22 Spectacular Kerala Groom Dresses For You In 2016

Kerala groom dresses for weddings are just as popular as the bride’s. The Southern State is known for its flowing white and gold attire; and the trend follows for the Kerala groom wedding wear too. From crisp and starched dhotis to off-white kurtas with the symbolic bold, gold zari work – Kerala groom dress ideas have more or less been unchanged for centuries. But with the rising popularity of bridal fashion designers and also with grooms being open for experimentation, groom wear in Kerala today has vastly evolved. So here’s our list of the best groom wear designs of 2016 for you.

1. A Shehenshah In A Sherwani

The classic North Indian wedding attire for grooms is fast becoming a hot favourite among grooms across the country, and the dashing grooms in Kerala are no exception. Sporting a beautiful silk sherwani on your wedding day is a sure-fire way to catch the attention of everyone present at the wedding and to make the bride feel like a very lucky woman indeed. Sherwanis in the classic rouge red never really go out of style, but they are all the rage right now.

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2. Tailored Top Class – Designer Kerala Groom Dress Idea


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3. All White Kerala Groom Dress


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4. Shiny Green & Stylish, Fusion Kerala Groomwear


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5. The Fashionably Fusion


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6. The Fusion – Dhoti & Cotton Kurta

Dhoti for kerala groom

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7. Stylishly Traditional – Modern Kerala Groom In Dhoti

modern kerala groom in dhoti

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8. Truly Traditional Dhoti & A Wrap-Around Pattu Bordered Cloth

kerala wedding groom in dhoti

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9. Delightfully Desi Dhoti

If there’s one piece of clothing that we could pick to define all of Indian couture for men, throughout the history of the Indian civilization, it would be the dhoti. A quintessential Indian sartorial choice, it finds its roots in tradition. Right from the farmer who tills the land to the great Mahatma, it has been proudly worn and still enjoys popularity. So why not celebrate your Indian-ness in true style and opt for a delightfully traditional dhoti paired with an exquisitely smart silk shirt for the ultimate cool and Indian outfit? This will be a most memorable Kerala-themed wedding dress for groom.

kerala groom in white dhoti

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10. Simple Cool! Modern Kerala Wedding Dress For Groom

Kerala groom in white sherwani

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11. Inspired North Indian Style

Sherwani - Kerala Groom Dress

Image Courtesy: Remember It Studios

Contemporary times have seen the advancement of couture to places we had never envisioned as possible, but that turned out to be highly desirable. Reflecting the highly contemporary yet grounded-in-tradition mindset of the Malayali groom, modern fusion wear is a highly unique take on a mix of the traditional sherwani with elements from Traditional Kerala wedding groom wear. The end result is a most delightful reflection of everything modern and traditional about the groom himself.

12. All White Classic ! Kerala Wedding Dress For Groom

Groom in dhoti at kerala wedding

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13. Groom-Grade Gold


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14. Suited To Perfection

This one is a no brainer on many accounts. When it’s time to look your absolute best on the most important day of your life and on an occasion as grand, significant and regal as a wedding, what does a man turn to – a suit of course! It is said that a man in a crisp suit is as attractive to a woman as a woman in haute lingerie is to a man… and we don’t question it. Available in a myriad of styles and colours, whether two piece, three piece, or navy blue or even white, if you are feeling adventurous, suits are pretty much an amazing choice for your wedding.

kerala groom in suit for wedding

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15. Double Shade Deluxe

Suit - Kerala Groom Dress

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16. The Euro Desi


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17. All Jazz Brown


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18. Bow-Tie And Boots

kerala groom in suit

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19. Hand-Crafted Blue

kerala groom in blue bandhgala suit

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20. Wishfully Western Kerala Groom Dress

Fusion Wear - Kerala Groom Dress

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21. Ethnic Royale Kerala Groomwear


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22. Handwoven Classic Cream

bandhgala sherwani for kerala groom

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So there you have it, the myriad options for exquisite Kerala wedding dress for groom for you to look every bit the dashing man you are on the most important day of your life so far. No matter which option you go with, all eyes are sure to be on you, starting with the loving gaze of the bride herself! Take your pick.

Kerala Wedding Dress For Groom: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the traditional wedding dress I should opt for the wedding?

Traditionally the kerala wedding groom dress comprises of a white mundu with a kasavu border and a silk jubba. Some also opt for Kasavu Mundu which is a 3-4 meter long cotton twin cloth with the silk border. There is also variation in the dress code from community to community. For example in a christian ceremony in Kerala, you will find the groom wearing a mundu with a shirt. There has also been a growing trend towards experimenting with western wear, sherwani’s and even fusion wear.

Q2. I have to wear a mundu for my marriage. How do I wear it ?

Mundu is a traditional garment worn in the lower part of the body – starting from the waist and touching up pretty much to the toes. If you are wearing a mundu for the first time, check out the video below which gives a step by step tutorial on how to wear the mundu and even what underpants to match with them.

Q3. What are the best places to shop for kerala wedding dress for a groom?

While there are plenty of online and offline options to explore, here are a few you can explore. You can visit ChennaiSilks for dhoti’s. The average price for the decorative dhoti starts at Rs 2,995.

If you are opting for sherwani or more contemporary dresses you can explore these online portals Bharatplaza, Rajwadi, Manyavaar, and Utsavfashion.

Q4. Should I sport a stubble on my wedding day? I look like a clean-shaven teen otherwise.

A. Do I look handsome or does it appear I have skipped shaving today? If you look at yourself in the mirror and answer a yes to the first part – then run with it.