Khaleeji Mehndi Designs: 10 Awesome Designs That Are Trending Big Time

Love khaleeji mehndi designs? Looking for the latest trending ones? Well, we’ve hunted down some of the finest khaleeji mehndi designs of the season, for you to play with, and try out.

Here are some of the latest and most popular khaleeji mehndi designs.

1. Beautifully Ornate

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Beautifully Ornate

The lightly done flowers and petals add a touch of innocence and charm to this design that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. It is a perfect khaleeji mehndi design that you can consider for parties and occasions. Give the heavy ones a miss and try this fun floral mehndi design.

2. For The Love Of Roses

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - For The Love Of Roses

It is a favourite khaleeji mehndi design that girls of all ages love to flaunt in weddings and celebrations. These rosy and floral designs are laid in a sophisticated manner in bold fonts to ensure their prominence and visibility. The symbol of rose that is created on the hands with ferns and petals makes it a very auspicious design and a favourite one too.

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3. Artsy All The Way

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Artsy All The Way

An intricate yet easy to manage khaleeji mehndi design which can be perfect for the friends of the bride and little girls. The simplicity yet artistic nature of the design is inspired from the Arabic and Persian motifs and textures used in the historic monuments and buildings. This simple mehndi design is so adorable that it is sure to catch everyone’s attention in the room.

4. Beauty In Details

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Beauty In Details

This one is sure to make your hands look fuller and ornately decorated for sure. The intricate patterns are laid in a very sophisticated and fine style and the motifs of ferns and flowers add to the glamour of your attire and traditional dressing. This khaleeji mehndi design is perfect for occasion such as mehndi, sangeet etc. A popular choice among bridesmaids too.

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5. Perfect For The Back Of The Hands

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Perfect For The Back Of The Hands

Most often, the back side of the hand is not given enough attention and just finished hurriedly without much creative thought over it. But khaleeji mehndi designs are perfect to decorate the back of your hand that make the whole mehndi a perfect combination.

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6. Side Pattern

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Side Pattern

It is a very unique concept of laying patterns on the sides of the hands instead of the centre. The mehndi design speaks of creativity and innovation too. The fine lines and patterns as well as the intricate khaleeji mehndi designs are done which much finesse and patience making it such a beautiful one to flaunt.

7. Bold And Spiralling

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Bold And Spiralling

This one is fit for occasions and celebrations like marriages and rituals where the focus of the design is to cover the entire hand but not in a gibberish fashion. The fine pattern of motifs in khaleeji mehndi designs accentuate your hands and make them stand out getting everyone’s attention.

8. Easy And Simple

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Easy And Simple

The easy and stylish pattern of this khaleeji mehndi design makes it all the rage among the mehndi lovers including both artists and their clients. You can also do it on your own following the design pattern as it is easy and gives coverage to your full hand.

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9. Elaborate And Neat

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Elaborate And Neat

It is an elaborate and beautiful design that is done with a combination of pointed and bold nibs. The flare of this khaleeji peacock mehndi design comes from its intricacy and neatness which is very important while you are drawing the patterns.

10. Something For The Feet

Khaleeji Mehndi Designs - Something For The Feet

It is a traditional khaleeji mehndi design for the dainty feet. The bold floral motifs add structure to the design and can also help hide any marks or blemishes on your feet with the intricate and dense patterns. You can choose this design for sangeet and mehndi rituals.

Hope you liked the collection of khaleeji mehndi designs that we have presented. So which one is your favourite?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock