the couple have been dating for a while decided to make their relationship public and announced their engagement. They were both busy with their professional commitments and finally got married just two days after Valentine’s day on the 16th of February, 2011 in a simple civil ceremony in Bandra, Mumbai. But the awesome couple let their hair down and had a fairy-tale Christian wedding just a few days later on the 20th of February, 2011 at Sunset Point, Candolim in Goa.

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It was an evening of red roses and romance. The Mahesh Bhupati – Lara Dutta wedding decor was splendid in a blush pink enclosure with lily white flowers, chandeliers and stunning tapestry on the inside and the great Arabian Sea and lush green laws on the outside – the venue and the wedding looked like a beautiful scene straight out of a romantic Bollywood movie, if not better.

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The Back-story And The Affairs

Before we get to the beautiful Mahesh – Lara Dutta wedding in itself, we have to explore a bit of what happened before the two came to be. If you’ve been following this beauty queen diligently, you will know that for a long while – 8 years in fact – Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji were an inseparable couple. The Mumbai based model ex-boyfriend of Lara Dutta has since come out and accused Lara of getting too intimate with other men during their time together, specifically Dino Morea. Lara and Dino were close for the last three years of Lara and Dorji’s relationship, with the model turned actress officially dating Dino before completely splitting up with Dorji.

To complicate things further, Lara was furious at Dino since Dino’s ex Nandita Mahanti would publicly flirt with her ex-boyfriend, with Dino doing nothing to stop her. Meanwhile, Kelly Dorji publicly blasted ex-friend Dino for carrying on with his ex-girlfriend, Lara Dutta ruining not only his relationship with Dino, but also his relationship with ex-lover Lara. It’s no wonder Lara decided to get out this whole mess, and that’s where Mahesh Bhupati comes in!

Lara Dutta Wedding – The Vows Or Should We Say “Wows”

The highlight of the wedding at Goa was the exchange of vows between the bride and the groom. Lara was in tears and Mahesh barely held up, it sure was a beautiful sight is what many said later.

Bhupathi in his wows said, “Lara, when I first met you, this day was a dream. Today it is reality. When I’m on the tour, not a day goes by without me wishing I was home with you instead, so even when I’m gone I am with you” he later went on to add “you are my companion, partner and best friend. I promise to stick by you through hits and flops. I look forward to growing old with you.” Isn’t it spectacularly awesome?”

Gorgeous on their big day Via: Source

Well, Wait For The Bride’s Vows Before You Go Awww.

Lara called Mahesh her ‘chief doubles partner’. She went on to say, ‘I promise to return your serves and volley alongside you. I will be with you through our many wins and occasional loss.” Her voice was low and she had tears in her eyes when she said to Mahesh that he is, ‘(her) true north.’

The whole gathering was teary eyed and overcome with joy by the time the couple finished their vows. Definitely a couple who were and are meant to be together.

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Dressed To Kill

Lara Dutta was the stunning Indian Christian bride on her big day. Stylish, sophisticated and warm, Lara wore a spectacular off-white, all lace outfit with a 10 metre long train that was beautifully held in place with a dazzling diamond tiara which was offset by cute little flower girls in matching dresses. The bride was escorted by her father and other bridesmaids’ dressed in pink. All the men including Mahesh and his best man, Scot Davidoff ( Mahesh’s Coach) wore dark shade suits. The groom went in for a stunning black tuxedo and looked like a film star himself.

Mahesh Bhupati – Lara Dutta Wedding In Goa (Video):

Mahesh Bhupati – Lara Dutta Wedding In Goa

As you can see from the video, the wedding was a wonderful family affair and it was followed with the Christian dance and dinner party. Everyone were on the dance floor as the DJ played some beautiful Jazz numbers interspersed with a few popular Bollywood number to add spice to the celebrations.

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The A-Listers In Full Attendance

Mahesh’s long-time partner and teammate Leander Paes, his Davis Cup team mates Somdev Devvarman and Rohan Bopanna were there at the wedding. Legendary tennis players like Vijay Amritraj with son Prakash and India’s Federation Cup Captain Enrico Piperno were also present at the wedding in Goa. As the couple wanted to have a private celebration, not too many Bollywood actors made it to the wedding, though we hear the couple had a grand party for their filmi friends in Mumbai later.

Lara and Mahesh with their daughter, Saira Bhupathi: Via: Source

Their Pretty Little Princess: Saira Dutta Bhupathi

Via: Source

The couple were blessed with a beautiful daughter on the 20th of January, 2012 a year after they got married. They named their bundle of joy – Saira which is an Arabic name with origins in Hebrew and there are no guesses for what it means, a “princess” of course!

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Lara says Mahesh is a hands on father and enjoys his time looking after Saira. Lara and Mahesh have decided to spend more time on their film production company, and are planning to produce their second venture titled Chalo China. ( Chalo Dilli produced by Mahesh was Lara’s comeback film which was a great success). We wish the super achieving couple and their beautiful daughter a wonderful future.


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