Top 10 Kryolan Makeup Kits Available In India

If you haven’t got a hand on any of these must-have kits, it is time you get one.

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KRYOLAN makeup kits were initially created for makeup experts and professionals who used them to groom actors and other major stage performers of the entertainment industry. But it is hard to keep such amazing products away from makeup enthusiasts.

The brand is now available for everyone and offers stunning results with every application. If you love experimenting with new makeup brands, KRYOLAN is a must-have. In this article, we will discuss the details about the makeup items offered by this brand. Swipe up for details.

Top 10 Kryolan Make up Kits

1. KRYOLAN Supracolor 12 Concealer Makeup Palette:


This one is a concealer palette with 12 different colors to suit all Indian skin tones. It has most skin tones ranging from pale light to dusky Indian tones. It comes in a tin compass box like packaging. (Remember your geometry boxes). The shades are such that can be used for contouring, highlighting and bronzing as well. It has 40 ml of product in total.

Rating – 3/5

2. KRYOLAN Supracolor 12 Cream Eye Shadow Makeup Palette:


This is a cream color base palette for your eye shadows. It claims to be long lasting and contains vitamin E. KRYOLAN Supracolor 12 Cream Eye Shadow Makeup Palette is suitable for normal to dry and combination skin.

Rating – 4 /5]

3. KRYOLAN HD 18 Micro Cream Foundation Makeup Palette:


KRYOLAN HD 18 Micro is 18 colors Cream Foundation Palette. It is a micronized foundation with unique light reflection and reduces the shadow effects of wrinkles. It is perfect foundation for photos. It is available in 4 different combinations of skin tones, so you can choose from 4 palettes.

Rating – 4.5/ 5

4. KRYOLAN 24 Aquacolor Wet Makeup Palette:


KRYOLAN 24 Aquacolor Makeup Palette is glycerin-based compact make-up and smudge-proof. It is available in a variety of colors which includes some skin tones, brights and neutrals.

Rating – 4.5/ 5

5. KRYOLAN Make up Brush Kit:


KRYOLAN Makeup Brush Set is made from synthetic fibers. It comes in a divided pouch which keeps the brushes organized. The Set contains 7 brushes – highlight brush, concealer brush, foundation brush, blending brush, eye liner brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush.

Rating – 4/ 5

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6. KRYOLAN Lip Rouge Set:


KRYOLAN Lip Rouge Set is a 5 color lipstick set which comes with a good quality medium sized lip brush for application and a mirror. It contains vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. It comes in 5 different color combination palettes – echo, nude and performance are to name a few. They have reds, browns, pinks and other lip shades. The palette contains lipsticks with long wear formulas.

Rating – 3/5

7. KRYOLAN Professonal Blusher Trio:


KRYOLAN Professonal Blusher Trio contains 3 matte colors pink, red and brown. It is a 7.5 gram powder blush set.

Rating – 5/5

8. KRYOLAN Glamour Glow powder Palette:


KRYOLAN Glamour Glow Palette is an 8 color powder compact set with colors matching every Indian skin tone. It can be used as face powder, blush, for bronzing and contouring.

Rating – 4/5

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9. KRYOLAN Eyebrow palette:


KRYOLAN Eyebrow palette contains 5 eyebrow powders to fill in brows and contains 10 grams of product. It has 1 black shade and 4 different shades of brown to suit every hair color.

Rating – 5/5

10. KRYOLAN Cake Eye Liner palette:


KRYOLAN Cake Eye Liner palette is a compact eye liner set which needs to be used with a wet brush. The brush and mirror is included in the palette. It contains 5 dark colors – 2 browns, black, grey and dark blue.

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The KRYOLAN makeup kits that we have listed above are not only good for enhancing your facial features, but they are also gentle on your skin. The list contains some of the best makeup products by the brand like Supracolor 12 Concealer Makeup Palette, Supracolor 12 Cream Eye Shadow Makeup Palette, Glamour Glow Powder Palette, and more. This list will help you make a wise decision while purchasing a makeup kit. Now, depending on your skin tone, shade, texture, and type, go ahead and grab the right makeup kit. Let your skin have the best as best is what it deserves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KRYOLAN Foundation silicone based?

Yes. KRYOLAN Nebula AirBrush Foundation is silicone-based

Is KRYOLAN cruelty-free?

Yes, the brand has confirmed that its makeup products are cruelty-free. They do not test them on animals.

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