15 Cool Kids Room Decorating Ideas For A More Inspiring Space

Decorate your kid’s room to create a space that speaks of their dreams and aspirations.

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Stars on the ceiling, trees on the wall, and birds on the cupboards. Your imagination works overtime when you are designing a room for your kids. Use kids’ room decorating ideas and create a special corner for your child. You may experiment with ideas, colors, and themes while keeping in mind all things that your kid adores. Once the job is done, the result will be fulfilling.

But to do a fulfilling job, you will need the right kids’ bedroom design ideas. Keep reading this post for some great decorating ideas for your kids’ room.

15 Creative Kids’ Room Design Ideas

Here are our top ideas that your kiddies will fall in love with.

Designs For Small Rooms

Even if your child’s room is small, you can add to its appeal with these small room designs.

1. Minimalist room design

  • For this design, keep the furniture in the room to a bare minimum. The idea is to achieve a clutter-free look.
  • You can opt for non-skid wooden flooring in the room to prevent any accidental falls.
  • Add a shelf to the room to maintain the neat room look and to ensure that there is enough space to store your kid’s things. Get one that is at the same height as your kid, so that he can use it without having to ask you for help all the time.
  • You may also keep matching storage bags for keeping his toys and playthings.
  • You may want to keep the color of the furniture a little light to maintain the simplicity of the theme.
  • Add succulents, cute cushions, and minimal photo frames for a perfect look.

2. Bunk bed room design

Bunk bed creative kids bedroom design ideas
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  • A bunk bed is a great idea if you have more than one kid and each wants their own personal space.
  • A bunk bed also saves space, especially if it comes with internal storage space.
  • In this design, the room is a light shade of cream, and the furniture is a combination of bright neon green and sand brown, giving it a simple yet appealing look.
  • Use ceiling lights, instead of floor lamps or lanterns, to light up the room evenly.
  • Cushions and other decor in different shades of purple and green may be used for this room.
  • You may try stripes for bedsheets.

3. Chic room design

Chic room creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

This is a contemporary kids’ room design. It is smart and chic, yet has a cheerful appeal to it.

  • The designer played around with colors to achieve the desired look for the room. You can pick the same colors or your child’s favorites.
  • Furniture has been arranged smartly – a white bed in a corner facing the main wall, an accent study table, a shelf with storage facility for hiding away the junk, indoor plants, and a wired bin to discard litter.
  • Since the study table is a light shade, the chair used is bright orange.
  • You can experiment with bright colored bed linens and pillows of your kid’s choice.
  • Buy home decor that your kid is interested in – a world map, a guitar, desk accessories of different colors to create a fun contrast in the room.
  • The advantage of having a room painted in light color is that you can make it really lively with colorful room decor.

4. Cheerful kids room design

Cheerful kids creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock

If you want a bright and colorful look for your little one’s room, this is it. This design is loved by both girls and boys.

  • Here, the color theme of the room is an iceberg blue, with the ceiling in white.
  • A wooden boat bed boldly defines the room, although you may buy any bed that you feel is right for your kid. No other furniture, other than a chest of drawers, is added to the room.
  • The center of attraction is the wall tree art strategically drawn between two walls. Hang inspirational quotes or photographs to the branches.
  • Keep the floor carpeted.

5. Polka dot room design

Polka dot creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock
  • For this particular design, choose one wall in the room and paint it in polka dots or, deck it up with polka dot wallpaper.
  • To create a sweet balance, keep the other walls in the same color palette.
  • You can place your kid’s bed, desk and chair along the wall with the polka dotted design.
  • Make sure you brighten up the room with a bright and contrasting colored non-slippery rug near the bed.
  • Put light-colored or white curtains on the windows and add another layer if you are worried about privacy. Lightweight curtains will allow free flow of air and light into the room.

6. School kid room design

School themed creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock

If your little one is going to school, then this is a design you should consider.

  • To achieve this look, paint your child’s room in the classic shades of black and white. While the choice of colors may seem unusual for a kid’s room, black is a versatile color that can enhance the design.
  • Let the black be a chalk paint so that your kid can sketch or scribble on the wall without worrying about stains.
  • A cream-colored ladder shelf can be used to arrange room decor, books, or items.
  • A sofa-cum-bed is used instead of a proper bed.
  • A black and white floor rug in striped or geometric patterns adds to the simple appeal of the room. It is both classy and useful.
  • A football bean bag is used instead of a chair, while a basic study desk is used instead of a bulky one.
  • Pick cushions that are to your child’s liking. This is a beautiful way of inspiring and motivating your kid’s interests.

7. Modern bedroom design

Modern creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock

A modern look for both little boys and girls, this is a perfect room to relax, sleep and study.

  • Let the walls of the room be white.
  • Buy bed linen, cushions, and throws of various colors.
  • Keep the furniture to the bare minimum and preferably white.
  • Add colorful storage boxes, and elegant pendant lights over the study table to achieve a simple yet glamorous look.
  • Add an accent chair in the room for your kid to relax. You may also try a swing chair, something that kids everywhere like.

8. Floral room design

Floral creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

If your child is fond of floral prints, this room design would be perfect for her. If you fear, everything floral might look tacky, you may still be able to sport and nail this look!

  • Buy a floral print wallpaper and place it only on one wall.
  • Buy multi-purpose furniture such as sofa-beds with storage and go for colors that are not too bold, to strike a balance.
  • Add home decor that specifically inspires your child.
  • This room design is perfect when you have small space.

Designs For Spacious Rooms

If you already have a large space for your kid’s room, here are the best decor ideas to try out!

9. Little girl room design

If you have a little girl, here is one room design idea that you cannot miss, especially if you want the room to be spacious.

Little girl creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock
  • In this room, the color scheme of the furniture and bedding used is the main focus.
  • The bedroom color is a full white that is complemented by the natural wood color and fabrics used on the bed.
  • The cushions are a combination of white, gray and golden, which is also the color of star decal on the wall.
  • Get a beautiful throw on the bed to make it cozy and a pastel neutral shade rug for the floor.
  • Hanging jute lanterns and lamps keep up with the natural shade of the room.
  • To add a little feminine touch to the bed, you may buy or make paper flowers and hang them above it.
  • An open wardrobe/clothes hanger is used for her everyday clothing.

10. Pink Punk

Pink punk creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: IStock

If pink is baby girl’s favorite, but you don’t want it to be the only color in the room, then here’s the perfect room design to try!

  • Use a combination of pinks – pastel pink, magenta, rose and white to replicate this room design.
  • The beauty of the room is in the mix and match of colors used. Use complementary shades of other pastels to bring in more color to the room.
  • Choose gray, with white or any other pastel for the bed linen and rugs.
  • Mix and match home decor with different shades, like the kites in this room.
  • Buy natural wood color furniture to create a comfortable color balance.
  • Add pompoms or a vase of flowers with different colors to create a nice color pop.
  • You may also add fairy lights to give your girl the perfect room she deserves.

11. Color Splash!

Color splash creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors especially if your kid is fond of them. Nailing a bold color theme in a room is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

  • Use a bright yellow color of your choice or any color that your kid loves.
  • Choose simple lighting options, like a floor lamp of the same color, but different shade to create variation.
  • Keep the furniture simple and natural.
  • It’s best to keep the ceiling white and the flooring wooden to balance the color palette.
  • Place bright objects and furniture in alignment with the colored wall.
  • Buy cute and colorful cushions and storage boxes for the room for that extra cheerful color in the room.

12. Nature Retreat

Nature retreat creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

How does it feel to live in a room that is very close to nature? If you want your kid to experience that, then this is the best design to replicate.

  • Paint one wall of the room in chalk black so that your kid can paint or scribble whenever he/she wants.
  • Buy lots of indoor plants; they instantly bring you close to nature.
  • Hang a hammock in the room and pick colors like blue, green and yellow for decor items. These colors best represent nature.
  • You may buy accent furniture in these colors, or go for jute items.
  • Keep the other walls of the room white and choose wooden flooring for the best results!

13. Tent Inside!

Tent inside creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

This is a minimal room design ideal for places where the weather is pleasant and not too cold.

  • Build tents using thick teepee fabrics.
  • Keep furniture to the bare minimum: pick something in natural wood colors.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the mattress, as there won’t be a bed.
  • Invest in light-colored furnishings and change them as and when needed, according to your kid’s preference.
  • For seating, buy floor pillows. They are chic and comfortable.
  • A wooden floor is the best and helps maintain that minimal look while bringing an outdoor/camping feeling to those inside.
  • Buy fabric flag banners to deck the room.
  • Alternatively, you may add inspiring wall frames.
  • Buy transparent or white curtains to let in light.

14. Spacious Kids Room

If you have a spacious room for your kid, you are already at an advantage. However, if you cram the space with unwanted objects or furniture, it is bound to look small again. How do you keep a spacious room spacious? Read on to know.

Spacious kids room creative design ideas
Image: Shutterstock
  • Paint the accent wall of the bedroom white. You may look for a brick wallpaper in white to add some funkiness to the room.
  • Go with light wooden flooring to prevent slipping or skidding.
  • Choose other pastel colors of your kid’s choice for the walls and furniture.
  • Shades of blue, pink and orange pastel work wonders. Light colors not only bring vibrancy but also a soothing tone to the room.
  • Keep the furniture light and minimal or you’ll end up making the gorgeous room look smaller.
  • Choose furniture that is required daily, such as study table, bookshelf, cupboard and a bedside table and no more than that.
  • The idea is to make the room look spacious, not empty. So you can keep your child’s favorite toys on the wall shelves for a personal touch.

15. Space themed bedroom

Space themed creative kids bedroom design ideas
Image: Shutterstock

In a room which has no dearth of space, you can have a bed, reading table, and a lounge chair among other things. The trick is to position the furniture and the items in such a way that the room doesn’t get cramped even when you have a lot of things in it.

  • Paint the entire room white to make it brighter.
  • Add colors to the room by choosing bright colored bed sheets, preferably with a space theme.
  • The furniture is white to keep the look minimal, but the accent chair adds some color to the white space, completing the appealing look.
  • A fun and quirky thing that your kid will love is the wind chime based on a space theme. It can be the rotating planets, stars or spaceships.
  • The main focus is to give the room a ‘spacey’ feel, so paint space-related objects on one wall.
  • Choose accessories such as clocks or paintings or pictures that will inspire your kid.
  • Go for interesting lamp shades, or go-in-the-dark wall stickers to light up the room at night and create a flawless impression of the night sky on the ceiling.

With this post on kids’ room decorating ideas, you can give your little one’s space a new look and also show off your creative skills. Decide on a theme that includes bright colors, avoid cluttering the area, and create a play corner in their own room where they may put their toys and games. Also, remember to take your child’s opinions on colors and other accessories as it is their room and their preference is of prime importance.

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