55 Silly Spring Jokes For Kids To Crack And Have Fun Time

Nature already gives us the whole package, and now you know it can make you laugh too.

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What better way to entertain your little ones than by spending quality time telling spring jokes for kids to them? Seeing children laugh is satisfying, and their innocent smiles and laughter can spread the charm around. So, to keep them engaged on a picnic day or when walking around the neighborhood, you may tell them some of these seasonal jokes to them.

These spring jokes are clean and easy to understand by children, and they can even share them with their friends.

55 Kids Spring Jokes

Try out these clean kids jokes about spring to add some dose of laughter and keep the fun going.

1. When do the monkeys fall from the sky?

During the Ape-ril showers

2. Which is the shortest month?

May. It has only 3 letters

3. Why are the people so tired on 1st April?

Because they have finished a 31-day long March

4. What is the favorite appetizer of Spring?

Spring rolls

5. Which month always seeks permission?


6. What did you get after planting kisses?


7. Name the most popular Spring pickle


8. Which lion can be seen during Spring?


9. Why are you burying the money plant?

To make the soil rich!

10. Why it’s impossible to plant Spring flowers?

Coz you haven’t Bot-any!

11. What does the seed say to the flower?

Hi Bloomer!

12. What does the tree say after seeing the first Spring?

What a re-leaf!

13. What does a big flower say to the smaller one?

Hey Bud, you’re growing well!

14. Which is the favorite garden of a baker?

A flour garden

15. Who is the favorite singer of an herb gardener?

Elvis Parsley

16. What falls down without getting hurt?


17. Name the bow that you cannot tie.

A Rain-bow

18. Where does the sun listen to its favorite music?

On the Ray-dio

19. What does raining chickens and ducks mean?

A Fowl weather

20. What is the favorite vegetable of a chick?

An Egg-plant

21. What happens when a worm crosses a ruler?

It becomes an inch-worm

22. How do bees fly in the rain?

By wearing yellow jackets

23. If A likes flowers, what does B do?

B comes after A

24. Why are the frogs happy in spring?

Coz they eat whatever bugs them.

25. Name the grizzly bear that gets caught in the rain.

A drizzly bear

26. How can you make a waterbed bouncier?

By filling it with spring water

27. How can you say that the flowers are friendly?

They have buds

28. How does a bee brush its hair?

By using Honeycomb

29. What goes up as the rain comes down?

An umbrella

30. Which flower is the best for a boy to give his mom?

A Son-flower

31. Which bird you can’t take to a bank?

A Rob-in

32. Why are the birds going to a hospital?

For their Tweet-ment

33. Which is the favorite drink of a tree?

A Rootbeer

34. Why was the strawberry sad?

Coz his dad was in a jam

35. Which is the favorite book of rabbits?

One that has a hoppy ending

36. What happens when you tell a joke to an egg?

It gets cracked up!

37. Why did the summer ask for help to spring?

Coz summer is about to fall

38. Which is the best season for using a trampoline?

Spring season

39. Name the rabbit that has fleas on its body.

Bugs bunny

40. Why was the bee mad?

Coz somebody stole its honey and nectar

41. Why are the potatoes so good detectives?

They have peeled eyes

42. How can you say that the bees are happy?

Coz they are humming while doing their work

43. What would you call a young married spider couple?

Newly web

44. Name the worm that is traveling all over the world.

Global worming

45. How do the bees tease one another?

By calling them Bay-bee

46. Why was the flower unable to ride its bike?

Coz it has lost its petals

47. Are you aware of 1st April?

Yes, I’m fooly aware of it

48. Why are the trees so forgiving?

Coz every spring they ‘let it go’

49. What will you get if you plant a seed in a pond?

A water-melon

50. What can you call a cyborg bee?

A Pollinator

51. Name the girl who has a frog on her head.


52. Name the flower that we have on our faces.


53. Where does a bug’s bunny park its boat?

At what’s-up dock

54. Why the gardening business is best in spring?

Coz it helps in raking in money

55. Which type of dogs do you get in April?

A springer spaniel

Say goodbye to winter blues with these fun spring jokes for kids that are sure to get your family laughing till their jaws hurt. Share these clean and kid’s friendly jokes at the table, on a road trip, or somewhere chilling outside.

Infographic: Spring Facts For Children

Spring marks the end of winter and is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. Check out this infographic for some fun facts about spring for children.

spring jokes for kids [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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