Top 10 Ladybug Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos are the oldest form of body art, known to man. They are created by injecting bio-ink under the dermis layer of the skin. They are permanent until the ink is removed by surgery. The types and variants of tattoos have been increasing with time, from the initial tribal art tattoos to the current trend of getting the photograph of a loved one or a pet tattooed on your body. From monochrome tattoos to colored ones, to 3D art and even UV tattoos that glow in the dark, tattoos have come a long way to become popular with the masses.

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Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Ladybugs or ladybirds (as they are called by the British) belong to the family of beetles called Coccinellidae. They come in shades of yellow, orange or red and have tiny black polka dots on top of these colors. They are rather small in size and are often found around the brilliant hues of forest flowers. They are non-poisonous and considered useful as they feed on smaller insects and keep their population down. However, when they breed and multiply, their swarms can cause serious damage to crops. Because of their interesting hues, they have been adapted into cartoons. Here are some interesting Ladybug Tattoo Designs-

1. UE Ladybug Tattoo Design:

Here is a tattoo that is half in color and half in black. It shows the two initials intertwined with each other. UE is in cursive font and black ink, and the font is highlighted with white ink shadow. Along the UE lettering are black flowers that surround it like ivy. At the edge of UE is the image of a ladybug. The depiction of the ladybug is traditional, with black spots on red wings and antlers.

2. Ladybug With White Flower Tattoo Design:

 Ladybug with White flower Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This is a very pretty and feminine tattoo. It shows a large white flower. The flower has a yellow centre and a black stem, with a ladybug hanging on to it. The ladybug is red in color with black spots over the red on its wings.

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3. Heart Shaped Ladybug Tattoo Design:

Heart Shaped Ladybug Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is in full color. It is an animated depiction of a ladybug where the insect is shaped like a heart. The ladybug’s round shape is instead heart-shaped here. It is red in color with black spots. The black spots are highlighted with white ink. It is meant for the arm or the ankle.

4. Winking Animated Ladybug Tattoo Design:

Winking Animated Ladybug Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is extremely amusing. It shows an animated version of the ladybug. The bug is red with black polka spots. It is seen as having a head and it is turning back to wink and blow a kiss.

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5. Boston Terrier Ladybug Design Tattoo:

Boston terrier Ladybug Design Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is very innovative. It shows a Boston terrier. The dog is looking back with its tongue lolling out and a happy expression on its face. He has the wings of a ladybird on. These are red with black polka dots and below that is a pile of bones.

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6. Symbolist Ladybug Tattoo Design:

Symbolist Ladybug Tattoo Design
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo has a ladybug that is not red for a change. The bug’s wings are in shades of yellow and orange. The bug is unnaturally round in shape; over the yellow and orange hues, are spots of black ink. The wings are not geometric but abstractly wavy and symbolic.

7. Multi-Coloured Ladybugs Tattoo Design:

Multi-coloured ladybugs tattoo Design
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo shows half a dozen ladybugs in different colors. The wings of these bugs are in shades of pink, orange, green and purple. Over these colorful wings are black polka dots. These will make very good 3D tattoos.

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8. Ladybug Trail Tattoo Design:

Ladybug trail tattoo Design
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is in full color and shows a trail of ladybugs. The trail is shown by a dotted line made with black ink; following the trail are three ladybugs with black spots over their red wings.

9. Ornate Heart and Ladybug Tattoo Design:

Ornate heart and Ladybug Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo has the outline of an ornate heart. At the corner of the heart is a tiny ladybug with red wings and black spots.

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10. Ladybug on Branch Tattoo Design:

Ladybug on branch tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Here’s a foot tattoo. It shows a leafy branch with fresh leaves in shades of light green. Walking over the branch is a tiny ladybug.

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Hope you enjoyed looking at these ladybug tattoo designs. Which one did you like the most? Leave your thoughts to us.

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