7 Maestros Of The Kerala Wedding Photography Industry

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Kerala wedding photography, just like most others, has inspired many tales of hardship and desperation where resonance with the person who ends up behind the camera is a rare and much sought after feeling. There have been stories of woe, dark and fell, where the shots that the wedding produced were not only uninspired, but caused everyone who saw them to witness the mediocre quality that they clearly evidenced. Everywhere are whispered the tales of dark tyrannical forces who stand behind their cameras and jerk everyone around, making them all subject to the whims of bad lens flare and unsuitable lighting. And somewhere, a group of people certainly are huddling around a fortifying cup of tea, bemoaning over the fact that they were taken for everything they had; one minute there was money, and the next instant it was gone, never to be seen again.

As interesting as some of these plot lines might be for a possibly interesting cinematic experience, we are certain that none of you, dear readers, would want to partake of any of the sorrow that casts itself so strongly in the above mentioned tragedies.

To that effect, to aid you in your quest for finding the perfect photographer to cover your wedding in Kerala, we present you with the ultimate Kerala wedding photography cheat sheet. Scroll on down to find the party of shutterbug heroes you are in search of, and hire the best of the best from this cream of the crop of wedding photographers in God’s Own Country.

1. Manoharan Photography :

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One of the most sought after professionals in the field of wedding photography in Kerala, Manoharan Photography is an established leader in the market. With over 30 years of experience in capturing countless wedding functions around Kerala, he also has experience shooting in North India and South India. Everyone from industry giants and leaders of commerce, to the biggest stars of Mollywood count themselves amongst his clientele. The main man leads a team of equally expert wedding photographers, videographers and designers who are bursting with creativity. Focusing on both traditional photography and also on candid material, the folks at Manoharan Photography won’t let you down.

2. Weva Photography :

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A company with a core of professional organisation, they have singular focus on wedding photography. Based out of Kochi, these specialists in candid wedding photography and superbly creative cinematography find their zest in their work. A leading photography company with verticals in industrial photography and fashion photography, they will work in unison with your interests to bring out a uniquely memorable wedding album. They are always open to listen to your requests, being at your beck and call until the last guest has left and beyond. They will travel all over Kerala and are not limited by geography. With over ten years of experience in the field, you would not go wrong with choosing Weva Photography.

3. Lumiere Wedding Company :

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One of the premiere companies in the field of Indian Wedding photography, the Lumiere Wedding Company also operates in the U.A.E and Malaysia. Based out of Cochin, this passionate team is comprised of more than 20 dedicated individuals who bring in a vast variety of experience to the table. Working out of their corporate headquarters in Ernakulam they are willing to travel to accommodate your needs. They are passionate in the pursuit of capturing every nuance of emotion that manifests itself during the course of your wedding proceedings. Their flattering shots and pictures will leave you brimming with joy and happiness as you recall one of your most special days for years to come. Producing their own photo books, they also cater to your event management and planning needs. They also may have done spectacularly beautiful things with candle holders, without any of the beastly overindulgence that some are so prone to.

4. Paperboat :

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The team at Paperboat promises to give you an offer you can’t refuse. Their expert capture of your wedding day will etch an already indelible memory even deeper in to your psyche. With an amazing visual sense, the admirable team will enmesh the lustre of those ephemeral moments into the more tangible forms of memory. With visualisation that goes beyond mere vibrancy, they will completely enliven your days to come by giving you access to those beautiful memories in spectacular fashion. Their elegance in their craftsmanship, imagination and composition is truly creative. Handling more traditional events and newer contemporary scenes with equal aplomb, their experienced photographers and videographers will have you looking your best as you live out your love story. Offering some of the best wedding photography in the land of Malabar, Paperboat will completely take care of your needs.

5. Colours :

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An enterprising group of young wedding photojournalists, the team at Colours specialises in wedding photography. Having captured numerous spectacular wedding moments all over India over the years, they have covered everything from the subtlety of a Kerala wedding to the pomp and gaiety of a Gujarati wedding. They guarantee that their photos will be top of the line, on par with the best in the market. This award nominated team can compete at this level due to their employment of state-of-the-art studio equipment that is coupled with the use of high-end computers running the latest and most powerful software available on the market. They also utilise digital scanners and laser printers along with their professional camera equipment to give you a memorable wedding album that will be a treasured possession for the rest of your life.

6. Tamarind Weddings :

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Based out of Cochin, Kerala, Tamarind Weddings is the matrimonial division of Tamarind Event Management Solutions. Offering complete wedding planning services and solutions, they will ensure that you will have some of the best wedding photographers in the industry to cover your most special of wedding days. With a wide range of expertise, the talented team at Tamarind Weddings is also confident in handling destination weddings in places as far away as Mauritius and the Cayman Islands. Their cameramen and videographers will work closely with you to create a deep and personal experience.

7. Crayons Creations :

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Founded in 2008, Crayons Creations offers a wide range of services that range from web based applications and services to candid photography and wedding videography that caters to a range of clientele as diverse as the government sector and private individuals. Their professional team is experienced in handling events in a number of places. India, the U.A.E, the U.K, Qatar and South Africa have already been covered with their expert touch. With a focus on customer based service, they will provide you with all the solutions to your wedding photography needs.

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