6 Exclusive Lakme Bridal Makeup Package Options For You!

Weddings in India (or for that matter anywhere) are a celebration of life and togetherness. Not just the bride and groom, but two completely different clans get together to enjoy the holy matrimony at its best. With so many rituals, weddings tend to get a bit stressful (or a lot actually) for all the parties involved. For brides, it can get really chaotic with so many things to take care of, getting the makeup right, getting the hair done, greeting people , butterflies in the stomach, those jitters, panic attacks and the list goes on.

Lakme Bride - Lakme Bridal Makeup Package

So to ease things up for all the beautiful ladies getting hitched, we have jotted a list of top 6 Lakme bridal makeup package options for you. Take a look at the best lakme bridal makeup package options for you:

1. The Pre-Bridal Lakme Bridal Makeup Package

Lakme offers a variety of options for your bridal makeup. The first and foremost procedure any bride-to-be should opt for is the pre-bridal clean-up and grooming. It is a must and you definitely love it. This package offers you a full body clean-up and you will start glowing instantly.

This pre-bridal package includes:

  • Manicure (Aroma)
  • Facial for Complexion Enhancement
  • Body and Face Bleaching
  • Hair Treatment
  • Glow Pack
  • Pedicure (Aroma)
  • Full Waxing
  • Threading

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2. The Bridal Golden Glow Package

As the name suggests, you are certainly going to glow like gold after treatment with this lakme salon bridal package. Lakme professionals are among the best beauty experts in our country. Their products are tested and they suit most skin types, and they have some of the best makeup tips for oily skin.

Duration of this Lakme bridal package – 3 Days and 2 sittings.

Sitting 1

  • Skin Consultation
  • Hair Consultation
  • Threading – Eyebrow and Upper lip
  • Bleach – Face, Neck and Blouse line
  • Hair Indulgence
  • Facial – Instant Glow

Sitting 2

  • Regular Waxing
  • Regular Underarms
  • Front and Back Bikini Line
  • Full Arms and Full Legs
  • Body Massage
  • Pedicure – Free Spirit Orchid
  • Manicure – Free Spirit Orchid

This package also includes basic beauty treatments like bleaching, waxing, threading, floral bliss facial, body scrub and glow.

3. The Sangeet/Reception Lakme Bridal Makeup Package

A bride desires to have a different look for all the different rituals of the wedding. Different attires need a different makeup and hairdo. So to cater to all the pre and post-wedding rituals, Lakme has a special package to make the brides-to-be look their best all the time.

This package includes:

  • Special Hairdo
  • Saree Draping
  • Concealing Makeup
  • Mehndi Designing for Hands and Feet

It also includes other basic beauty treatments like pedicure and manicure and change of polish to keep you looking like a princess throughout the special day.

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4. The Lakme Salon Bridal Package

After completing all the pre-bridal procedures, one can opt for this package which includes:

  • The Pre-bridal Glow Package
  • Saree Draping
  • Lehenga Setting
  • Veil or Headgear Setting
  • Complete Bridal Makeup
  • Change of Polish

All of the above services combined with the much needed attention from the beauty experts’ guarantee that you will look marvellously stunning on your D-day!

5. Bridal Golden Glow/Platinum Glow

If you are looking out for more beauty procedures and treatments for your bridal makeup package, then you can always opt from the Bridal Golden Glow or the Bridal Platinum Glow Package.

The Bridal Golden Glow Package includes:

  • The Basic Pre-bridal Package
  • The Bridal Package
  • Body Cleansing
  • Body Exfoliation
  • Glow Pack
  • Foot and Hand De-stressing Massages

The Bridal Platinum Glow Package includes:

  • The Basic Pre-bridal Package
  • The Bridal Package
  • The Bridal Golden Glow Package
  • Hair Spa
  • Skin Spa
  • Body Scrubbing
  • Body Polishing

These treatments will enhance your inner radiance and make you glow and shine all throughout the wedding.

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6. Beauty Expert Advice

If you are worried about the blemishes and scars on your skin, and have doubts on which treatment to opt for, then the best thing to do is consult the Lakme beauty experts. They will help you with all your questions and suggest the best treatment for you. They might just do something magical and give you the desired bridal look you have harnessed in your heart all your life for your D-Day!

The duration of the package is around 7 to 10 days

Sitting 1

  • Threading – Eyebrow and Upper lip
  • Face Pack
  • Bleach – Face, Neck and Blouse line
  • Skin Consultation

Sitting 2

  • Regular Waxing
  • Front and Back Waxing
  • Bikini Line Waxing
  • Body Glow
  • Full Arms and Full Legs Waxing
  • Regular Underarms Waxing

Sitting 3

  • Hair Consultation Treatment
  • Hair Indulgence Treatment
  • Bleach Full Arms and Full Legs
  • Pedicure – Free Spirit Orchid
  • Manicure – Free Spirit Orchid

Sitting 4

  • Instant Glow Facial

I hope we could give you an insight into all the bridal packages with Lakme. Do take your time and decide on one and do share your experiences with us.

A very happy wedding in advance!