7 Kate Middleton Hairstyle Choices That Had Everyone Go Gaga – ‘The Kate Effect’

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How many of us haven’t wished for a beautiful mane that rivals Rapunzel’s? A modern day princess who invokes major hair envy is Kate Middleton. Much has been written about how her hairstyles defy weather and manage to retain their elegance even on the windiest days.

Kate Middleton is hair goals without doubt; she has debuted many a hairstyles that have gone on to become a rage. Her signature hairstyles like the Chelsea blow-dry she often sports or the demi-chignon she wore on her wedding day have been well received and copied enthusiastically by the admirers of the Duchess.

The glossy and voluminous curls of the Duchess are so popular that they have drawn comparisons with “The Rachel”, the iconic haircut sported by Jennifer Aniston in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Her influence on the sartorial choices and the hair fashion of both Britons and her followers around the world has already been labelled the “Kate Effect” by some.


Kate has worn her lustrous hair in a variety of styles ranging from a fashionable ponytail to an intricate princess style braided updo. She has also smartly accessorized her hair with fascinators, stylish hair ornaments and fabulous tiaras. The Duchess recently debuted “Bangs” and continues to rock new hairdos. Here are a few of her hairstyles that will give you that royal groomed look.

1. Chelsea Blow Dry

This signature style manages to make a woman look feminine, young and feels natural as well as put-together at the same time. The style has Duchess Kate as its most famous patron, and the loose, bouncy curls with a glossy shine make a snazzy style statement. For those who want to sport a similar look, an easy way would be to use over-sized rollers to get those large wavy curls and lots of hairspray for the shine!

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2. The Demi-Chignon

The royal wedding was one of the most watched events world-over and the demi-chignon received a royal reception thanks to it being chosen as Kate’s wedding hairdo. It is a whimsical version of the half up-half down hair style. This particular style is simple and elegant at the same time and is thus suited to all occasions – from weddings to a chic party look. Here is how Kate wore it on two different occasions.

3. Classic Half-Up, Half-Down – Sexy And Polished


The Duchess often sports this style and the style confers several advantages as it straddles the space between casual and formal styles with finesse. Wearing your hair down will give you that sexy look but won’t confer the polished vibe of an upturned hairdo.

This is where the half-up, half-down styles come to your rescue; they keep the hair away from your face bringing out its beauty. At the same time they retain those dreamy curls that lend sexiness.

4. Braids And Knots

Sections of hair weaved into braids will contrast beautifully against free-flowing locks of a half-up style. Bringing the side strands into a knot or a cute bow at the back through which hair cascades down, or artful placement of overlapping strands of hair to form a gorgeous pattern at the back of the head are all variants of the half-up style.

Featured below is a simple form of half-up style worn by Kate, the side strands have been brought to the back and pinned into place with cute hairpins and the ends curled to give a wavy look.


Luckily, the half-up styles can be worn by anyone (those with long locks or short ones), but they would need ample hair on the sides of the head to carry off the style with grace.

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5. The Ponytail Look


This ‘funky’ ponytail with strands of hair wrapped artistically around the plastic hair band is a chic look that would be apt to look your casual best for a sporting event.

6. The ‘Princess’ Look

A round-up of Kate’s amazing hairstyles would be incomplete without featuring the coiled chignons and messy buns that have helped Kate look her royal best. When Kate attended the premiere of the movie Spectre, she styled her hair into an intricate chignon which complemented her bangs very well, giving a fun yet elegant look. Sections of hair have been rounded into small curls and placed in artsy design to form a bun and secured with pins to create this stunning hairdo.

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7. Tiaras And Tresses


At the state dinner, Kate styled her hair into a beautifully twisted low chignon with her bangs swept to the side and finished the look with a magnificent tiara.

So which of these styles would you adapt to create your own personal ‘princess’ look? Do tell us…

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