Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Secrets – How The ‘Breakaway’ Singer Lost 37 Pounds

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Kelly Clarkson’s 37-pound weight loss is making waves in the entertainment industry. Her family, friends, and fans are super supportive – and the singer is feeling great. Her efforts show in the way she glows! How did she lose the weight and why did she gain weight in the first place?

Well, there can be many reasons – but what you can take away from this post is that if you want to lose weight, you do not have to punish yourself. It’s an enjoyable journey if you know how to approach it. Give this post a read to find out Kelly Clarkson’s “secret” diet and weight loss mantra – something you can customize for yourself and use to shed the pounds and lead a healthy life. Swipe up!

Who Is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame in 2002 after she won the first American Idol. In her audition, all the three judges – Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Powell – were smitten by her confidence and singing skills. Take a look at how much fun a 20-year-old Kelly had while auditioning for American Idol.

The young Kelly Clarkson was fierce, knew what she wanted, and yet had a funny, home-girl attitude that made her stand out from all her peers.

She is more than just what her profession defines her to be. She represents people who want to pursue their dreams and make a mark. A small town girl herself, Kelly had to work hard to make her name in the ever so competitive music industry.

In 2004, she won two Grammys for her second album, Breakaway. I remember growing up singing her songs out loud. Even at 13, I could relate to the lyrics of the album’s title track, “Take a chance, make a change, and breakaway, out of the darkness and into the sun.” Wouldn’t you want to do the same?

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Gain Weight?

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Gain Weight
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Kelly’s weight has got nothing to do with her singing capabilities, but since she is a celebrity, looks are a part of it all. Kelly Clarkson (as you can see from the video) always had a broad frame. Over the years, fans noticed how her body size fluctuated a lot.

In 2002, she sported a healthy body. But as the years passed she started gaining weight. And by 2006, she had a less toned body. However, in 2009, when Kelly performed at the American Music Awards, she rocked a slimmer figure. By 2011-2012, Kelly had lost 30 pounds and looked very slim and toned.

But after her first pregnancy, Kelly started gaining weight. Of course, she accepted her weight gain and revealed in an interview, “Everybody calls me fat all the time, so I can’t wait to have a reason for that. I’ve never been Gisele Bundchen, so ain’t nobody expecting that!”

Her daughter River Rose Blackstock was born in 2014. And sources say that at the time, Kelly had gained a lot of weight and completely disappeared from the public eye.

And that was not because she was insecure about her weight gain. She wanted to be there for her two kids and was working on her eighth album, Meaning of Life, which was released in 2017. She soon revealed the true reason for her weight gain.

In an interview, Kelly Clarkson later said, “I had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that started in 2006.”

Women’s bodies change all the time. These changes cause issues like weight gain, weight loss, hair fall, skin damage, and what not. But these can’t be the factors with which you judge yourself or anyone else, right? Kelly also knew she needed to tweak her diet to be healthy. And that’s when she came across this incredible diet.

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Diet

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Diet
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Kelly Clarkson read The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry and said, “It might not work for you but it worked wonders for me.” She went on to say, “I’m, like, 37 pounds lighter.” She also added why it was so relieving for her to lose those extra pounds.  “For me, it isn’t really the weight loss—for me it is the fact that I’m not on my medicine anymore.”

This is a big deal for someone suffering from an autoimmune disease or any metabolic syndrome that becomes a constant cause for worry. The main principle of The Plant Paradox is to find the hidden dangers in the supposedly healthy foods. Americans generally go for gluten-free foods when they want to consume healthy foods. But Dr.Gundry’s theory is that it is lectin that causes inflammation in the body, leading to leaky gut, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disease, heart disease, etc. And his book also provides the solution:

  • Peel and seed the veggies as the skin and seeds contain more amount of lectin.
  • Consume seasonal fruits. Fruits contain less lectin when they are ripe.
  • Consume white rice instead of brown rice as the husk of brown rice is loaded with lectin and may cause abdominal discomfort.

If you want to try, here’s a sample of how the Plant Paradox Diet might look like:

MealsWhat To Eat

(7:45 a.m.)

1 boiled egg +  1 cup of A2 milk + ½ small avocado

(10:30 a.m.)

½ cup any seasonal fruit (ripe, peeled, and seeded)

(12:45 p.m.)

Pasture-raised meat curry + 1 cup white rice

(3:30 p.m.)

1 celery stalk with balsamic vinegar

(6:00 p.m.)

Mushroom + broccoli + seeded tomato + peeled and seeded cucumber + spinach salad with vinegar and olive oil dressing

You get the idea, right? Avoid drinking A1 milk and other packaged dairy products. Cook well before consuming foods and avoid legumes, nuts, etc.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, following this diet can be tough. However, if you do decide to follow this diet, you will not have the need to go to the gym. Working out can just be an option for you. Like Kelly Clarkson, you will also shed pounds without sweating it out at the gym.

In addition to this diet, here are the other pointers you must keep in mind.


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Your lifestyle has a major role influence on your appearance and mindset. You have to be physically and mentally active to achieve your goals. Here are a few crucial lifestyle changes that you must start following gradually:

  • Avoid unhealthy foods.
  • Control your food portions.
  • Avoid excess alcohol intake.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Consume food on time.
  • Stay active by playing a sport or dancing.
  • If you workout, have a pre or post-workout meal.
  • Get good rest.
  • Meditate regularly to eliminate stress.

It may seem tough initially but will get easier as you start making small changes every day. Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss story resonates with many of us, but it also shows that each one of us needs a diet specific to our body conditions. Do not blindly follow a diet that worked for someone else. Understand your body, talk to your doctor, and get a customized diet plan for you. And maintain a good lifestyle. You will see the results in no time.

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