Konkona Sen's Marriage: Not Man & Wife, But Friends For Life

Konkona Sen was always destined to be an actress. After all, she is the daughter of the popular Bengali writer, director and actress Aparna Sen, known for her critically acclaimed films. Konkona made her debut as a child artist, but it was her performance in her mother’s film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer that brought her much acclaim. Konkona came under heavy media scrutiny, when she delivered her son Haroon Shorey just six months after marriage, leading to speculations that she conceived before tying the knot. Konkona Sen’s marriage to Ranvir Shorey itself did not last much long, and Konkona and her long-time beau Ranvir announced their separation in 2015 with an eventual divorce in July 2016. So what has been Konkona Sen’s marriage story been like? Let’s take a look.

Konkona Sen – Mrs. Iyers And Much More

Konkona Sen's Marriage - Konkona Sen

Konkona Sen was born in Kolkata on 3rd December 1979 as the daughter of the film-maker and actress Aparna Sen and journalist Mukul Sharma. It was Aparna Sen’s second marriage. Konkona received most of her early education from Kolkata, and eventually moved to New Delhi for higher studies. She was just five years old when she made her debut as a child artist in a Bengali film Indira in the year 1983. She went on to work in a couple of more films, and made her debut as an adult in the Bengali film called Ek Je Aachhe Kanya in the year 2001. Konkona shot to fame with her portrayal of a timid Tamil woman in the English film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002), which was made by her mother. Her effortless performance was praised by critics and audiences alike, and she soon became a recognisable face in showbiz. Her fame was followed by a string of offers from Bollywood and Bengali cinema alike, and since her debut as a protagonist in 2001 has worked in more than 40 films of three languages and various genres.

Ranvir Shorey – Live-in And Engagement

Konkona Sen's Marriage - Konkona Sen And Ranvir Shorey

Konkona Sen first met the actor Ranvir Shorey during the making of the film Mixed Doubles in the year 2006. Although their movie met lukewarm success, the couple kicked off a relationship right at the end of the film. It is said that the two began live together somewhere around 2007. By 2008, they were in a firm relationship, and Ranvir proposed to Konkona (whom he refers by nickname ‘Koko’). Their engagement was a private affair and was most probably held at the flat where they were having the live-in relationship.

Post-engagement the couple left everyone guessing about their intent to tie the knot. While they certainly lived together, and it was understood that Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen’s marriage would happen, they always declined giving comments about having a formal matrimonial relationship. It was not known what they were waiting for but they surely had a stable and firm relationship. During their engagement phase, Ranvir even worked for an Aparna Sen film.

Konkona and Ranvir successfully guarded their personal life and managed to evade the media attention. There were rumours though in late 2009 that the pair is heading for a split but the couple declined to corroborate those reports leaving everyone with the guessing game again.

Konkona Sen’s Marriage, A Private Wedding

Konkona Sen's Marriage - Konkona Sen And Ranvir Shorey's Wedding Pics

Konkona and Ranvir finally tied the knot on 3rd September 2010 at their residence in Mumbai. Konkona Sen’s marriage was a pure private affair with only those close to the bride and groom invited to the event. Ranvir wore an off-white sherwani and red pagdi (turban), while Konkona was decked-up in a golden cream coloured saree, which she wore to match her grandmother’s gold jewellery that she was adorned in. The couple definitely looked delighted to finally tie the knot after so many years of togetherness. No one would have got an inkling of their wedlock had it not been of Konkona’s tweet a few days, which announced her wedding on 3rd September. Congratulatory message poured-in from everywhere, wishing them a happy married life.

Having A Boy, Raising Some Eyebrows?

Within six months of Ranvir and Konkona Sen’s marriage, Konkona announced her pregnancy, and the couple was eventually blessed with a baby boy in March 2011, whom they named Haroon Shorey. While the couple stayed mum about the glaring disparity in their marriage tenure and the gestation term, it was evident that the couple planned the baby way before their wedding.

Discord And Troubles

Konkona Sen's Marriage - Konkona Sen And Ranvir Shorey Oustide A Friend's Place

Things were going smooth in Ranvir and Konkona Sen’s marriage but by early 2013, many showbiz observers noted that the couple had of late started making public appearances alone. Not much was known until in mid-2013, when Konkona was reported by tabloids to have passed a remark sort of about being a ‘single mother’ to her son Haroon Shorey. When Ranvir was quizzed about her comment, he was left irked, and said that it was just some fiction weaved by the media themselves. It was at the time, but her original statement alluded to Ranvir having been busy with his work.

Things continued to go on that way, with the media smelling a goat, when one day in September 2015 people woke up to find tweets from the allegedly estranged couple that proved the rumours of their incompatible marriage were indeed true.

“Ranvir and I have mutually decided to separate, but continue to be friends and co-parent our son. Will appreciate your support. Thank you.”
– Konkona Sen tweeting her separation from Ranvir Shorey

Apparently, the couple were going through some major differences in their marriage and were living like two strangers in the same home. In early 2016 there were reports that the pair wants to give their marriage one more shot after consulting a marriage counsellor. But things did not turn out the way they had foreseen, and in July 2016 the once fondly in love pair finally headed for a divorce after mutual consensus. Ranvir and Konkona Sen’s marriage of barely two years came to a quiet, sombre and non-fussy end.

Dissolved Marriage But Firm Parenthood

Konkona Sen's Marriage - Konkona And Ranvir With Haroon

In spite of the breakdown of Ranvir and Konkona Sen’s marriage, Konkona and Ranvir reiterated that they are indeed on good terms with one another and their decision to split was in the best interest of their family. They even added that they continue to have a joint custody of their only son Haroon Shorey, and that they will never deprive him of the love he deserves.

“Things are completely amicable between us. It is a mature decision which we have taken. We are still friends. We have a child and we are co-parenting him together. There is nothing else to it. There is no masala in it.”
– Ranvir Shorey about his divorce with Konkona Sen

Ranvir also shared that he does not have any qualms of working with Konkona in the future, and would not let their divorce impact their professional life.

While it is nice to see the pair separate on a positive note, it is perplexing to think what made Ranvir and Konkona Sen’s marriage go awry if they were always friends. Is it possible that even with the best of intentions, things may not work out? Dishearteningly so. Friendship is said to be one of the many hallmarks of a strong marriage, but maybe along the way we all missed out on something or the other. Maybe a quick divorce was not a great idea, but young fiery love is such, like Devdas and Paro. But perhaps we may never know. For now let’s hope the junior Shorey gets all the love and care from his parents, who hopefully consider reuniting to be a happy family once again.

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