Traditional Kerala Mehndi Designs To Mesmerize Your Soul

Kerala mehndi designs are tradition for the quintessential malayalee bride. Today we will be highlighting some beautiful Kerala Mehndi Designs and patterns that are popular and trending this year. We’ve got detailed pics, so you can look fabulous at your wedding.

Kerala Mehndi Designs For The Hands

Hands - Kerala Mehndi Designs

Kerala, with its amazing cultural diversity and long history of co-existence among Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike, possesses a delightful exhibition of some of the most mesmerizing mehndi patterns. Both traditional and contemporary designs are equally popular for Kerala weddings. And the recent trend includes applying mehndi in combination with glitter and beads. Infact you can even match the glitter with the colour of your dress, to achieve a well thought out and gorgeous look. Crystal Mehndi and Tattoo Mehndi are also picking up pace and gaining momentum among the brides in Kerala.

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Top 5 Trending Kerala Mehndi Designs For The Feet

Feet - Kerala Mehndi Designs

Applying mehndi on ones feet is also very common, especially when it comes to weddings, and there are plenty of wonderful designs to suit the myriad occasions and preferences of the bride to be. If you are looking for some gorgeous kerala mehndi designs for your feet, check the designs below for inspiration and ideas.

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Practice of Mehndi

Mehndi was traditionally made by making a paste of drying leaves, however today a ready made cone is easily available in the market and is the preferred and more common method of application. In the Arab world, henna is a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. It was also believed that since henna was a medicinal herb, its application helped brides reduce stress and shielded the body from fevers and diseases.

Brides applying mehndi on their hands and feet forms a significant part of the wedding rituals in India and its importance can be easily seen in the fact that it’s a celebration that the whole family takes part in, and the timing too signifies its important role in the wedding process, as it is usually applied on the bride a day before the wedding. And there is more. It is believed that since the smell and colour of the henna stays for long, it entices romance in the new couples during the initial days.

Mehndi has become one of those treasured Indian rituals which apart from being ardently followed by Indian women, has taken up a huge following among women all over the world, including the west. It is now much more than just pursuing traditional sentiments and beliefs, and is seen as a part of accessories apt for festivities and celebrations.

Getting an intricate mehndi pattern applied on your hands and feet can be tiring, but upon seeing the final outcome you will have to agree, it becomes totally worth it!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock