Kurti Designs: Top 25 Kurti Designs That Are So Fab Ethnic

Kurti designs matter a lot. Whether it is for everyday casual wear or to make a style statement on a special occasion, kurtis are by far the most sought after Indian wear. You wear ’em with jeans, leggings, jeggings, churidars, salwars, or pair them up with shorts or skirts! You need the right kurti designs to make your outfit stand out. With such a wide range and so many combinations, Here Are 25 Kurti Designs And Styles You’ll Love:

1. Double-Layered Kurti

Kurti Designs - Double-Layered Kurti

This kurti designs idea is the fad today. It spells trendy and traditional. And it’s a definite must-have in bridal suits if you want to keep up your party game.

Pair it up with: Plazzos, straight ankle pants.
Best neckline: Off shoulders is is a definite no, try and see what you think will suit your creation.

2. Tail Cut Kurti

Kurti Designs - Tail Cut Kurti

A pretty recent fashion addition to the stylish kurti designs, tail cut kurtis are the next big thing.

Pair it up with: Narrow pants, jeggings.
Best suited neckline: Square, V-cut, close neck.

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3. Trail Cut Kurti

Kurti Designs - Trail Cut Kurti

Trail cut kurti designs are yet another fanciful style that has gained much popularity in the recent past. It’s one step above the C-cut kurtis.

Pair it up with: Narrow fit pants, jeggings, 3/4th slacks.
Best neckline: Works well with most necklines.

4. Anarkali Kurti

Kurti Designs - Anarkali Kurti

It’s one of the classic long kurti designs, fitted on the bust and features pleats flowing from the bust-end to around the legs like an umbrella. The origin of these Anarkali suits date back to the Mughal Era.

Pair it up with: Ankle length narrow pants.
Best neckline: Queen Anne with a scoop neck, mandarin collar, key-hole etc.

5. Angrakha Kurti

Kurti Designs - Angrakha Kurti

Angrakhas are more of a re-entry rather than a new edition to the world of kurti designs. In fact they belonged to the Mughal era (remember Deepika Padukone’s dress in the Deewani Mastani song?).

Pair it up with: Churidars, fancy plazzos or even ghaghra.
Best neckline: Angrakha typically forms its own neckline which is usual a V-neck.

6. Flared Kurti

Kurti Designs - Flared Kurti

This kurti designs style is a definite must-have. It’s somewhere between A-line and anarkali kurti, but it stands out because of its short length and large flair.

Pair it up with: Jeans, jeggings, leggings or churidars depending on the body length of the kurti.
Best neckline: Almost all closed neck necklines. To know more about churidar neck designs, click here.

7. Kaftan Style Kurti

Kurti Designs - Kaftan Style Kurti

A summer essential, a style statement, and pretty much an embodiment of coolness, kaftans are the best balance of swag and comfort.

Pair it up with: Slacks, narrow pants, leggings.
Best neckline: It usually goes with a boat-neck style, but you can go for a plunging V-neck if you want to make it a beach/casual party attire.

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8. Pakistani Kurti

Kurti Designs - Pakistani Kurti

Pakistani kurti designs are known for their free-flowing form. They aren’t exactly fitting, unlike most Pakistani bridal dresses. But they sure are a summer rage.

Pair it up with: Plazzos for a cool summer outfit or churidar for a casual wear.
Best neckline: Any of the classic necklines will work just fine.

9. Floor Length/Gown Style Kurti

Kurti Designs - Floor Length Gown Style Kurti

Floor length kurti designs are the Indian equivalent of the evening gowns. They are elegant, beautiful and damn near breath-taking. And it helps that they are almost always the talk of the town.

Pair it up with: Churidars or leggings.
Best neckline: Again, it’s an open category, so you can choose any neckline you like.

10. A-Line Kurti

Kurti Designs - A-Line Kurti

A-line cut kurti designs have been around since like forever. An A-line kurti is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

Pair it up with: Churidar, leggings, jeans.
Best suited neckline: Scoop, boat, pentagon.

11. Dhoti Style Kurti

Kurti Designs - Dhoti Style Kurti

Another brilliant result of the Indo-Western fusion, dhoti style is a brilliant kurti design for people who would love to accentuate their hips. And it also makes women look more shape-y.

Pair it up with: Narrow pants, churidar.
Best neckline: Almost all necklines and sleeve styles go well with this kurti pattern.

12. Jacket Style

Kurti Designs - Jacket Style

For all those haters who think that jackets are old news, think again. The market is brimming with various jacket style kurti designs and you need to have one too, a true mark of understated elegance in Indian bridal wear.

Pair it up with: Straight pants, leggings, plazzos.
Best neckline: Collar necklines suit aesthetically better.

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13. Indo-Western Style Kurti

Kurti Designs - Indo-Western Style Kurti

This style basically includes kurtis that can be doubled up as/mistaken for western dresses. They are best suited for party wear since they are just as traditional as modern.

Pair it up with: You can wear them with almost any style of bottoms depending on the make of these kurtis.
Best neckline: Again, since this is an open category, the neckline design depends on the make of the kurtis.

14. Long Straight Kurti

Kurti Designs - Long Straight Kurti

Long straight kurti designs are a rave these days. They make you look taller, leaner and give off a classy professional look.

Pair it up with: Anything from churidars to plazzos to even patialas, depending on the fit of the kurti.
Best neckline: Literally all kinds of necklines go well with this.

15. Asymmetric Kurti

Kurti Designs - Asymmetric Kurti

This again is an open category. A lot of kurti designs and styles come under this category, since the only requirement is that you can’t join the corners when you fold them for storage.

Pair it up with: Since it’s an open category, feel free to experiment and ask your best-friend for honest opinion (You know they don’t lie. They say it as it is.).

16. C-Cut Kurti

Kurti Designs - C-Cut Kurti

This is probably the most sought-after kurti design for anarkali churidars and designer anarkalis. But it works equally well for a casual party outfit too.

Pair it up with: Slim dhotis, ankle pants, skinny jeggings.
Best neckline: This design allows you to experiment with the fancier necklines, like Queen Anne and keyhole neckline.

17. High-Low Kurti

Kurti Designs - High-Low Kurti

I know, the first question you’ll ask is how is it any different from a tail-cut kurti design or an C-cut kurti pattern. The main primary difference is that the ‘high’ part of this design, which is at the front, can go as high as the belly button. And unlike tail-cut pattern, there are no slits/splits on the sides. This one’s a favourite with designer Indian wear.

Pair it up with: High-waist jeans, dhoti.
Best neckline: Anything that isn’t too deep should work well, depending on how high your high is.

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18. Tulip Kurti

Kurti Designs - Tulip Kurti

It’s a trendy kurti style with the tulip shape design on the hemline that makes a statement. It a beautiful wrap-around idea.

Pair it up with: Ankle jeggings, churidar etc.
Best neckline: Go for a simplistic V-neck as it works beautifully with the wrap theme.

19. Overlay Kurti

Kurti Designs - Overlay Kurti

This kurti design is a style statement/must have/wardrobe essential. It’s classy, elegant and reminds you of top-shot Hollywood movie style evening balls.

Pair it up with: Plazzos, lehengas, patialas.

20. Shirt Kurti

Kurti Designs - Shirt Kurti

As you must have realised, this kurti design looks like a really long shirt. It’s a super casual chill outfit that works as college/casual Friday look.

Pair it up with: Jeggings, patiala, classic black leggings.
Best neckline: It comes with its own unique shirt collar neckline.

21. Princess Cut Kurti

Kurti Designs - Princess Cut Kurti

For all those days when you feel bloated, this is the kurti to have. It is this polite version of a kurti design that doesn’t demand a flaunting figure.
Pair it up with: Jeggings, leggings, narrow pants etc.
Best neckline: A well-adjusted mandarin collar or a split neckline works beautifully. But the regular V and U-cut aren’t a bad choice either.

22. Apple Cut Kurti

Kurti Designs - Apple Cut Kurti

This one takes inspiration from the apple cut shirts but these kurti designs are much more than just a rip off. They are the best gamine kurti pattern! (well, only next to the shirt style kurtis)

Pair it up with: Dhotis, slim fit jeans.
Best neckline: Any casual neckline works beautifully.

23. Ball Gown Tunic Style

Kurti Designs - Ball Gown Tunic Style

For those classy meetings where you want to wear ethnic but also look professional, this is the kurti style you need to look out for.

Pair it up with: Slim fit office jeans.
Best neckline: Any closed neck pattern will work.

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24. Zip Kurti

Kurti Designs - Zip Kurti

These are contemporary kurti designs, stylish and comfy as well as the focus shifts from embellishments to the design itself. They’re a part of the last century’s Indian wedding dresses, and it’s obvious why.

Pair it up with: Straight office pants.
Best neckline: Close neck designs are better preferred.

25. Kedia Style

Kurti Designs - Kedia Style

For those who want to experiment a little, this is a good bold look. I don’t recommend it for everyone.

Pair it up with: Dhotis

So that was a long list of amazing designer kurti patterns for you to create your essentials wardrobe. If you think I missed out on any designs, do let me know.

Till then, happy shopping!

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