Top 5 Keya Seth’s Bridal Makeup Packages

Rely on these packages and rest assured to look nothing but super gorgeous on your D-day.

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If you are getting married in the city of joy, you cannot miss out on Keya Seth’s bridal makeup packages. Seth is a household name in Kolkata, and her beauty products are a favorite among the Bengalis. This beauty expert is an inseparable part of the city’s spirit, and generations of women have benefitted from her skincare potions.

You will find a hoarding for Keya Seth’s aromatherapy at most crossroads in Kolkata. Her celebrated repertoire includes herbal skin care products and makeup kits that are enriched with the benefits of botanical extracts. Her company offers top-notch services and is preferred by the city’s beauty enthusiasts. However, her main expertise lies in the aromatherapy products that played a crucial role in her claim to fame.

With more than 90 aromatherapy products and three institutes across the city, she caters to all the beauty needs of her customers sincerely. She is also the editor of the fashion and lifestyle magazine, Ajker Adwitiya. The bridal packages offered by this beauty and skin care icon are affordable and undoubtedly the best. Furthermore, you can customize them according to your requirements. Swipe up for the details.

Keya Seth Bridal Makeup Packages

Here are the top 5 of Keya Seth’s beauty packages that one can avail of in her studio.

1. Keya Seth’s Premium bridal And Pre-bridal Package:

This package is for those days leading up to the Big Wedding Day. This includes full face threading, French manicure, mehendi, sari draping, one body polishing, one premium facial, full body waxing, one spa treatment, one French pedicure, one hairstyling, and one bridal makeup and trial makeup.

2. Keya Seth’s Bridal And Pre-bridal Package:

This Keya Seth bridal make up kit is a two day package, which includes a wide array of services for the bride-to-be. The package includes full face threading, one premium facial, full body waxing, one regular pedicure and manicure, mehendi, saree draping, hair styling and one bridal makeup.

3. Keya Seth’s Bridal Package:

Mehendi, sari draping, hair styling and one bridal-makeup is what this package consist of. It also includes light party makeup, engagement makeup, bridal makeup, mehndi, permanent eyebrow, beauty spot and hair styling for the complete bridal look.

4. Keya Seth’s Laser Package:

In this package, unwanted hair is removed through laser treatment. The hair is reduced through photoepilation. This is a process in which the laser beams are used to damage the hair follicles and prevent hair re-growth. This treatment is suited best for dark and coarse hair. This is a permanent hair removal solution. This service is available for upper lip, chin, arms, under arms, half legs, full legs, full face, chest, back, and full body.

5. Keya Seth’s Salon Packages:

It takes two to tango when it comes to marriages, right? Keya has not forgotten the groom-to-be! She offers special packages for men that include hair cutting, hair styling, hair shampooing and hair conditioning. The Hair colouring packages includes global colour, streaking, foiling, root touch up, along with hair straightening, head massage, head massage with pack, shaving, shaving with massage, waxing, hair spa, and royal hair spa.

For women, this package includes hair cutting and styling along with oil massage and hair shampooing. The hair colouring packages includes global colour, streaking, foiling, root touch up, along with blow dry, blow dry with shampoo, perm-long, perm-short, crimping, ironing, and shampoo ironing, hair straightening, head massage, head massage with pack, shaving, shaving with massage, waxing, hair spa, and royal hair spa.

Keya Seth has also often appeared on talk shows as a beauty consultant, to give people makeovers, which seem to be quite the craze. Her beauty workshops attract a large audience. She has been well-appreciated with various awards in the recent days. She has also ventured into the wellness and care sector, with her new “Keya Seth’s Medi Spa” and has now set up a 12,000 ft studio that specializes in specific treatments. Her treatments handle not just beauty care but looks into related ailments too. Keya synthesizes global therapies and integrates Indian treatment from Ayurveda in them.

With this article in place, your bridal makeup needs are sorted. From Keya Seth’s Premium bridal and Pre-bridal Package to Keya Seth’s Salon Packages, we have covered everything you will ever need for your big day. Select the package that makes much sense to you and caters to your requirements, and get started. Of course, you want to look flawless for your big day, and you surely will. Grab your picture-perfect moments with Keya Seth’s bridal makeup packages.

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