7 Lantern Wedding Decorations To Light Up Your Big Day

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You walk into a wedding and come out saying, ‘oh, wow! or maybe even ‘wasn’t that the most amazing wedding decor ever’. The wedding decorations as we know have undergone dramatic transformation in the last couple of years. Infused with themes, color codes, and other quirky knick-knacks, the wedding decorations today can leave you spell bound. We have explored various wedding decoration ideas on the site, right from the green decoration for nature lovers to coral for the beachy-couple and some interesting tips on how to style various centrepieces, balloons, flowers and candles among others into your wedding.

In this blog post we show you how to style lanterns into your wedding theme, specially if you are either opting for a rustic-style wedding or getting married in fall.

Here are 7 fabulous ways you can include lantern wedding decorations for that warm and welcoming feel.

1. Aisle Decor

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If you are getting married in the fall, aisle decor lantern wedding decoration ideas would be perfect. Just line your aisle with pumpkins and lanters with brightly lit candles inside. Space them properly. The colour combination would be an instant hit. Orange pumpkins. Black lanterns with white candles inside. Grass behind the lanterns and a white fence behind the grass. It’s an amazing autumn wedding decor idea to try for an evening wedding.

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2. Stair Style

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Now, this magnificent looking lantern wedding decoration can be used to step up your stair’s look. If it’s an evening reception, just use these decorative lanterns and light them up with a bright LED. You’ll see some magnificent looking shadows on the stairs. Add to it by placing a dark coloured carpet on the stairs and it’ll be a picture of perfection.

3. Outdoor Lanterns & Lights

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Let’s say, you have a very small crowd for your reception or rehearsal dinner. This outdoor lanterns and lights decor would fit the occasion perfectly. It’s a chilly night and you’ve got bright LED’s on the trees to give out a nice and warm feeling. Add to that some beautifully crafted lanterns with candles inside for centrepieces and you shall have the perfect outdoor wedding decor with lanterns and lights.

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4. Mason Jar Lantern

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Take a look at this stunning idea for centrepieces on the tables at your wedding. Use a vintage mason jar and fill it up with a roll of LED lights. Wrap a gold ribbon around it and tie it off with a butterfly knot. It’ll give you the most beautiful centrepiece that guests will instantly fall in love with.

5. Window Decor

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This magnificent red lantern would be the perfect window decor for a winter wedding. Snow on the window sill, bright red lantern on the white snow with a candle burning bright. Add a cherry on one side and a star on the other and it’ll make for a simple yet elegant window decoration.

6. Porch Decor

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This simple yet magnificent looking lantern wedding decoration would be perfect to decorate your porch. Just take the lanterns you’ve got, line them up on the porch, make sure they’re well spaced and throw in some curling LED lights. It’s simple and will give your porch a very rustic look.

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7. Three Piece Lanterns

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Doesn’t this picture speak a thousand words? Take a set of three decorative lanters, one big and two small and place them on the centre of the table in a triangle. Put a candle inside and surround the triangle with smaller candles placed inside small glass cases. Dim the light in the room to make sure that the shadows cast by the lanterns spread around in different angles. And the end product is a stunning centrepiece.
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