Kim Sharma Marriage: Finding Love In Mombasa

Bollywood actress Kim Sharma’s marriage to a Kenya-based Indian businessman in 2010 came as a surprise to many. The reasons were plenty. Firstly, Kim was known to date only leading eligible bachelors from the showbiz, so everyone expected a Kim Sharma marriage, but with some Bollywood khandani bachelor. Secondly, Kim’s husband Ali Punjani came nowhere close to Kim’s past choices of beaus in terms of style and persona. So when news of their wedding got out, people were surprised. But as they say, love is blind. In this article, we take a closer look at Kim’s love life, and the super-surprising Kim Sharma marriage to Ali Punjani.

Kim Sharma Marriage - Kim Sharma

The Quick Ali Panjani Kim Sharma marriage

Before the Kim Sharma marriage, it was widely speculated that Kim was dating a charming Spanish guy. But then news of their split was all over the media. And then sometime in September 2010, news was out that she had married a certain Kenya-based businessman Ali Punjani on 23rd August, 2010. It is interesting to note that that she officially broke-up with Carlos just a month or two before the wedding. It was definitely the case of a damsel in distress looking for a suitable guy, only to stumble upon a super rich man.

Kim Sharma Marriage - Kim Sharma And Carlos Marin

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It is said that in mid-August that year, Kim visited Kenya for a safari trip and happened to meet Ali Punjani, who was in the process of getting a divorce from his first wife. Close friends say that Kim and Ali dated each other for just a week, and Kim was in a hurry to tie the knot with the Indian business tycoon from Kenya. Eventually, Ali got a divorce from his first wife, with whom he has three children, and the Ali Punjani Kim Sharma marriage went through, in a private grand ceremony in Mombasa, Kenya. Not much is known about their wedding details but it is definitely known that not a single person from film industry was invited to the event. Kim relocated to Mombasa and declined to make any comments about her wedding for almost an year.

Life Thereafter

Kim Sharma Marriage - Kim Sharma And Ali Punjani

It was only in late 2011 that she opened up to the press, and news about the Ali Punjani Kim Sharma marriage was shared that she is very happy with her husband. She said that she has no interest in returning back to films, mainly because she is based out of Mombasa, where she has started working as hotelier with the help of her husband. It is not known if Kim and Ali live with latter’s three children from the first wedding but Kim shared that the couple is very happy with their wedlock. We hope that the Ali Punjani Kim Sharma marriage is a truly successful marriage, and wish the pair all the best.

Psst…! For those of you who don’t know, Kim dated cricketer Yuvraj Singh for a while and was also linked to VJ Yudi. Here’s some scoop from Kim’ past:

The First Relationship

Kim Sharma Marriage - Kim Sharma With Yudhishtir Urs

Kim started her career as a model and went on to work as a Video Jockey (VJ). She was spotted by Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films and was given a break in films. It was somewhere around the time when she was still a VJ that she started seeing the then very popular VJ Yudi. Not much is known how and when they met, but it is said that the two met over work and soon hit it off since even Kim worked as a VJ for some time. The two had an on and off kind of relationship so no one expected any rumours of a Yudhishtir Urs Kim Sharma marriage. From 2000 to 2003, there used to be a constant string of reports about the couple’s alleged break-ups and patch-ups. In fact, such was their rapport that even after Kim got into a relationship with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, she maintained a cordial relationship with VJ Yudi. It is only after being through three years of relationship with Yuvraj that she let VJ Yudi out of her life.

Dating The Cricketer

Kim Sharma Marriage - Kim Sharma With Yuvraj Singh

By 2003, Kim had become a known face in Bollywood, and for this reason was a common fixture at Bollywood and celebrity parties. Yuvraj Singh was the rising star of Indian cricket team and was known to be a party maniac. It is at one of such extravagant parties that Yuvraj and Kim bumped into each other. It is said that the two got along immediately like a house on fire. Since both were party animals, they would time their arrival at events in a way that could have interaction with each other. As time passed by, their affinity matured, and the pair soon started bonding in a romantic way. While some say it was Kim who took the first step to establish an amorous relationship with Yuvraj, it is widely believed that the feeling was mutual. Eventually, by 2005, the two had made their relationship official, and it was a known fact the two were very much seeing each other. By 2006, it was learnt that the two had shared the details of their relationship with their families as well, and the Yuvi-Kim Sharma marriage was on the cards.

Rocky Road – Yuvi-Kim Split

But in early 2007, rumours started doing the rounds that things were not smooth in the relationship of the cricketer-actress duo. An insider close the two shared the news with certain tabloids that Kim had developed a certain kind of obsession towards Yuvraj, and she would call him repeatedly even when he would be busy with cricket tours. By April that year, it was learnt that Yuvraj’s family disapproved of his relationship with Kim mainly because of the tacky roles she would do in movies. Eventually, Yuvraj had enough of Kim’s control-freak behaviour, and in May 2007, the couple shared that they had split. Later in an interview, Kim said that she and Yuvraj were just outright incompatible and she went on to add that she would never date a cricketer again.

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Te Amo Señor!

It was somewhere around late 2008 that Kim Sharma was on a flight from Toronto to London. She was seated next to a handsome Spanish man, and since it was a really long flight, the two got talking. “It was instant attraction!” shared Kim Sharma in an interview. The gentleman was none other Carlos Marín, a popular Spanish singer. The two had an amiable interaction all throughout their flight, and although they split after reaching the destination, they made it a point to stay in touch. Things were friendly up till their planned meeting in Dubai. It is said that Carlos arranged a romantic dinner for Kim, and it was now clear to Kim that he wanted to be more than friends. Things changed from that day, and the two were in a firm relationship. Carlos would even invite Kim to watch him perform with his band.

Kim, on the other hand, was quite vocal about praising her beau, and how she found him way too humble. By early 2009, the two decided to tie the knot, and is said they even started taking their initial steps to do so. Carlos even introduced Kim to his family at his home in Madrid, Spain. By the end of 2009, the doting pair were working on the wedding preparations in full swing. They even sent out verbal invitations to their close friends for their wedding that was most likely to be scheduled for February 2010. But that wedding never came, and then suddenly in July 2010 it was learnt that the two had split up.

Once again, friends of Kim and industry-insiders were surprised by the turn of events. Most had expected that this time Kim’s relationship would click. It is said that the long distance relationship seemed to have taken a toll on both Kim and Carlos. After trying mend things, the two realised that they could do little to find a definitive solution to it. Needless to say, after this realisation, the two officially called off their relationship in August 2010.

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