Kerala Bridal Jewellery Ideas that Will Make You Say “I Do”

A Kerala Christian wedding is perhaps unlike any other in the world, and has its own set of traditions, customs and Kerala bridal jewellery. Not only is the wedding ceremony solemn and romantic, but it is also a beautiful potpourri of different cultural influences that you just cannot help but love. And let’s not even get started on the delectable food!

But, as a Christian bride from Kerala, once you are about to be engaged, you know that you have some shopping to do. There is the Engagement ceremony (or manasammatham), the wedding ceremony, the post-wedding reception, the “virunnu” ceremony as you enter your new home. You know you have to look your very best for each of these occasions. The first thing to be done is the dress shopping. Once this is out of the way, it is time to look for your bridal jewellery. This can be exceedingly overwhelming with mind-boggling variety of designs that are on offer. Before you head on out to invest in your bridal jewellery, here are some ideas for you to mull over before finalizing the deal.

Remember, you are really lucky. A Kerala Christian wedding is heavily influenced by western culture as well as indigenous Kerala traditions. So when it comes to Kerala bridal jewellery sets, there are choices galore, and you literally have the best of both worlds!

Traditional Gold Jewellery

Gold bridal jewellery

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Perfect For: Kasavu Saree With Veil

This is one of the classic malayali bridal looks. The golden borders and embroidery of the traditional Kerala kasavu saree needs that classic golden jewellery to feel complete. The kaasu mala, a manimuthu mala, kingini mala would all look perfect with that bridal look. A golden jimiki (or jhumkas) would look simply amazing with the whole ensemble. Golden drop-down earrings are also great options to explore. To spice up your look a little, you could work in some golden threads here and there in your veil, which will complement your jewellery perfectly. If that is not for you, incorporate some golden colour into your bouquet as well.

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White Gold

white gold jewellery

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Perfect For: Kasavu Saree, Wedding Gown

If you feel that gold is not really your colour, then some white gold Kerala bridal jewellery designs might just be the thing that you are looking for. Whether you are wearing a white gown or a saree, white gold would look very classy and alluring. White gold jewellery comes in a wide variety of designs that you can choose from – only the sky is the limit!

Pearl Or Coral Bangles


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Perfect For: Wedding Gown

This would be an unconventional look that could really make you stand out. Instead of donning golden or diamond bangles, some white or off-white pearls on your bangles would definitely go well with your outfit. This is not only cost-effective (when compared to gold or diamond ones), but is definitely elegant and unconventional.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

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Perfect For: Kasavu Saree, Wedding Gown

Yet another fabulous option is some sparkly diamond Kerala bridal jewellery. They may or may not be your best friend, but they will definitely make you look like a princess. The advantage with this look is that you won’t have to layer it in with many necklaces. One simple diamond necklace would be all that you need for your big day. If diamonds are too conventional for you, then a necklace made out of uncut diamonds would also be a great choice. This would give you a rustic yet elegant look for your big day.

Diamond Or Pearl Maang Tikka

Mang tika

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Perfect For: Kasavu Saree Without A Veil Or White Saree

If you decide to opt out of the veil, then a maang tikka may just be the embellishment that you are looking for. Instead of the traditional gold or kundan maang tikka, opt for one that is made of white stones, pearls or diamonds. This is a definite fusion of cultures. This would also be a lovely contrast to your lustrous dark tresses and would be the crowning glory on your special day.

So, go ahead, get creative and be all set to dazzle as you walk down the aisle into happily ever after.